Brendan Houston

Boy Killed By School Bus: 6-Year-Old Boy Killed While Trying To Untie Shoelaces

A boy was killed by a school bus in Louisiana while trying to untie his shoelaces. According to Mail Online, the 6-year-old boy got off the bus after school and noticed that his shoelaces had been tied together. The first grader stopped in front of the bus to try and fix the problem and the bus driver apparently thought he had already crossed the street. And then the unthinkable happened.

Witness Sara Ward explained:

“Somebody was laying in the road. I thought maybe a child had passed out, or got knocked down… His shoe laces had been tied together and when he got off, you know, he was shuffling and he reached down in front of the bus to untie his shoe laces. She did not see him. The bus driver was out here (on the grass), right here next to my little bridge just in hysterics, in hysterics.”

Sadly, the boy was killed by the school bus that he took to and from to school each day. Bus driver Debra Stevens was questioned by police and taken in for “routine toxicology tests” but police believe that this was truly just a horrific accident. Little Brendan Houston was rushed to a nearby hospital but it was too late. He died of injuries sustained in the accident.

The Caddo School Board released the following statement (via School Transportation News):

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Brenden Houston, who was a first-grader at Herndon Magnet School. The school will have additional counselors and staff in the morning and as long as is needed to take care of students and staff during this traumatic time.”

News that this little boy was killed by a school bus comes at the same time as another tragic bus story. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a bus caught fire in Colombia killing 31 kids on board. According to authorities, fuel “exploded” inside the bus while it was broken down. Apparently there was a “canister of gas” inside the bus and that caused the fire to spread quickly. Some of the bodies were so badly burned that they could only be identified by their dental records.

A memorial has been set up in Louisiana for Brendan Houston. Family, friends, and students have been leaving flowers, candles, and other items near where the accident occurred.

As of now, no charges are being brought against Debra Stevens.

[Photo courtesy of Jenny Riley / Facebook]