Justin Bieber Believes Marcos Maidana Fought Dirty Against Floyd Mayweather Jr

Justin Bieber Thinks Marcos Maidana Fought ‘Dirty’ Against Floyd Mayweather Jr., Argentines Go Nuts

Justin Bieber thinks Marco Maidana fought “dirty” against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the WBC/WBA welterweight title unification boxing fight last Saturday at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Justin Bieber’s big moment walking his pal Floyd Mayweather Jr. to his 46th bruising, hard-won victory over Argentine Marcos Maidana at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena was the lightest moment of Saturday multi-fight night fare.

As the last fight of the night, the Money Team’s entrance with its clowns, then two of music’s biggest superstars — Bieber rocking a Fedora and Givenchy and Lil Wayne premiering his new single “Believe Me‘ — would shortly segue to blood, sweat and tears, and as many have noted; some low-down dirty blows from Maidana.

That’s not to say Marcos didn’t put up a sterling fight. On the contrary, UK newspaper The Guardian’s Kevin Mitchell reported that for the first time in Mayweather’s 18-year career:

“He is still unbeaten. But he is no longer unbeatable.”

Around the Internet, fight breakdowns noted the ferocity and dominance of Maidana in the early rounds when Mayweather was often to be found in the ropes, the unusual angling of Marcos’ punches and an accidental head-butt in round four which led to Floyd’s eye cut.

But, observers also noted the referee had to caution Maidana at least twice for dirty tactics in rounds three, four and eight.

Additionally, Eastside Boxing.com reports that “between rounds Maidana’s corner was caught telling him to fight dirty if he had to but it was overlooked by the commentators.”

While Bieber wasn’t specific about which of Maidana’s jabs he found unethical it can’t be denied he had a clear ringside view of the fight.

Taking to his Instagram account on Monday, Justin posted a created image of Mayweather delivering a blow to Maidana, seen here.

The 20-year-old also posted a comment in quotes, which may or may not be attributable to him. Either way, Bieber agrees with its sentiments.

The quote reads:

“You can not go into a ring, fight dirty and try to win against [t]he most technical fighter in the sport.”

FightFan.com notes, Maidana’s pace began to slow from the round five, while Mayweather’s shots began to land with greater accuracy for the second half of the fight.

By the final 12th round, the majority decision was in. Although both fighters thought they had it, judges gave Mayweather the win.

117-111, 116-112, 114-114 saw Floyd notch Marcos’ former former WBA welterweight title to his own WBC title, and boost his undefeated record to 46-0.

“I would describe this fight as a tough, competitive fight,” Floyd said in the ring afterwards.

“Normally when I fight I box and move. This was a tough fight. I wanted to fight.”

Of Maidana, the 37-year-old added, “He’s a champion, I’m a champion. If the fans want to see it again, we will do it again.”

Justin Bieber And Floyd Mayweather At Las Vegas Boxing Fight

(Photo: Instagram.)

According to The Australian, Mayweather also told Maidana:

“You’re a great fighter, great champion. You have a beautiful family. But next time, don’t hit me in the d**k.

Meanwhile, Maidana made his sense of loss clear on the night.

“I feel I was robbed,” Maidana said. “He never hurt me with a punch. He wasn’t even tough. I thought I won the fight.”

Marcos continued,”They say the cut was from a butt but it was a punch. I have to give him a rematch because I felt I won the fight.”

Referring to the Friday weigh-in which his first choice of boxing gloves was disallowed over a padding objection from Mayweather, the vanquished Argentine continued,

“If I had my gloves I would have knocked him out. He never hurt me with a punch.”

Meanwhile, over at his Instagram page, Bieber’s comment has been “Liked” by 583,000 and counting at press time.

Many of the commenters appeared to be fixated on using homophobic or racist terminology to slam Bieber’s criticism of Maidana which has been perceived – inevitably and illogically – as an “insult” to Argentina.

It seems Justin Bieber isn’t allowed to express his personal opinion at his Instagram account.

Even one that’s shared by a number of sportswriters and media outlets.

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