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A Bullied Teen Baked Cupcakes For The Bullies, Then She Told Them The Secret Ingredients

Bullied teen cupcakes

Every bullied teen fantasizes about how to get revenge on the bullies. Some teen bullying victims carry out their revenge in horrifying ways. But one teen girl in Bakersfield, California, came up with her own revenge scheme that didn’t hurt anyone, but was such a major gross-out that the local police were called in to investigate.

Ultimately, the Bakersfield cops decided that the revenge scheme by the bullied teen was nothing but a relatively harmless “high school prank.” But that won’t help the bullies who got a taste of, if not their own medicine, then something just as disgusting.

The bullied teen girl apparently decided to make nice with her tormenters — or at least appear to make nice — by baking them some delicious cupcakes, and bringing the baked goods into school. But it turns out, the cupcakes were not delicious at all.

The fellow students who sampled the cupcakes found that they tasted so terrible that they couldn’t take more than one bite — and that one, most of them spit out. When they asked the girl what was in the cupcakes that made them taste so bad, she gave them the answer that left them feeling sick.

She baked the cupcakes with various bodily excretions, she said. Among the secret ingredients: semen, pubic hair, and fecal matter.

One student reportedly ate an entire cupcake despite the foul flavor — though presumably before being informed of the alleged ingredient list — and missed the following day of school with severe stomach cramps and vomiting.

Police were called in to check out the semen-and-feces filled cupcake allegations. By the time they got there, the offending cupcakes had all been destroyed, so police were not able to run tests on the noxious baked items. But they interviewed witnesses and the girl who handed out the cupcakes.

The police concluded that the whole thing “can best be categorized as a high school prank,” the said, but added, “however the investigation is still on-going.”

The cops said that more than one student besides the initial bullied teen was involved in preparing the cupcakes, but that the ingredients did not include semen or any other bodily secretions. Instead, the repulsive taste was achieved by adding such ingredients as “mayonnaise, barbeque sauce and soy sauce.”

Police did not say, however, how consuming such standard, edible condiments, though unpleasant in a cupcake, would cause a student to come down with severe stomach distress and miss an entire day of school.

After consulting parents of the students who took bites of the cupcakes, police decided that no legal action would be brought against the bullied teen.

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112 Responses to “A Bullied Teen Baked Cupcakes For The Bullies, Then She Told Them The Secret Ingredients”

  1. Douglas Dillingham

    Yeah, I can't FATHOM how a kid, who was told they ate pubes and cum, would take an ENTIRE DAY off school while complaining of stomach cramps and "vomiting" [we all have fingers and gag reflexes, right?]….. great investigative work.

  2. Tony Plumb

    Moral of the story…. If your'e gonna be a bully, don't eat home made baked goods that the object of your shoddy treatment has personally prepared. Assholes 101… Lesson over…

  3. Inderia Lofters

    Guess they didn't see that movie what's it called again ???

  4. Sandy Rahlfs

    Yes, two wrongs don't make a right. But, that being said, karma is a bitch. I am so glad that they didn't punish the bullied teen for doing it. Solely because, it seems so often that the bullies get away with it and are not punished. Can you honestly blame her for getting revenge in a creative way?

  5. Trisha Glasco

    Maybe you missed the fecal matter part… Pretty sure that would do it… Either way…. Mind over matter! Especially if it was just mayo BBQ sauce and soy sauce…. And probably added humiliation…..

  6. Justyna McBurney

    And so why weren't the bullies dealt with? Glad the girl did not have any charges but please look into the bullying…

  7. K Dale Frazier

    Good for her ! I would have used ex-lax and NOT told anyone .. would have made some real revenge ….

  8. Richard Nicoletti

    Agree. That would take a few days to get over.

  9. Ronnie Royal

    The bully bastards deserved worse
    Where are the parents of these obnoxious little pieces of excrement?
    Parents wake up your little princes and princesses are nothing more than you in a smaller edition.

  10. Cindy Holland

    hope they learned their lesson, but what a way to et back at them. she could have done something worst bt did'n

  11. Tracy Van Der Voort

    she must have watched the movie "The Help"

  12. Mollie Blum Andrews

    At the end of the article, it asked how such innocent, edible ingredients could cause severe stomach distress. I'll tell you how………..MIND OVER MATTER. They scared themselves into.

  13. Mike Hunter

    So they kept kicking the sh^t out of her and then they ate it? trahahahaha, that had to be said 😀

  14. Tracey Walker

    I thought about doing that to people who are lying, losers I worked with but I was going to put Xlax in the brownies and then decided why, I am better them them and that so I never did. You never want to stoop to their level cause the n you are no better than they are.

  15. Matt Hartwig

    Not a lot Kevis, just enough so that they'll have some time to sit and think about how crappy it is to be mean.

  16. Sharon Cortright

    Lol they deserve to eat that crap. It'll teach them not to bully. Hands up to the girl who stuck up for her self!!!!!

  17. Jon Mattingly

    "harmless prank"? Eating shit is not harmless I'm not saying it was ok for them to get away with bullying her but I'm afraid what she did was illegal and is punishable by law. Also is nobody gonna bring up where a teenage girl got semen to put in cupcakes?

  18. Bobbi Anne Wheaton

    Bullying is the crime. What she did was justified. So many times bullies get away with what they do to others. Some kids even commit suicide from being bullied. I say good for this girl for standing up for herself as well as others who are being bullied.

  19. Nancy Blum Corbin

    Mollie Blum Andrews Remember when diddy worked at hurlbert field and someone kept eating his food. Remember mother made some brownies and put exlax in them. They found out who was eating his food.

  20. Elaine Warner

    Georgia Federhofer ok so she has no right to do to them what they do to her ??? hmmm two way street pay backs a bitch

  21. Henry Meadors

    Elaine Warner She didn't say the girl didn't have a good reason for striking back, but as a person who was relentlessly bullied as a kid, I can confirm what she actually did say – this is only going to make things worse for her.

  22. Holly McClendon

    Henry Meadors Maybe it will, maybe it won't. She humiliated them and put them on notice. And she did it with a harmless prank. Nothing more than cupcakes made with condiments. Which, really, makes it all the more embarrassing for the few who believed they had eaten much, MUCH worse. If they are interested in avoiding another humiliation in the future, they will – at the very least – move on to another target. Because realistically, no, they will not stop being bullies, that is something that goes beyond behavior into personality and development problems. But they just may stop bullying her. I've seen bullies back off when they are met head-on by a victim who refuses to give in. And after seeing this, maybe others will now decide to stand up for themselves, or even band together. Good for her!

  23. Shannon Helgeson

    the bullies were dealt with with some harmless vigilante justice served up by the victim

  24. Jessica Prater

    Well the darn schools should do something about the kids being bullied. I dont think the schools do enough to prevent it or stop it once it starts

  25. Henry Meadors

    Holly McClendon Let's not overstate what this girl did. I think it's a stretch to say she "humiliated them and put them on notice." She served them cupcakes that didn't taste very good, and once they get over the initial shock, it's entirely likely that they'll server her a knuckle sandwich or seven. We aren't discussing 7-year-olds, here, we're talking about impulsive, irrational, hormone-filled high-school teenagers. Not the most forward thinking people on the planet.

    Don't get me wrong – I absolutely applaud this girl for standing up for herself in a creative manner, but we both know that high-schoolers will use something like this to turn the girl into a target. Now instead of just being (insert reason she was picked on here) she's going to be known as the girl who tried to poison other kids. And it won't matter that there's no truth to it, because that's the rumor that's going to spread, and that's how she's going to be known now.

    I think she'll get off lucky if the worst that comes from this is a new nick-name like Psycho or something. I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but like I said, based on hard personal experience, I think she just made things worse for herself, not better.

  26. Opal Touchard

    she should of put laxative and when they had the shits tld them why and to be careful of any more bulling

  27. Holly McClendon

    Henry Meadors I think retching and wailing, voting, missing days, and believing your entire class saw you ingest semen and other bodily excrement is pretty humiliating. Never mind having the whole ordeal publicized. But that is all left to opinion. And as I said, it may make things worse for her or it may not. I've seen it go both ways. But regardless of how it goes, she did put them on notice. The students, the school, and the parents are all aware of the bullying problem she was having and they all know she is willing to do something about it. Silly or not, an act of self-preservation is always a good thing. She wasn't out to hurt them, so good for her. As to how they respond, that's up to them. But the parent, teacher, and police involvement goes a long way towards influencing that decision.

  28. Tyler Bugg

    she shoulda put laxitive in some really good cupcakes that would have been a bit better and not as foul :/

  29. Tyler Bugg

    oh just read the rest of it nvm it was just mayonaise and other nasty stuff to put in a cupcake xD

  30. Stephanie Parks

    If there wasnt any of that nasty stuff in there, I bet it was just a placebo effect kicking in for that one student thinking it was that nasty stuff. Mind over matter kind of deal.

  31. Meme Smith

    I feel that when kids that is being bullied puts matters into their own hands, its because the kids are not talking to their parents about them being bullied or that they did talk to their parents and teachers and the parent and teachers are not doing anything about it. Thank god it wasn't anything worse than this.

  32. Bobbi Anne Wheaton

    Ken Lowrie No, it isn't. Since you're a bully yourself with the name calling, I could see how you would be against the victim, but she didn't actually hurt these kids. All she did was, hopefully, teach them a valuable lesson.

  33. Eryn Stilp

    I'd help my daughter make those cupcakes! lol "move outta the way, sweetheart, mama's got the mustard!!!!" XD

  34. Eryn Stilp

    Henry Meadors I was bullied mercilessly and it was this ^^^^ type of attitude the girl had, that made them leave me the hell alone.

  35. Bobbi Anne Wheaton

    Ken Lowrie Yes it is, thank you. That being said, I'm just going to say that we are both entitled to our own opinion and leave it at that.

  36. William Dean Luke

    Henry Meadors Not really..since it's now all over the internet, the girl has a list of everyone who bullied her, and a list of every bully who ate the cupcakes…Bullies don't like their dirty laundry being aired in public because it makes them look bad.

    Bully, meet Blackmail. 😀

  37. Douglas Dillingham

    Trisha Glasco No, I read the whole article before commenting, but maybe you missed the "ingredients did not include semen or any other bodily secretions" part. Kids love to talk a big game, but I can't believe some highschool girl [or boy even] would somehow get her hands on semen, in addition to handling feces. Cupcakes don't need to be intact to test for excrement, either, so it's likely the cops could tell it was a ruse [surprised I'm putting even that much faith in the competency of law enforcement, to be honest]. Everyone is hyper-vigilant when it comes to their kids, and the kids know that, and they exploit that fact… and it seems more now than ever.

  38. Ben Johnson

    Should have just put a bullet in the bullying fucktards. All their kind deserves.

  39. Ken Lowrie

    A worker at a grocery store was charged with a felony for giving out samples of yogurt – with his semen in it. . . . I could easily come up with more.
    What girlie did reminds me of the movie "The Help". Funny yes, but still a crime :)

  40. Leslie Aday

    Henry Meadors
    Hi Henry,
    What do you think would be a preferable response to unrelenting bullying ? One of my favorite scenes in a movie titled "A Christmas Story", is when Ralph just absolutely gets fed up and can't take another teasing anymore from Scott Farkus and finally let's him have it. That's a truly satisfying moment in film for any of us who've experienced being bullied as a child. But I wouldn't want my to encourage my three year old grandson to violent reaction if there is some other way of dealing with the meanness. Any ideas ?

  41. Mollie Blum Andrews

    I believe it was fudge. And yes, they found out who it was. They got in trouble cuz a couple of guys couldn't go on runs cuz they HAD THEM!

  42. Lance Bowen

    Did you not read where it stated it was mayonnaise and not semen? Apparently not. It's probably best that you don't call others stupid when you can't even read a full article.

  43. Charlene Jessamine

    I guess we call that passive aggressive and the power of persuasion lol

  44. Wendy Pardoe

    UGH!! That's just gross – and I wouldn't want to have to gather those ingredients!!! 😛 Instead, I think it would have been much more funny if she had baked laxatives into them!!!! Tell them," Go ahead, have 3 or 4!!" lmao

  45. Erika K Moureau

    Good!!! Maybe it will teach the bullies a lesson!

  46. Miz Bishop

    I can't believe any of the students actually fell for it. You bully a fellow student then take their cupcakes when offered? Now I know I live in a town with utterly stupid people.

  47. Miz Bishop

    Georgia Federhofer – Not they won't. It won't intensify. I know that school and the kids there are too stupid.

  48. Miz Bishop

    Trisha Glasco there was more than just those three ingredients in it. I read the news story over the weekend. A few of the students said it may have contained laxatives. I forgot to ask my friend who's son attends that school for the scoup. She was waiting for him to get home Friday to tell her more about it. You know how Facebook goes. One person posts about it then a few hours later everyone is posting about it and finally, it comes out in the news.

  49. Miz Bishop

    Because in our town they get away with everything. The bully is supreme and rewarded for being mean while the victim is told that they are in the wrong. The student had complained about the bullies many times but the school kept looking the other way so that's why she made the cupcakes. I wish the news stories would put in all the detailed info that is floating around on Facebook.

  50. Miz Bishop

    I wish, around here the parents train them to be that way and they think its funny to raise a bully. Bakersfield is the worst place to live and go to school.

  51. Miz Bishop

    I love the rat poison bit. Nah, around here they don't bring guns to school. Knives and dope, yes but not guns.

  52. Miz Bishop

    They only reported 3 of the ingredients. I am going to have to scroll down my feed and find what else she put in there. No one has talked about it since Friday.

  53. Miz Bishop

    Yes, the teachers and school administrators refused to do anything about it. Why? Who knows, its just not something we do here.

  54. Miz Bishop

    Unfortunately, this article did not report the facts correctly. What the police investigated was the alleged "bodily fluids" in the cupcakes. Once they determined that there were none but other ingredients used in food, they decided not to waste any more time investigating. The police determined that she didn't commit a crime since there were no bodily fluids in the cupcakes. Bringing gross food to school is not a crime. But, that day the school enacted a new policy of no outside food.

  55. Jannah Leah

    I was severely bullied in school to the point of feeling suicidal. Too bad I didn't think of anything like this :(.

  56. Markius Fox

    Did she use sodium cyanide? *hopes she used sodium cyanide*

  57. Miz Bishop

    Steve Brandon Prince Yes, they had a food get together, kinda like a potluck, scheduled for the very next day and it had to be cancelled.

  58. Izza Maria

    Really? Then what makes it right Jessica? Because no one usually does shit! Not the school, not the bullies' parents, not the authorities, not much anyone. Unfortunately many bullies only understand their own language.

  59. Craig Smith

    Henry Meadors People aren't listening to what you are saying. All they are focused on is the fact that they think you are siding with the bullies. As soon as they thought you were on their side, they quit listening to what you said and started putting their confused thoughts into your post.

  60. Richard Bennett

    fuck those bullies and all who support them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! act like a fucking piece of shit get treated like one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Teena Vannatter

    Well, I think a good laxative would have been okay. At least she did not do a horrible act, like so many have done. I'm on her side.

  62. Amy Gill

    I agree. While we are told as kids not to do to others what they did to you but the only time I got my bullies to stop is when I showed them I wasn't scared of them anymore!

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