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‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson Cheated And Miss Kay Stayed: Why?

The Duck Dynasty cast might have you seriously entertained week after week, but life hasn’t always been happy-go-lucky for the reality television stars. In a new interview with Fox News,Miss Kay was asked about her husband Phil Robertson’s past — specifically about why she decided to forgive him for drinking and for cheating (among other things).

In the interview, Miss Kay explains:

“The worst advice I ever got was when they told me to leave him. I attribute a lot of [sticking with Phil] to my grandma. She was such a stickler for staying with your marriage. She always used to say, ‘You have to fight for your marriage.’… When I say, ‘I love you,’ it’s for life. If we would not have stayed together I would have known in my heart that I had done everything I could possibly do to make that marriage work.”

Before Duck Dynasty even existed, the Robertsons had their fair share of tribulations. However, Miss Kay chose a different way to handle the “dark days” and she believes that she is a better person today because of it. Despite Phil Robertson’s controversial remarks on homosexuality, Miss Kay believes that her husband is a good man. As Huffington Post reports, Phil was actually suspended from the show over said remarks — but his family stuck by him. All of them said that they wouldn’t continue doing the show if the patriarch of the family wasn’t involved — and so Phil’s suspension lasted only nine days.

Duck Dynasty has had plenty of ups and down but their core family values seem to keep them moving along. As previously reported by Inquisitr, a boycott of the cast has been started by people in Alaska who are furious that the Robertsons have been invited to speak at the Alaska State Fair. Many believe that the boycott is solely due to the Phil Robertson controversy, which is still very much alive. Fair organizers have said that they will not retract their offer to the family despite the potential backlash, which primarily surrounds (once again) Phil Robertson.

Miss Kay would defend her husband, however, because she feels that he’s good where it counts.

“When I first fell in love with Phil there were so many good characteristics about him and I knew he had a good heart.”

Are you a Duck Dynasty fan? Do you admire Miss Kay for sticking by her husband through thick and thin?

[Photo courtesy of Steven Forster / The Advocate]