Previous General Motors Recall Announcements Have Been Expanded And New Problems Identified, The Manufacturer Announced Today

General Motors’ Recall Woes Continue, Millions More Vehicles Affected

The General Motors recall situation has been spreading quickly through news channels lately, all because of a faulty ignition switch. However, the challenges are not over for the beleaguered automobile manufacturer. Today, it was announced that another 2.4 million General Motors vehicles have been recalled, this time for four separate safety concerns.

The company says the recall difficulties may cost as much as $400 million to resolve, but in an article published by USA Today, notes how everything that’s now being done is part of a “continuing effort to quickly address emerging safety issues.” So far, there have been 29 General Motors recall announcements this year, but fortunately, not all have been as widespread as these recent issues. In fact, two of the recall issues involved less than 100 automobiles.

However, this latest General Motors recall announcement is far from straightforward because it involves multiple vehicle models and associated problems. What’s more, the troubles span across several manufacturing years. For example, Buick Enclaves, Chevrolet Traverses and GMC Acadia full-size vehicles that were made since 2009 through this year have problems with safety belts in the front seats. General Motors says that cables on the restraints can wear out and become ineffective. This recall issue is also associated with Saturn Outlooks made in 2009 and 2010.

Also, there was already a General Motors recall was issued on April 29 for a faulty transmission shift cable. The problem has been connected to 18 wrecks. Over a million vehicles have been added to that recall, including the 2005-2008 Pontiac G6, 2004-2008 Chevy Malibu, 2004-2008 Chevy Maxx, and the 2007-2008 Saturn Aura.

Truck owners should also take note that 58 2015 GMC Sierra HD full-size pickups and Chevy Silverados fall under this recent recall after it was determined loose electrical connections in the engine could cause fires.

Finally, there has been a General Motors recall in connection with 1,402 Cadillac Escalades and ESVs because of a problem with the passenger front air bag that may cause the device not to inflate properly during a crash. However, the vehicles under the recall were from the 2015 model year, and only 224 have been sold. General Motors sent the respective owners letters via overnight mail to warn them of the problem.

These latest General Motors recall problems come on top of an already severe public relations fiasco that culminated in a staggering $35 million fine issued by United States safety regulators.

News of the General Motors recall caused the company’s shares to plummet today and it remains to be seen how long it will take for the automobile manufacturer to bolster its reputation.

[Image Credit: wot.motortrend]