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Michael Jordan to be remarried to Yvette Prieto


There is a hot rumor being reported that Michael Jordan and his very hot Cuban model girlfriend, Yvette Prieto have decided to get married. Michael is obviously not the once bitten, twice shy kinda guy.

The happy couple is set to make it down the aisle in a Christmas wedding. Michael split with his first wife, Juanita after 17 years and three kids in 2006.

Yvette Pierto used to date Julio Iglesias Jr and rumors first surfaced of Michael and Yvette dating in July 2008.

Michael Jordan is refusing to comment, a sure sign the rumor is true. Michael Jordan we have two words for relationship that has moved that quick. pre. nup.


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8 Responses to “Michael Jordan to be remarried to Yvette Prieto”

  1. Lady Tee

    To Jennifer and all the other white women who believe it is ok to date our black men. You people have the opportunity to date the doctor’s, lawyers, sport players (like mike and tiger), the scientist, the judge’s etc. because it is very prevalent within your race. However, Black women are not afforded the same opportunity many of our men are in jail, gay, or go for the white is right on there arm so because of this we don’t have many options and to see you trailer park trash, gold digging white women take the only options we have hell yes we are angry. Michael Jordan is an idiot he should have stayed with his wife and raised his children like many white men do. You cannot parent outside the household. That is why our(black) race is so far behind. OUR BLACK MEN NEED TO WAKE UP WOULD SHE BE WITH YOU IF YOU WERE BROKE OR EVEN AN AVERAGE BLACK MAN! There are many shades of beautiful black women why choose this bankrupt gold digger who can’t even afford her own house. Yeah the president is Black with a beautiful Black women on his arm which should make these dumb a.. black men WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP! FINALLY TO MICHAEL I HOPE SHE TAKE EVERY PENNY AND THEN MARRY SOMEONE HER OWN AGE YOU LOOK LIKE HER FATHER IDIOT!

  2. Jason Harbin

    sounds like you need a date why is everything about race. if you would act right you could find a man good luck lady tee.

  3. Michele Weitz Lynn

    First of all our President is black AND white… Now if he identifies as a black man that is fine. Remember it's always about the person under the skin… ALL of our hearts are red and beat the same. This whole race issue is stupid. I do understand that there are cultural differences in people… many of us have different customs and traditions. That said, I am SO over the whole race issue except and unless you are speaking in terms of the human race because that my friends is the one thing we ALL have in common.

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