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Zayn Malik Hangs Out With Perrie Edward’s Great-Grandmother

Zayn Malik recently spent some quality time with fiancé Perrie Edward’s great-grandmother.

Since the Little Mix singer and the One Direction heartthrob are preparing to tie the knot at some point in the not-too-distant future, Malik decided to spend some time with his better half’s family. This included hanging out with Edwards’ great-grandmother, who apparently thinks very highly of Zayn and his band.

According to TV3, 99-year-old Jenny Gasston had an “absolutely lovely” time with Zayn Malik. If the singer was hoping to make a good impression on his in-laws, then he’s certainly off to an extremely good start.

“[Zayn Malik] was very nice. We had a nice cup of tea and some sponge cake and he could also see Perrie which was nice. Meeting him for the first time went very well. It was a pleasure to meet him,” she explained to the Daily Mail.

Gasston added, “I love One Direction, my favorite song is ‘Little Things’. I have got all their CDs but I didn’t have them with me for Zayn to sign. Him and Perrie are lovely together and I wish them all the luck in the future.”

Jenny’s son Stuart said his mother was extremely happy to finally meet Zayn Malik. He explained, “He was absolutely wonderful with her. We had to take plenty of pictures. He put her arm around her and everything. It was really nice for the kids to get together too, they don’t get to see enough of each other if you ask me.”

Of course, spending some quality time with Perrie Edwards’ great-grandmother wasn’t the only way Zayn Malik found his way into her family’s good graces. Perez Hilton explained that the singer recently purchased a house for his fiance’s mother. In short: Malik is most definitely a keeper.

“Debbie has been saying how she’s got a new house. Perrie was going to get the mortgage for her and then Zayn offered to buy it outright. She is just moving stuff in now,” an anonymous source recently explained.

The insider added, “It costs more than £200,000 and is a new build. He’s a really nice chap for buying the house. It’s a lovely gesture ahead of their wedding. He gets on really well with her family.”

If Zayn Malik wasn’t accepted by his fiance’s family in the past, then he’s probably golden now. What do you think the One Direction singer is a keeper?

[Image via The Daily Record]