Casey Kasem: Children Granted Additional Power Over His Welfare

Casey Kasem’s daughter has been granted more powers over her father’s welfare by a judge in Los Angeles, who ruled that Kasem cannot be moved again without a court order. The ruling follows an incident on May 6 when Kasem’s wife, Jean Kasem, removed her husband from a convalescent facility under cover of darkness and took him on a “road trip.”

The judge expressed deep concerns about the welfare of Casey Kasem and said that his daughter can now visit Washington to check on him and also make decisions on his behalf. It was reported that the judge may even order armed guards to remove Kasem from his wife’s custody, but he stopped short of that decision.

The judge in the case, Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy said “Isolation is a factor in elder abuse under civil law. Mrs. Kasem has not allowed the children to see Mr. Kasem. What concerns me even more is that I appointed an attorney to represent the interests of Mr. Kasem and he’s not been allowed to have any conversation with his client or the doctor I appointed.”

Judge Murphy was also concerned about the fact that the two attorney’s who represented Jean Kasem didn’t even know where in Washington Casey Kasem was being housed. The judge said that Jean Kasem “left the state, she has not let the attorney to see him, she has not allowed the doctor to talk to him. I am concerned for his health and welfare. Unless Mrs. Kasem is going to cooperate with the court, I have no other alternative. I am sure she’s aware of this proceeding. She could have made arrangements for this matter to be resolved.”

On top of that, the judge also ruled that Casey Kasem cannot be taken out of the country and his passport needs to be turned in.

His children were clearly happy with the judge’s decision in the case; they told reporters “We are happy with the decision the court made today. Now Kerri and family can focus on bringing their father back home, where he can get the proper care and support that he needs.”

A hearing has been scheduled on June 20 in order to determine if Kerri Kasem will be granted permanent conservator over Casey Kasem‘s medical care.