Brandon Jennings' girlfriend

Brandon Jennings’ Girlfriend Ends Domestic Partnership

Brandon Jennings’ girlfriend is calling off her domestic partnership. Brandon Jennings — who’s currently dating video vixen Lashontae Heckard — proposed to Heckard, but there was one problem: Lashontae was still legally bound to her girlfriend.

You read that right — Lashontae Heckard, who is the girlfriend of basketball player Brandon Jennings, was also in a partnership with someone else. According to TMZ, it looks like the video vixen has made some tentative steps to dedicating herself to Brandon Jennings for life. The other woman in question is Monique Blanton.

According to TMZ Lashontae and Blanton became partners in 2008, and during their relationship Brandon Jennings’ girlfriend took Monique’s last night as her own. This turned up in L.A. County Superior Court documents. It’s unknown whether or not the relationship was romantic or platonic, but we’re willing to take a guess that it was romantic.

Another twist is that the two ladies actually separated in 2011, but apparently Lashontae Heckard finally took the steps to have everything finalized recently so she could live out her happily ever after with Brandon Jennings.

That’s not where Brandon Jennings’ drama ends. As we previously reported, Teyana Taylor, a recording artist, spoke out against Jennings and their relationship during an interview with The Breakfast Club Morning Show. During the interview, Teyana Taylor, who was also a friend of Lashontae Heckard, said that Jennings took her virginity and then dumped her once Heckard came along.

Of her relationship with Brandon Jennings, the recording artist stated that he was her first:

“I lost my virginity to Brandon two years after we were engaged. I got a ring two years before I gave up anything. I’m very proud of that. And me doing that was my decision. It’s something that I was ready for. Actually, when we did that we were broken up. I reached out [to him].”

As far as Jennings becoming involved with his current fiance, Teyana came to his defense having said:

“He’s young and in his prime and trying to enjoy his youth but trying to have me at the same time. Pretty much trying to have his cake and eat it too. And I never tripped. I was just like, ‘Don’t embarrass me,’ and it was just too much going on.”

As for Jennings’ current fiance Lashontae Heckard, she’s not in Teyana Taylor’s best graces. In fact she blames Teyana for their inevitable split. The only party we haven’t heard from yet is Lashontae’s ex Monique Blanton, but perhaps she will break her silence?

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