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UConn Sorority Hazing: Entire Sorority Banned For Humiliating Student At Party

UConn Sorority Hazing: Entire Sorority Banned For Humiliating Student At Party

A UConn sorority hazing case has led to a permanent ban for Kappa Kappa Gamma, which reportedly forced a pledge to lie on the floor and “sizzle like bacon” and then drink alcohol until she passed out.

On Wednesday the university sent a letter to the sorority informing them that their registration had been revoked. The residents how have until next week to leave the house permanently.

Sophomore Hillary Holt told reporters that she was forced to endure humiliation at the hands of her sorority sisters. After being forced to lie on the floor she was made to drink so much that she woke up in a hospital with a blood-alcohol content three times the legal limit of 0.08.

After the UConn sorority hazing case could reach beyond just Kappa Kappa Gamma. The incident took place at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and that organization will learn next week if it faces discipline.

“UConn has zero tolerance for hazing and all similarly harmful behaviors, and repeatedly makes those expectations clear to all student leaders in Greek life and other organizations,” school spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz said in an email. “The university’s decision to revoke Kappa Kappa Gamma’s registration and recognition was not taken lightly, but it was appropriate and imperative in light of the severity of the circumstances.”

The UConn sorority did not agree with the hazing decision, with a national representative of Kappa Kappa Gamma vowing to appeal the decision. Elizabeth Baily, the national vice president of Kappa Kappa Gamma, said the hazing incident was the result of “the poor decisions made by a few individuals” at an unsanctioned event, and did not warrant the entire sorority being banned.

Kappa Kappa Gamma has until May 14 to file its appeal. If the punishment is upheld, it may re-apply as a student organization in four years.

“Kappa views the punishment as extreme and plans to discuss an appeal with the chapter’s leadership before the university’s deadline,” Baily said.

The UConn sorority hazing is part of a larger trend of misbehavior at the Connecticut university. Three other Greek organizations — Delta Zeta, Delta Gamma and Sigma Chi — have been put on interim suspension after men were forced to eat dog treats, wear women’s underwear, and take alcohol shots off each other’s bodies.

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31 Responses to “UConn Sorority Hazing: Entire Sorority Banned For Humiliating Student At Party”

  1. Stephen Scazzafavo

    i can't stand all this anti bullying garbage 1. IT DOESNT WORK 2. it makes people overreact to things like simple pranks, 3 it teaches people to rely on lawsuits to solve their problems and get butthurt about absolutely everything

  2. Jonathan Bach

    Stephen, William is right. She could have died. The girl is just as foolish for allowing herself to be placed in that situation, but the sorority itself took advantage of this girl and it could have been fatal. They are lucky all they are facing is being banned instead of negligent homicide. Judges don't care about "fraternity" they care about acting responsible, and these girls did the reciprocal.

  3. Anonymous


  4. Ron Viramontes

    …not to mention the state of inebriation of the co-ed, while unchaperoned and in the company of (presumably) a whole lot of other inebriated college students, could have easily led to more serious violations of this young woman.

  5. Robert Kalani Foxworthy

    she wasnt forced she cooperated. that isnt forced, just be cuase regret change mind after the fact. you can only change or mind before or durring. EVERY BODY ELSE did the same thing.

  6. Erik Hertwig

    She was forced to attend? She was forced to sizzle like bacon? She was forced to hold her ankles and jump up and down while drinking? I want to see video of this "Forcing". I bet she went to the hazing voluntarily, she wanted into the sorority, she participated in the games willingly. The only thing she was "forced" to do was go to the hospital.

  7. Mary Della Valle

    Hopefully none of those sorosistas plan on graduating and getting a "good job" – they'll be living on street corners the rest of their lives collecting welfare checks.

  8. Steven Franco

    What ever happened to taking responsibility for ones own actions?

  9. Billy Morley

    forced to or peer pressured? there's a difference

  10. Tanya Orshansky

    "Sophomore Hillary Holt told reporters that she was forced to endure humiliation at the hands of her sorority sisters."

    How she was forced, at gun point? She was not "forced", it was a peer pressure and nothing else. Apparently, youngsters today do not understand that adulthood is about personal responsibilities and choices. The girl was not responsible not did the right choice.

  11. Jenny Headluv

    if she didn't, she would have gotten spanked and forced to have a pillow fight in lingerie when she got back. Those were fun times :)

  12. Jenny Headluv

    LOL You sound like a complete tool. Most people in sororities already sign your checks! FOOL! Go back being lazy collecting your food stamps lazy girl.

  13. Cody Book

    once drunk you loose many inhibitions and are more likely to agree to do things. they took advantage and the punishment is just

  14. Cody Book

    once even slightly drunk you are more willing to agree and they could have sent made this girl get alcohol poisoning. the punishment is just

  15. Cody Book

    once drunk you loose many inhibitions and are more likely to agree to do things. they took advantage and the punishment is just

  16. Cody Book

    once drunk you loose many inhibitions and are more likely to agree to do things. they took advantage and the punishment is just

  17. Cody Book

    imagine if this girl had died from alcohol poisoning. then the sorority would end up in jail for manslaughter

  18. Mel Moraway

    A .08 BAC is no were close to a lethal or even dangerous level. She sounds like a nerdy rich daddy's girl who got her feelings hurt. I don't condone any of the wild, dangerous hazing practices but this is ridicules. It's a rite of passage asshole. Get use to it!

  19. Jim Jeschelnig

    You know what you are getting into? Find ANY greek life group that doesn't bullshit you from the get go. "No, we have strict policies against hazing." "No, we don't believe in abusing our 'brothers'/'sisters'." That's all just to keep their precious group out of trouble and on campus. Then the doors close and suddenly you have to start covering your eyes and get emotionally abused or forced into doing things you would much rather not do like pound deadly amounts of alcohol. It's funny that you need to pay dues and go through a bunch of humiliation or excessive work just to call people your brothers or sisters. Kind of makes me wonder what that even means. I don't recall having to endanger or humiliate myself to make someone want to be my friend. Sure you don't HAVE to do any of it unless you want those people to help you find a job or just give you advice, which a lot of students are encouraged to do from the start. The screwed up part is that administrations often advise you to get involved with one of these groups as though it will be an important part of your development when you really had the ability to go meet friends on your own without getting brainwashed. I hate greek life because of how much it makes people shut out other students. I knew so many people in college who wouldn't even talk to other people if they weren't in greek life. How is that for broadening your horizons? Glad to see they promote being your own person. Just look at a group of greek life students walking out the door of their house and try to figure out who has their own style or personality. You can't since you're blinded by the sea of neon polos and sperrys or just lost looking at all the black tights and north faces. These organizations deserve to be shut out of campus if this is what they endorse, even if it's not public. You can't act like these individuals aren't representing the organization, because they're the ones enrolling other students in the first place.

  20. Robert Kalani Foxworthy

    Jim Jeschelnig As I say It was her own choice. every one know what you get into then you join things liek that Join the Klan you know you spose to hate the black join the millitary you are going to have to fight in war, become stripper you will have to show your tits, get married without a prenup to a gold digger loose half of you shit when you get divorced etc etc ultimately the choice was hers make you make the bed you sleep in.

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