Pete the Gnome

Garden Gnome Find: Woman Finds Mysterious Statue Inside Broken Garden Gnome

A strange garden gnome find has one woman in Tennessee making headlines.

According to Yahoo! News, 27-year-old Heather Andrews was given a garden gnome as part of an on-going joke between her and her friend. It was the third gnome that Andrews received from said friend — but neither woman knew that this third gnome had a “secret” inside of it. Andrews would have never found out about the hidden statue had it not dropped on the ground and cracked.

“Opened the door, and it dropped, fell. I went to pick up the pieces and I noticed something inside of it,” recalled Andrews.

The garden gnome find appears to be a female statue but people who have seen it have all different ideas about what it could be. Some say it is a religious figure — its face resembles Jesus Christ but its body looks feminine. Some believe that it’s an angel or even a goddess from another culture.

Andrews described the statue in her own words:

“The face has really intricate detail and someone spent a lot of time on the face. The anatomy on the body looks feminine to me, but I don’t know. I’m just biased to it. I just want to know where it came from, why they put it there. A lot of people are scared of it, like just creeped out by the idea. We’ve adopted him and named him Pete.”

The garden gnome was made in China and purchased from a Target store. The inner statue find may have never happened had the gnome not fallen on the ground and cracked. “Pete the Gnome” already has his own Facebook page and nearly 10,000 people have “liked” him. Several of them have been commenting on what they think is going on inside the gnome’s “body.”

The garden gnome find also got reaction from Target, but it seems obvious that they had nothing to do with the inside of the gnome:

“We do not have enough information to speak to this specific situation, but we encourage the individual to contact guest relations for additional assistance if they have questions or concerns Target may be able to answer,” said Target spokesperson, Evan Lapiska.

This isn’t the first time that a gnome has made the news either. Last year, a man in Florida was attacked with a garden gnome during a fight with a neighbor. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a woman picked up the gnome and cracked it over her neighbor’s head. The neighbor had minor injuries — and there wasn’t a statue of any kind inside that particular ceramic figure.

[Photo courtesy of Facebook]