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Who Does Ed Sheeran Write Songs About?

Budding singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran has been making waves lately, capturing the hearts of fans and singing his way onto the soundtrack of The Fault In Our Stars film. His music is known for its touching, romantic lyrics; but who exactly is Ed singing about in all those songs? Sheeran recently appeared on Ellen and opened up about his songwriting process, dropping hints about which of his ex-girlfriends made it into the music.

According to Sugar Scape, there were rumors that Ed Sheeran has written about Ellie Goulding, especially due to the lines of lyrics, “For me and her, we make money the same way/ Four cities, two planes in the same day.” But his confession on Ellen might prove that rumor false. While talking to Ellen, Ed explained how people who upset him end up in a song, which in this case was the track “Don’t.”

You know what, with that song it was just that I’m quite a happy, carefree guy and I feel like everybody goes through things and gets angry, and I feel that the way I get my anger out is to write songs and that song was literally that I felt something, I put it down and I felt better afterwards.

When asked if the girl that the song “Don’t” is about knows it’s about her, Ed avoided the question by joking that it was about Ellen. You can watch the entire brief interview in the video below to judge for yourself who Ed might be hinting at.

Sheeran also graced Ellen’s viewers with a live rendition of his song “Sing,” which you can watch here.

MTV reported that Ed Sheeran is in a happy relationship with a girlfriend whom Taylor Swift approves of. Ed described her as “nice” and “really cool” but wouldn’t reveal who she was. Sheeran explained that she “works for a food company — well, not a food company, she works for a chef.” MTV also warned everyone not to upset Sheeran or else he might write a song about you. If Sheeran is anything like fellow songwriter Taylor Swift, his current girlfriend could be vaguely referenced on his next album, regardless of how much Swift approves of her.

Ed Sheeran’s upcoming album is titled X or Multiply and will be available on June 23.

Ed recently tweeted about his appearance on Ellen, even showing secrecy and discretion about who he hypothetically has been romantically involved with.