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Brigitte Bardot Has Been Prosecuted Five Times In Ten Years For Inciting Racial Hatred

Brigitte Bardot is threatening to follow Gérard Depardieu’s example and apply for a Russian passport

Brigitte Bardot was unique in her day when she first graced the beaches of Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival in 1953.

According to Columbia film professor Edward Baron Turk, the young French girl was the center of attention back then after she “flaunted spontaneity and informality via her girlish barefoot gait, long, loose hair and unfussy, mostly skimpy attire. She invented a new image of the French starlet: anti-snobbish and non-intimidating.”

A lot has happened since those carefree days of 1953 when Brigitte Bardot established herself as an icon. For example, did you know that Bardot has been arrested and prosecuted for inciting racial hatred five times in just ten years? That’s according to who reported on the story back in April.

Now aged 79, Brigitte Bardot complained a few years ago to the President of France, Nicholas Sarcozy, about the way Muslims slaughtered sheep during the Eid-al-Adha festival.

Bardot herself once donated nearly $150,000 to assist with the sterilization of stray dogs in Bucharest and has been a renowned animal rights activist for many years. She took issue with the way Muslim’s slit sheeps’ throats saying it was cruel and barbaric as part of a larger rant she was having at the time.

Back then, Brigitte Bardot also said she was tired of being “under the thumb of the population which is destroying us, destroying our country, and imposing its habits,” referring to the Muslim population in France.

On top of her numerous racist comments, Bardot also published a book condemning and attacking the gay community, immigrants and the unemployed in France, but lamented most about what she sees as the “Islamisation” of France.

The last thing many people expected from the starlet back in 1953, who amazed the world with her beauty, was that she could one day be convicted of inciting racial hatred, and receive a two month prison sentence.

Even though the sentence was suspended, Brigitte Bardot was fined around $40,000 by the court, and was very lucky not to have to serve any time behind bars.

Clarification: Some of the comments at the foot of this article have suggested that the claims against Brigitte Bardot are unfounded or untrue.

This information was collated from a number of bone fide sources. One of which is Wikipedia, which writes:

After her retirement, Bardot established herself as an animal rights activist. During the 1990s, she generated controversy by criticizing immigration and Islam in France, and has been fined five times for inciting racial hatred.

Another source was an article written by Michèle Finck on which outlines more specific details relating to Bardot’s previous convictions. You can read that article here.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

In 1997, first offence, using a newspaper column to complain of the ‘foreign overpopulation’ of France. In 2000, she was convicted for having written in her book Pluto’s Square that ‘my country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims.’ In 2004, she was found guilty for having published another book, A Cry in the Silence, in which she established a generalised link between Islam and the terrorist attacks that took place on 11 September 2001.

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148 Responses to “Brigitte Bardot Has Been Prosecuted Five Times In Ten Years For Inciting Racial Hatred”

  1. Jamie Whyte

    Despite the fact that Bardot herself donated nearly $150,000 to assist with the sterilization of stray dogs in Bucharest she believed that the way Muslim’s slit sheep’s throats was cruel and barbaric.

    despite the fact? hmmmmmm. in what way does the humane gesture of supporting sterilization of stray dogs disqualify one from commenting on barbaric slaughter habits of muslims? the only racism evident in this article is from the author who evidently detests white people.

  2. Michael Rodgers

    Telling the truth will get you persecuted every time…

  3. Yvette V. Fong

    She's entitled to her opinion, the same as everyone else. I don't see her behavior as "inciting" hatred. People are allowed to have opposing opinions without having them labeled "inciting." I don't live in France, so I can not comment on the validity of her claims. But there are communities of people who live here on Earth, who are quite barbaric!!! My only real objection with Ms. Bardot is that she didn't speak out against the treatment of women by some of the Arab-Muslim communities.

  4. Anonymous

    eff the muslims. they should just leave the rest of the world alone and not bother us with their bulls__t

  5. Rick Ruebelman

    It must have taken 6 years to get the OK from the editor to release the article.

  6. Cris Elaine R

    Horribly written article. Get a new job writer.

  7. Michael Woltcheck

    Look out your own back door, say something anti- anything muslim or gay or most anything in public and see how fast it takes for some gov a–hole to come
    knocking at your door

  8. Greg Wheaton

    France has a serious problem with the Muslim community. It also has a serious problem when people get prosecuted for mentioning it . . . America is heading in the same direction. You can't state the obvious if it's not politically correct. Unless Bardot was much less civil in her wording, she has a right to her opinion.

  9. Dave Dornbush

    Exactly what I was thinking. Sterilization of stray dogs is humane. The slaughter of sheep in the manner in which it is done is not the same thing. Regardless, she sounds like the Poster Girl for FOX News. I'm sure they will have her soon now.

  10. Mstry Gunner

    this is what is awaiting you AMERICA its starting with filthy gayzz and their azz-shit eating lifestyles next its all FREE SPEECH is monitored and censored you will be slaves to international nazi Fascist from the hague!

  11. Mstry Gunner

    Muslims using our 'sophisticated " laws to ENSLAVE US!! wakethefckkup!

  12. Sylvia Bu

    Your article lacks any evidence of racism and extreme hatred as you try to paint it; where's the proof or were you just trying to get clicks this article is poorly written.

  13. Ed Baker

    I Have to agree with her .I am afraid of muslims and I am against the Abuse of any animals or people.

  14. Ed Baker

    I Have to agree with her .I am afraid of Muslims and I am against the Abuse of any animals or people.

  15. Anonymous

    How dare Ms Bardot speak out against muslims, next she'll be complaining about the muslim group that kidnapped about 300 girls in Nigeria, that will undoubtedly warrant prison time !!

  16. Rick Atkinson

    why do muslim men wear robes?…………………………..because a muslim goat can hear a zipper at 100 yards

  17. Katherine Sloan

    Screw the reporter and the Muslims. Slitting the throat and killing of any animal IS barbaric. Idiots! Thank goodness Ms. Bardot cares enough to have said something. She also was wonderfully kind to donate money for a spay/neuter program! I would love to be able to do that. That is a humane thing to do! I am impressed with her! Go team Bardot!

  18. Nabil J Abdul-Nour

    The practice of slaughtering animals for food has been ongoing for centuries. Muslims are no different in this respect than most of the inhabitants of this planet. I see no reason why she is picking on them

  19. Anonymous

    People don't want the TRUTH, whatever it is because the TRUTH is usually painful and if they are made aware of the TRUTH they might have to do something about it! Human nature………………….

  20. Anonymous

    Way to go Brigitte! Nice to see a celebrity tell the truth about how they feel instead of some weak willed pc talk that will keep them popular.More celebrities feel the way you do than wll admit!

  21. William Mathews

    Why do people HATE the TRUTH so much?? You can't have BIBLE or have little bourbon in most middle eastern countries, but in the west we're suppose to KISS THE ASS of the people who want us dead !!!!

  22. Anonymous

    I not sure she is specifically racist. The anti-gay stuff may be a product of the time in which she was raised in. My mom is 85 and she doesn't believe in gay marriage but believes in civil union. My husband was raised Mulslim in country which is mostly muslim and he has voiced his concerns about howt radicals are allowed freedoms in the u.s. and Europe( including shria(sp? laws). Some mosques are under the table funded by conservative middle eastern countries, mostly our allies.

  23. Gary Mahon

    Bravo Brigitte! She has the courage to teell the truth. Thuth, these days is thrown down the gutter, almost no where to be found! Wow to those who brand this as racism! Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good! Political correctness is suicide of the west, and mking lies the truth. I applaud her!

  24. Anonymous

    Despite the fact that the" Inquisitr" had a blind illiterate monkey write this story it still got published. Despite the fact that Bardot herself donated nearly $150,000 to assist with the sterilization of stray dogs (<<<<which would be the RIGHT thing to do. )in Bucharest she believed that the way Muslim’s slit sheep’s throats was cruel and barbaric. (Of COURSE she feels that way, she is a vegetarian and a member of Peta duh!) I have heard of her dislike of muslims but the now haten on the gays that is a new thing. Are you sure that she hates gays? Or are you just trying to be a drama queen? That doesn't seem like something she would be into.

  25. Anonymous

    doesnt exist in usa either anymore. Been replaced by freedom of speech as long as you say the right things.

  26. Anonymous

    Rick Ruebelman truly because this is not anything new..

  27. Tom Daniels

    I agree with her. I see no problem at all. Hell, I even respect her more that I know this. Thanks for the good news.

  28. Julie Moskal

    Not that I agree with everything she says, but does that give me or anyone else a right to silence her?

  29. Anonymous

    She is correct, Islam IS TAKING OVER FRANCE, the UK, and other Western European Nations. it is no secret.

  30. Michael Wolverton

    Whoever wote this gabage article doesn't even know that if Bardot was 18 in 1953, that would make her 79 years old TODAY, NOT 73 as the article states. In short, there goes the media getting shit wrong to fit their progressive marxist slime agenda again.

  31. Sean Murphy

    If she was 18 in 1953, then that means she was born in 1934 or 1935. (One source says her birthday is Sept 1934.) The article says she's now 73. Anyone can figure out the discrepancy there. If they can't bother to get that correct, how many others discrepancies does this story have?

  32. Gene Stansbury

    Michael Woltcheck –a gov a-hole knocks on my door—he dies!

  33. Joseph Poley

    The author of this needs remedial math, especially since they got her age right in the first paragraph. Brigitte will be 79 on September 28, so she can not be "aged 73" as in the fourth paragraph.

  34. Kent Jenkins

    Dave Dornbush , gee whiz Dave you almost gave some credit for being human, oh and good luck with your love of Muzzies

  35. Anonymous

    Dave Dornbush,

    I agree. I don't find some of her comments or beliefs to be "racist." Sacrificing animals is something many people are opposed to. That has nothing to do with why people are engaging in the practice.

  36. Anonymous

    The real question is, did Bardot say anything that wasn't true? If she did, the article didn't mention it.

  37. Battie Chase

    She was 18 in 1953, yet he states now she is 73. I think the author also needs to go back to school and learn simple math. She sounds like a hero to me.

  38. Alan Katz

    If she was 18 in '53 she is 18 today. That she thinks the way Muslims are slaughtering sheep, is cruel, is not racist. To spend money to spay and neuter is not considered cruelty. Even noting the press of population and it effects on French culture, is not racist. The article is, however, a vicious, ad hominem attack on Bardot. The author is lucky that he has a forum for his slander. We are not so lucky.

  39. Phil Andrews

    In the examples given in this article, not one thing attributed to her was racist. "Gay" is not a race. "Muslim" is not a race.

  40. Dale Pate

    Send all Muslims to North Korea, China and Russia then they would really have something to complain about.

  41. Anonymous

    I wonder how many Muslims have been prosecuted for inciting hatred in France.

  42. Marty Cuervo

    It's about time someone said what they feel about all this we have ben silenced too long and forced to pretend we like all now it's time for them to let us express too.

  43. Sandy Messer

    Off topic – sort of – but if she was 18 in 1953, that means she was born in 1935 and would be celebrating her 79th birthday soon or has just recently. The article stated that she is 73. Either someone doesn't know how do basic math or this article was written several years ago.

    As an FYI, NOT trying to discuss anything about Ms Bardot; just about the some of "stats" within the article.

  44. Anonymous

    Who wrote this tripe? Nothing that BB has said or done can be construed as racist or cruel, and to make comparisons between animal sacrifice and sterilizing stray dogs is beyond ridiculous.

  45. Brian Ong

    Is racism or cultural indifference? The Muslim habits are very different than that of the French. She has the right to protest the slaughter of sheep just like Americans are protesting Brunei's imposing of Sharia law (re: protests at Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles).

  46. Carolyn Miller

    This article is either very old or completely inaccurate. Ms. Bardot is not 73….she is almost 80.

  47. Anonymous

    "inciting racial hatred" is in itself a vile mockery of the system

    she should be free to say it without fear of prosecution and but leave it up to the self hating racist socialists to control free speech





  48. Anonymous


    AS recently as 2 days back calling out the protection of muslims and the destruction of a free society in America

  49. Anonymous



    Regulation of Handguns
    In France, private possession of handguns (pistols and revolvers) is prohibited with only narrow exemptions125 126 127 119 128 131 118 123 129 130

  50. Richard Ables

    I guess France isn't a freedom of speech country. It is getting this way in the USA, thanks to the traitor politicians and liberal Federal Judges. Muslims should deported along with the low life illegals

  51. Anonymous

    No free speech in France..Not suprised by a country that is so backward and anti progressive.

  52. Jeffrey Harrell

    It seems that the inquisitor is also calling her a racist, Only the far left morons would call someone telling the truth a racist. She is correct in the FACT that muslim PIGS are trying to take over countries, and institute their cult beliefs on those countries by using the countries own laws against them, they also will cry racism at the drop of a hat and then when they tae over, they give NO credence to your beliefs and rights. ANY ONE that supports the muslim PIG LICKERS should be sent to live in a muslim country for 6 mos. and see how they like it.

  53. David Higgins

    I can't believe this type of crappy Journalism is everywhere throughout mainstream media. I've already walked away from Huff Post, Daily Beast, and Salon. I guess, I can't depend on Inquisitr. Okay, now… Who wrote this article? Why didn't they tackle the outlandish anti- Free-Speech laws which have plagued most European countries? And, those Zionist laws will soon make their way to America, unless stopped.

  54. Anonymous

    oh by the way France also supports Islam that sees women a less that men. Why would you support a religions that treats women as second class citizens. Why..Why unless you have an ulterior motive and what is that? i think it is taxes. The more people the more taxes the state collects. France is in it for the money. A socialist state will do anything for cash to feed their addiction.

  55. Joyce Viljoen

    Why don't you men speak out; you men that are not Muslim are just as cruel to women. I should know. It is good that there is someone looking out for the animals since they do not have a voice etc. I also love animals.

  56. Maria Bonde

    Zionist? I think Kosher throat-slitting is pretty gross and outmoded too. But you lost me on that misguided accusation against Zionism

  57. Alex Hughes-Walton

    Spaying and neutering most dogs is the responsible thing to do. What happens to unwanted pups isn't pretty. Islam is a religion, rather than a race. I'm not keen on slaughtering animals for rituals, no matter who does the slaughtering.

  58. Joyce Viljoen

    Bob Fleck ; Jim makes plenty of sense. Are you perhaps a Liberal?? If not cant you figure it out??

  59. Karin Morrison

    It would be awesome if she could donate only 50 % of the money to Oklahoma for the sterilization of stray dogs and cats, or even those that have owners which cannot afford the high cost to veterinarians. Instead of slicing the animals throats, we shoot dogs and cats, euthanize them, club them to death and worse. The writer of this article must be a Muslim.

  60. Mary Wider

    Greg when the libs WANT a MUSLIM for prez and are even coinsidereing the bitc* Bemghazihillary, we are lost, let them hav this Country if don't wise up, we can move to Ireland- idiots welcome,
    but not you know whats

  61. Mary Wider

    Bil hang in there, it's right around the soetoro executive order pen next for tight here! ( and AS USUAL WE the PEOPLE will; sit on our lazy ass*s and DO NOTHIG to STOP the insanity)

  62. Ed Baker

    Dwayne Gillentine ,where i live the ones wearing burqas already raped a little girl and robbed several banks .You can do a lot when you cant be described

  63. Mary Wider

    Yvette she is an animal activist. She did say she was against the Islamics overtaking her Country.( which is more than we do)

  64. Anonymous

    What a complete crock of BS ! I applaud Bardot for not only being a sexually liberated woman in the time of ridiculous prudish western society but for calling a spade a spade . The muslim population in western europe is nothing short of an invasion hiding behind religious ideals . The muslims come in and gradually become a majority then start riots and then they take control its a phony religion, like all of them , used to control the population . John Lennon said it best in the song IMAGINE !

  65. Anonymous

    Muslims are not a race. I wouldn't forbid slaughtering animals according to Muslim (or Jewish dietary requirements, which are essential the same.) but I'll say it again. Muslims are not a race.

  66. Dwayne Gillentine

    Ed Baker You should be afraid of "Americans" more than Muslims. The prison system is full of American's that have performed heinous acts against others.

  67. Kevin Florio

    Misleading heading – confusing personal opinion and irrelevant facts. Also, do the math again on Bridgett's age.

  68. Deanna Weireter LeSueur

    i applaud you for wanted to move to Ireland, …. although im not sure they will be as happy with your arrival as the un racist folks are about your leaving. :) You are a hateful trashcan of an entinty. Bravo Proud White Patriot!. Keep blabbing your elite mouth

  69. Ed Baker

    Dwayne that true and the prison system is where a lot of the muslim Conversion is going on .Do you remember dr. Louis Farrakhan`s words . A good muslim will be rewarded for killing white devils while on earth .

  70. David Gifford

    "Inciting racial hatred" is liberal-speak for, "Speaking the truth about Islam in her country". If there's anything the libs hate, it's someone who speaks the truth and refuses to do the bleeding hearted liberal apology tour for it afterward.

  71. Deanna Weireter LeSueur

    Mary Wider likes to call black people APES. Says so right on her page. Fantastic ….How do you ignorant unfortunates even get to know how to use a computer? ugh

  72. Deborah Porter

    Why is ok for foreigner's to take over Europe, and if Europeans don't like their country being taken over by foreigner's they are racist??? UP YOURS AGAIN!!! FREE EUROPE FROM INVASION LIKE AMERICA HAS BEEN INVADED BY MEXICAN ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!

  73. Tom Miller

    John Pickles Gee, seems liberals like John can't stand the truth. All he can do is call people names… Thank you Mary for the facts, not PC correctness/rhetoric…

  74. Robert Fowler

    So she was prosecuted for expressing her opinion, and her opinion is an admirable one at that! Animal cruelty SHOULD be condemned. Apparently there is no free speech in France. Since when is criticizing a religion an expression of racial hatred? Islam is a religion, not a race!

  75. Deborah Porter

    Probably a homosexual and Muslim that wrote the article. Is it just me??? Or is it so noticeable that if you are WHITE AND BELIEVE IN GOD or against invasion of your country you're a racist or a dangerous lunatic?? SOUNDS LIKE GOBBELS media propaganda they used back in Hitler's Germany in America and in Europe.

  76. Anonymous

    Bravo Brigitte! Keep speaking up and pushing back. The more people who do will slow or stop the plague called Islam.

  77. Deborah Porter

    Mary Wider God forbid her country turn into a foreign one right under nose. Is there something wrong with wanting your country to be FRENCH instead of a whole different place than what you grew up in??? The world is being high jacked by the international banking institutions and illuminati & Bilderberg group that want to destroy identity and nationality if you are European. Go google The fall of the republic or END GAME, by Alex Jones. Don't make preconception's about the filmmaker until you watch the da*n films. Wake up world!!!!

  78. Sherry Porter Young

    Sylvia Bu I'm working on a masters in geology. I would have been tossed out of school had I tried to have used any of these as references, even as a freshman in undergrad.

  79. Sylvia Bu

    Sherry Porter Young True and I'm surprise anyone would considers Wiki a reliable source of information considering anyone without credentials can go on there and create a page. I do Thank the writer of this article for his response were all adults and will agree or disagree.

  80. Anonymous

    It is interesting how a French citizen is being called a racist when she voiced opinions about immigrations and radicals in France. Lest we judge too hastily I remember the dark years after September 11. My husband is from Iraq and came to the United States in 1982. There are home grown racial slurs I never knew about before-camel jockey, sand N….right in America.. After the war started FBI agents came to our house and interviewed my husband 2x about weapons of mass destruction and other questions. I am sure that even the agents thought this was ridiculous The stuff I could tell you about what happened to our family and our Arabic community would shock most Americans. Some women stopped wearing head scarfs and s female students left the University in fear. I still get the double check at the airport(in subtle ways) due to my arabic last name.I am glad we have come out of those dark days but we have to be careful not to throw stones at other faiths or nationalities otherwise we become what we hate,

  81. Steve Xerakis

    God Bless this women for sticking up for White French people , who are the natives of the country….no racism whatsoever , how about the muslims respect and understand that they are in a better place and show some gratitude to the people who allowed them in. Utterly pathetic and indicative of the PC BS going on in the world today.

  82. Yvonne Howard

    Glad to live in U.S. at least most times we can say what we think. well i guess that's not true oh well better keep my thoughts to myself.

  83. Carol Upton

    I happen to agree with Miss Bardot and I support her right to speak her own mind!

  84. Dolores Buonagurio

    Maria Wineland the USA is on its way because people are afraid to say any thing (especially if your white) Muslims are bullies who will kill any one and every one who is not part of their

  85. Sherry Porter Young

    Sylvia Bu Unfortunately poor Brigitte's name is getting drug through the mud in the process.

  86. Rhona Witton

    Hi everyone. Just to clarify. The writer here does NOT call Bardot a racist, he merely reports that France had prosecuted her. If you are angry with that reality, direct your anger towards the French criminal system, not the messenger.

    Or are you all stupid?

  87. Rhona Witton

    Hi everyone. Just to clarify. The writer here does NOT call Bardot a racist, he merely reports that France had prosecuted her. If you are angry with that reality, direct your anger towards the French criminal system, not the messenger.

    Or are you all stupid?

  88. Barbara DePierro

    Scott Swanson – yayyyyyyyy you tell 'em

  89. Matt Bradford

    How many times can one say she is RIGHT. And in 1953 there was no terrorist cells in training (the Islams in other words) in the beautiful countrysides of France. It works both ways. The castrated media (all mainstream media) is forced to follow suit with "The Agenda". Bardot didn't get a memo on that and doesn't give a s*it. Good for her.

  90. Emily Mackin

    Bridgette we still love you America is going down the tubes as well whatever happened to middle ground and free speech

  91. Yvette V. Fong

    It looks as if most all of us are on the same page pertaining to Brigette's actions and her rights. Also, I think most of us are very concerned about the trend that is happening in society today (ours & others). I am very concerned about the gagging of the U.S. majority as well as other issues. I have been a die hard liberal all my life, but I think things may have gone too far. It would be a great thing if we could come together as a group in an attempt to shift things back more towards the middle. What do you think?

  92. Deborah Andrews

    Sorry, I'm not saying this article is wrong.BUT, Wikipedia is NOT a "bone fide source".

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