Zayn Malik One Direction Brazil

Zayn Malik Ab Attack: One Direction Singer Goes Shirtless In Brazil

Zayn Malik proved that he’s not the only One Direction singer with a body worth staring at.

Shortly after Liam Payne decided to share his abs with the world while hanging out on a hotel balcony in Brazil, Malik shed his shirt while hanging out poolside in Rio. As always, an opportunistic photographer managed to snap a few photos of Zayn’s impressive abdominal muscles. As you may already have guessed, fans didn’t waste any time passing the image around on social media.

Sporting jeans and a beanie, Zayn Malik took a break from One Direction’s widely successful South American tour to soak up some sun in Rio de Janerio. If you’re at all curious to see the singer without his shirt, then prepare your mind for the image embedded below. The Inquisitr is good at keeping secrets, so we won’t say a word to your friends and family about how long you gawk at the photo of Malik’s abs.

In addition to getting a good look at Zayn Malik’s physique, the photos give fans a glimpse of the singer’s extensive tattoo collection. The sight of his ink is probably just as important to some folks as catching a peek of his abs, which is why these pics are quite popular at the moment.

Since this writer doesn’t want fans to accuse him of bias when it comes to showing Zayn Malik and his pals without some of their clothes, here’s a picture of Harry Styles playing in the water. His tattoos are also on-display in the pic, a fact that will no doubt send some people into a full-on pop music frenzy.

Finally, here a pic for that one Niall Horan fan out there who quietly obsesses over the singer while everyone else makes a fuss over his bandmates.

Are you completely over the moon after getting a glimpse of Zayn Malik and his friends without his shirt? What do you think about all the ab-oriented One Direction photos that are making the rounds online this week?

[Top Image via Wallgator]