Girl Fight: Brutal Bout Leads To Girl’s Nose Being Broken, GRAPHIC Video Goes Viral

**Warning: This video contains graphic nature and obscene language.**

Posting real-life footage of physical altercations and domestic disputes to social media platforms has become a nationwide trend over the past two years. However, the most recent altercation shared with the world may leave your mouth wide open in astonishment. As a matter of fact, hundreds of viewers have agreed that the recent shovel fight and infamous Sharkeisha Thompson incident have absolutely nothing on this brutal attack.

On Thursday, May 8 the disturbing video that captured a physical altercation between two girls began circulating around the Web. The video opens to one girl being body-slammed to the ground as the two begin rolling in a muddy area.

A man can be heard commentating the brawl, which obviously caught the attention of numerous people. It almost seems as if they should be fighting in an actual boxing ring, given the heightened noise level produced by the spectators. The aggressor can be seen mercilessly pummeling the girl on the ground. However, at the six-second mark in the video, the fight catapults to another level when the aggressor delivers one death-defying blow that breaks the other girl’s nose. The bone-cracking sound in the video is enough to make a person cringe.

The spectators can also be heard making loud noises since its obvious the shocking blow did tremendous damage. As the video continues, the aggressor continues to strike the girl relentlessly before the footage ends at approximately 19 seconds. No one has revealed what prompted the fight, as of yet.

In less than two days, the video has gone viral, garnering more than 1,900,000 views. The video has also been uploaded to YouTube and Facebook. While some users have found the footage entertaining, it has sparked controversy and debates on several discussion threads, as some viewers have questioned the glorification of violence that the footage represents. For example, Sharkeisha Thompson became an Internet sensation after her brutal brawl, as opposed to being viewed as a bully.

Here’s what some viewers had to say:

“Can we stop gassing up Sharkeisha like she the most dangerous b–ch on the planet. Have y’all n—as seen that bitch twitter, b–ch really think she a celebrity for suckerpunching a offguard quiet girl,” one viewer said via World Star Hip Hop.

“Well the media kind of made her a celebrity. Songs were made about her and s–t, she was a trending topic, and her name has not been forgotten. I think you’re right that the b–ch isn’t even dangerous but she is like a D list celebrity,” another user said in agreement.

“Give me the shovel any day over that,” a viewer said via YouTube.

Many viewers expressed that the video is simply a form of glorification toward aggression and violence. What do you think?

Image via Bing