Bullied Ohio Girl Leaves Behind Heartwrenching Suicide Note

Bullied Ohio Girl Commits Suicide, Leaving Only A Note Behind

Cora Delille, 15, committed suicide last week after struggling with bullies, boyfriends, and a devastating divorce between her parents. A handwritten note was found in Delille’s room last week that listed all her grievances and “thanked” everyone for the pain caused.

Delille’s body was found by a family member in their home in Pickerington, Ohio, on May 10. The emotional note discovered along with Delille’s body gave many reasons for her decision to end her life, and even went as far as naming several classmates who called her names. “She named like maybe four, maybe five kids. Just first names only,” Pickerington Police Commander Matt Delp told The Daily News Tuesday.

Delille’s troubles went beyond the classroom, however, and extended into her personal life. Along with several of her classmates, Delille named her two ex-boyfriends and described her feeling of abandonment by her father and stepfather. “There were complex issues,” Delp explained. “She wrote about her home life and feeling unloved. Her mother and stepfather – the father she had known for 14 years – were getting a divorce. Her boyfriend had broken up with her the day before. There were many reasons.”

Several days after her death, police confirmed that Delille had been the victim of bullying and malicious name calling at school and on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Police also interviewed the students named in Delille’s note, but did not find any conclusive evidence that could lead to a prosecution. “She was the victim of some name calling,” Delp explained. “While it’s troublesome, it doesn’t warrant bringing charges against the students.”

What is even more astonishing is the fact that Delille’s parents were completely oblivious to their daughter’s suffering. Delille’s close friends said she mostly kept of her troubles to herself, but on the day before her death, Delille had a phone call with her best friend Sydney Teal. “She said she couldn’t take much more,” Teal told the Dispatch. “I didn’t know what to do. I told her I loved her and that I’m here for her.”

Delille’s funeral was held on Wednesday by her grandfather Pastor Roger Epperson. The Ridgeview Junior High School and her community are still mourning Delille’s passing. Commander Delp officially declared that the investigation into Delille’s death is now closed. “It’s obviously an issue which we in society need to address,” summarized Delp. “I think its human nature to do it; maybe we’re messed up as a species.”

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