Elephant Florida Beach

Elephant Selfie From A Florida Beach Is Odd, Why The Animal Was There Is Even More Interesting

An elephant selfie taken on a beach in Florida has people wondering where the elephant even came from in the first place.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a squirrel selfie was not so such a good idea since the furry little creature became scared by the flash and attacked a boy. The mother in this case found the whole thing hilarious and kept taking pictures of the squirrel’s attack on her son.

An elephant spotted on North Redington Beach had beach walkers very surprised since it is not every day you see a pachyderm ambling along in the surf. While this sight may be common in countries located within Africa, in Florida this was justification to take an elephant selfie.

Accountant and tax adviser Todd Unbehagen took the elephant selfie and posted it to the Unbehagen Advisors Facebook page with an explanation of why he took the photo:

“A wish for Florida: I truly hope that the ‘selfie’ and video that has gone viral of the elephant on the beach that I have posted brings a lot of worldwide attention to our beautiful beaches and increases tourism, thus helping the economy, of this beautiful area that I live and work in.”

Of course, the elephant selfie does not explain why the elephant was frolicking along a Florida beach. The Tampa Bay Times reports that Claudia McCorkle was celebrating her 60th birthday and she remembers how she turned down an elephant ride when was only five years old. She regretted that decision, and so for her birthday party she paid $4,500 to have Judy the elephant and trainer provide rides to Claudia and her 49 guests:

“I’m sort of effervescent about it. Elephants are so symbolic. Symbolic of karma and such wonderful qualities as loyalty and love, memory and longevity.”

Interestingly enough, Judy the elephant is almost as old as McCorkle. The 58-year-old elephant was imported from Thailand in the 1950’s and enjoys any chance to spend time in the water. The trainer allowed Judy on the beach for about 30 minutes, which explains where the elephant selfie comes from.