Terrified Of Tornadoes? This Supercell Brewing In Nebrasaka Is The Mother Of Them All [Video]

The wrath of Mother Nature is always felt whenever there is a tornado. However, a supercell tornado brewing in the state of Nebraska could be the mother of them all.

Storm chasers have managed to capture some amazing images of a mothership supercell storm forming over Nebraska. The awesome power of nature couldn’t have been better displayed as compared to what this super–storm is about to unleash. The giant thunderstorm easily terrified residents as it made its way across the High Plains in Nebraska.

Storm chasers risked life and limb trying to capture the complete formation and development of the supercell tornado. These breathtaking and terrifying shots were taken merely a day after a team of tornado photographers captured stunning footage of a spinning supercell in the sky above east Wyoming.

The Majestic Supercell Is A Deadly Force That Is Beautiful To Look At
The Majestic Supercell Is A Deadly Force That Is Beautiful To Look At

Tornadoes often prove to be one of the most severe forces of Mother Nature, wreaking havoc upon anything in their path. Quite often their destructive nature has left entire villages and towns destroyed. The states of Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas are usually the hardest hit.

This supercell is one of the largest ever recorded in the state’s history. If the build–up continues, the Nebraskan people might just witness hell on earth. This video, which includes what’s called a “mothership” formation, was recorded passing over southwest Nebraska near Sydney, reported The Weather Channel.

The time–lapse video is able to chronicle the steady build–up of the supercell as it gathers wind and water in its massive vortex that stretched for hundreds of miles in diameter. Supercells often occur when winds are turning clockwise with height, producing a storm-scale rotation. The steady build–up of rain, wind, and dust often results in deadly winds that increasingly go in circular motion and create a low–pressure zone in the vortex that works as a vacuum sucking in more air, water, and debris from its path.

Supercells are known to produce extreme winds — with speeds over 100 mph — and flash floods. Windswept dust and rain dominate the storm’s center while rings of jagged clouds surround the edge, reports the Daily Mail.

While supercells are fairly uncommon, the mothership formation is even rarer as it is a very massive formation and requires a lot of weather conditions to be just right for a build–up of this magnitude to occur. Nebraska state authorities have already issued multiple tornado warnings. We hope this supercell dissipates before it does anything really bad.

[Image Credit | Daniel Shaw]