Pitbull bites its tormentor

Man Taunting Pitbull Experiences Instant Karma, Ends Up In Hospital [Video]

Pitbulls have a bad reputation when it comes to their temper. The breed has been much maligned for being simply too aggressive and dangerous. A video, which was uploaded to YouTube just over a month ago, shows that humans are equally guilty for making pitbulls act the way they do – thanks to some really stupid behavior on their part.

According to the Mirror UK, this incident reportedly happened in Mexico, where a Pitbull, restrained to its chain, was repeatedly poked and teased by an individual. Although not seen in the video, the dog was also hit by stones by the same person earlier. As the man continues to irritate the incensed pitbull, his friends captured the spectacle on camera amidst laughter and cheering. At one point in the video, at the three second mark, you can also see the dog falling over as the man charges towards it.

Then, instant karma strikes. The dog’s collar gives away, and the pitbull is suddenly no longer restrained by the chain. As one might have expected, the pitbull tormentor wasn’t spared, and the dog ended up gifting him a few tooth marks. He was hospitalized and ended up with a few stitches and, not to mention, a lifetime fear of pitbulls.

Who do you think was at the wrong in this particular case? The pitbull or the man? Did you think he deserved what he got? More importantly, is it correct to label a pitbull like this “dangerous” when, clearly, it was the human who provoked the dog?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]