Kilah's Law is passed

Kilah’s Horrific Death May Save Other Children: (Video) Kilah’s Law Passed By U.S. Senate

How could we ever forget Kilah Davenport? Kilah was the gorgeous 3-year-old little girl who was horribly beaten by her step-father in May of 2012. Kila’s step-father fractured her tiny skull leaving her with permanent brain damage according to Charlotte Observer. Kilah did not survive her injuries and died in March.

Kilah’s abusive step-father, Joshua Houser, as reported by WCNC, was only sentenced to 92 to 123 months in prison for this felony child abuse. That is a slap on the wrist in relation to the precious life of Kilah that he stole.

But, a victory was claimed today for Kilah and the Davenport family.

Finally “Kilah’s Law” has been passed unanimously by the U.S. Senate and only awaits President Obama’s signature.

Congratulations to Kilah’s mother, Kirbi Davenport, who has been fighting for this moment on Kilah’s behalf. And kudos to Charlotte Republican Rep. Robert Pittenger who has been fiercely instrumental in seeing the “Kilah Davenport Child Protection Act of 2013” passed. This new Federal legislation will ensure that those who commit heinous acts against children are punished appropriately.

In fact, under the Kilah Davenport Child Protection Act, any child abuser who inflicts serious injury will most certainly be punished with a minimum sentence of more than 10 years.

Pittenger claims this as a victory for Kilah Davenport’s family. He confessed to the Charlotte Observer, “In a town known for its dysfunction, where Democrats and Republicans struggle to agree on anything, the passage of the legislation shows some good can come out of Washington.”

“The tragedy of their sweet child will not be in vain, and it will assist protecting other children,” Pittenger admitted.

Kilah Davenport will be forever missed and remembered, but her spirit will live on in all those who knew and loved Kilah. And “Kilah’s Law” will hopefully prevent more innocent children from being hurt. R.I.P., Kilah Davenport. Share this story in remembrance of Kilah and in support of President Obama’s signature.