Airplane Luxury Suites Allow You To Sleep In Peace.

Airplane Luxury Suites Will Change The Way You Fly — If You Can Afford It [Video]

Airplane luxury suites are now a thing, and you’ll be happy to know that you can have one for the low price of only about $21,000. Mideast Etihad — which already has nannies and private chefs for its first-class passengers, has taken another huge leap forward by creating airplane luxury suites. Take a look:

Mideast Airline Etihad Offers Bed And Bath Suites

Yep, that is some serious legroom in these airplane luxury suites, but let’s take a minute and break down what we just saw, shall we?

Closed-off Bedroom

A closed-off bedroom in an airplane luxury suites sounds like heaven for those of us who have difficulty sleeping on planes. You know the feeling — you try to rest your head between the seat and the window and turn your body so your have enough legroom. And if you are more than six feet tall? Forget about it.

These airplane luxury suites will allow for passengers to spread out and stretch. If you can’t sleep on this plane, then you won’t be able to sleep on any plane.

Private Bathroom

This might be the main reason to pay for an airplane luxury suite. As awesome as those tiny bathrooms on airplanes are, we’re going to go ahead and say if you can have your own bathroom without needing to share it with 200 other people, you might want to go ahead and jump at the chance.

In addition, you can even take more time marveling at the high-powered flush capacity of the toilets without needing to feel like you need to rush out of the bathroom.

Dedicated Butler

Huh? This airplane luxury suite has gone from a dream to paradise. Imagine what you could do with a dedicated butler while on a long flight. This means there is no more need to wait around for a flight attendant to bring you half a can of ginger ale. Simply ring for the butler and drink away.

Gathering area

What good is an airplane luxury suite if you can’t show it off a little bit. Did you meet someone in coach or first class or do you have a business associate in another part of the plane with whom you’d like to speak? You can simply invite them back to your airplane luxury suite to talk and relax.

How much would you be willing to pay to stay in one of these airplane luxury suites during your next flight? Let us know in the comments.

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