Beyonce Knowles struggling

Beyonce Knowles Struggling To Pick A Side In Family Fight

When Beyonce Knowles moved to make a joint statement with her husband Jay Z and sister Solange Knowles, we thought the dust would settle surrounding the fight that happened in the elevator between Jay Z and Solange Knowles.

Apparently what happened at the Met Gala wasn’t laid to rest, and is still a very sore subject. According to British magazine Look, a source close to the situation told the publication that it’s still a delicate matter, given that Beyonce is stuck in between the two. In the elevator, Knowles stayed out of the physical altercation and only got involved at the very end from what the taped footage showed.

Although the joint statement said that the family has “worked through” the issue, that is not at all the case.

“Behind the scenes, Bey’s in hell. She loves her sister and Jay, but to take sides is torture for her. Everything is under question now. That shocking glimpse into their private lives is not what people would’ve expected.”

Due to the violent nature of the footage, which shows Solange throwing her heel at Beyonce’s husband Jay Z as well as smacking and kicking him, this left people wondering what warranted the physical attack. Most media outlets speculated that Jay Z must have done something in his marriage to anger Solange, which leaves infidelity claims fresh.

According to the source, the media hit the nail right on the head, and it’s not something that Beyonce Knowles is digesting easily.

“Beyoncé will be struggling. It can’t be easy having a sister who seems to have absolutely no respect for her husband and even physically attacked him. But she’s not leaving Jay. She’s a devout Methodist Christian and takes her marriage vows very seriously. He isn’t perfect, but she’ll fight tooth and nail for her marriage regardless of Solange’s alleged feelings. They have their daughter Blue Ivy after all.”

One large accusation is that Jay Z saw designer Rachel Roy at the Met Gala and hit on her at the party. Apparently Jay Z and Rachel Roy used to have a flirtatious past until she married his ex-business partner Damon Dash, which resulted in business problems. The fact that Rachel Roy’s name came up in these allegations is making it even more difficult for Beyonce.

“Accusations of Jay hitting on his ex-business partner’s wife are not what Bey wants to hear. She seems in total denial about the fight and won’t want to deal with these allegations.”

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