Bethesda announces ‘Dishonored’ by Half-Life, Deus Ex devs

At QuakeCon last year, Bethesda announced that development studio Arkane had been acquired by the company, and we were promised to hear more about the studio’s first game soon. Just under a year later, we now know what it is.

Bethesda formally announced the studio’s debut title, Dishonored, earlier this morning by way of Game Informer. Dishonored is in development by Arkane Studios, including such minds as Harvey Smith (Deus Ex) and Viktor Antonov (Half-Life 2).

According to the publication, the title is a first-person stealth / action adventure game. Assassination will play a key role in the game, with players “[slipping] in and out of a fortified barracks with nobody ever knowing you were there.” Player choice and morality is said to play a big part in the game as well.

Dishonored is in the works for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and is due out on all three platforms sometime in 2012. Check out Game Informer’s August issue for more details.