Mama Bear Rescues Baby Cub From Side Of Highway: Video Is Too Cute

What could be cuter than a mama bear rescuing her baby cub from the side of a highway?

Tornado hunter Ricky Forbes was able to catch a mother bear lifting up her cub, saving him from a busy highway. According to, Forbes became very concerned when he spotted the baby bear on the side of the road in Kootenay National Park in British Columbia. He did not have to panic for very long, however, as the cub’s mom was on top of things.

Forbes recalled (via CTV News):

“We pulled over the car and we could see the cub on the side of the highway. It was screaming.”

The baby black bear was hanging out, looking around, and likely very scared based on Forbes’ account. The mother bear stood tall over the jersey barriers. She looked left and right — as if she was checking to gauge how safe her baby was — and then bent over and scooped up her little one with her mouth.

The mama bear got her cub to safety in a matter of seconds — and the video that Forbes was able to take has since gone viral. Perhaps one of the cutest things is that the other cub that was by his mother’s side throughout the ordeal. He peeked over the cement barriers and watched his mom as she reached over to get her other baby out of danger. As the mother bear put the cub down on the other side of the highway, the other cub climbed up on the jersey barrier, looking like he wanted to give the highway a go himself. He changed his mind rather quickly, however, and the three were soon on their way.

There have been quite a few “cute” animal stories in the news lately. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a bear, lion, and tiger trio recently made headlines because of their unique story. While you might think of the three as dangerous — and unlikely pals — Shere, Leo, and Baloo are bonded and spend plenty of time together playing — and cuddling. That story is also worth a read.

Animals do amazing things and whenever these things are caught on video, people really love to watch. Videos of animals being cute often go viral — and this video was no exception. And while this was a video about animals, it’s relatable to human parents in so many ways. One can’t help but wonder if that little cub wound up grounded…

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