Ariana Grande Dancing With The Stars

Ariana Grande Dazzles On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Ariana Grande didn’t have any trouble performing her hit song “Problem” during the season finale of Dancing with the Stars.

Although Iggy Azalea faced some technical difficulties while attempting to impress everyone with her live rendition of “Fancy,” Grande pranced through her appearance on ABC’s popular dance competition with relative ease.

The Hollywood Gossip points out that Ariana Grande’s DWTS version of “Problem” went down without any assistance from Azalea, who appears on the studio version of the track. Iggy was obviously in attendance during the season finale, but she didn’t lend a helping hand when it came time for Grande to hit the stage.

Check out Ariana Grande’s Dancing with the Stars performance below. The clip comes with male dancers, tight clothes, and a motorcycle for absolutely no additional charge.

If you’re insanely bummed that Grande and Azalea didn’t join forces on DWTS, then you can drown your sorrows in this clip from Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards. Not only did a holographic Michael Jackson perform during the event, the rapper and the Sam & Cat star also tackled a proper version of “Problem.”

Ariana Grande — who got her start on Broadway before heading into the world of sugar-coated Nickelodeon fare — caught the pop music world’s attention with her debut album Yours Truly back in 2013. While the record sold a respectable number of copies, Grande definitely seems to have come into her own with “Problem.”

According to PolicyMic, Ariana sold an impressive 438,000 copies of her new single during its first week of release. This essentially makes “Problem” the “eighth-highest debuting digital single of all time.” In fact, the tune is presently perched at the very top of the iTunes songs chart.

The singer told Billboard back in April that she’s extremely excited about the release of her upcoming album. While she still likes the stuff she assembled for her first studio effort, Grande told the publication that she’s madly in love with the new material.

Ariana told the publication:

“It was a very exciting thing for me to all of a sudden have this new mission. To make something as special as ‘Yours Truly,’ and to put my time and effort into something new and something I want to make just as good, if not better. I never thought I’d be able to say this, but I love [the new album] five times as much as I love ‘Yours Truly.’ They’re different, but I love this one so much more.”

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[Image via Nick TV Magazine]