Delia Garcia-Bratcher

Delia Garcia-Bratcher: Mom Busted For Attacking School Bully Gets An Unpleasant Surprise

Delia Garcia-Bratcher, the 30-year-old mom of six from Santa Rosa, California, who was busted by cops on Saturday for allegedly attacking a boy who was bullying her daughter at school, got a very disturbing piece of information Tuesday. While she now faces a felony charge of injuring a child and had to raise $30,000 bail just to go home to her children, it turns out the boy she confronted may not even be the right kid.

In fact, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office now says it isn’t sure there was ever any bullying at all.

“We are unable to determine if any bullying ever occurred,” said Lieutenant Steve Brown, of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department. “We don’t know if this kid bullied this girl at all. It looks like he did not. We can’t find anybody to say that he did.”

As reported earlier in The Inquisitr, Garcia-Bratcher stormed into the Olivet Elementary Charter School in Santa Rosa Friday — without permission and without stopping to sign in. She burst into the lunchroom and asked her daughter to point out who was bullying her. Her daughter had come home complaining of another student calling her names.

Garcia-Brather’s daughter pointed out a specific 12-year-old boy. The mom then marched over to the boy and confronted him. While she now vehemently denies touching the boy and says she was standing about three feet away when she admonished him about name-calling, other children said that she grabbed the 12-year-old by the neck.

Photos taken of the boy’s neck later reportedly showed red marks.

But after investigating, deputies found no apparent link between the 12-year-boy and Garcia-Bratcher’s daughter. They were not in any of the same classes and did not eat lunch in the same area. The boy claimed that he had no idea why he was attacked by the mom.

“We can’t prove these kids had any interaction,” Brown said. “Did she get the wrong child? I don’t know.”

While Brown admitted that the boy might simply be lying, he said the statements of other kids, as well as the photos of the boy’s neck, have law enforcement officials believing the 12-year-old’s side of the story.

“This is crazy,” said Garcia-Bratcher, who told The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat that she was told the boy grabbed his own neck after she left. “I’m on the news. I feel like a monster.”

Ben Adams, the lawyer for Delia Garcia-Bratcher, says that if prosecutors decide to go ahead with charges against the mom, she will not take any plea deal and will force the case to go to trial.

“Let’s see what a jury thinks,” Adams said.