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Breastfeeding in Public Debate Reignited by Michigan Bus Incident

breastfeeding in public

Last week, it became national news when a bus driver in Michigan violated state law and kicked a woman off a public bus for breastfeeding.

In most states, a woman has the right to breastfeed wherever she and her child legally have a right to be. However, many people- unfortunately, nursing mothers among them- are not aware of such laws and thusly do not abide or avail themselves of those protections. A recent opinion piece on in Michigan demonstrates this ignorance completely, posing the question of whether mothers “should be allowed” to feed their babies in public.

The comments section seems to be partially comprised of people who think no one should breastfeed, and people who think breastfeeding is a sacred and special bonding act between a mother and her child that should occur three stories underground in a locked bunker where no other children can possibly see because they might discover breasts aren’t only for selling beer and NASCAR.

It seems the question of whether a woman should be allowed to breastfeed in public became obsolete decades ago, but people (like the commenters) are still posing it. Do you think breastfeeding in public should even be a debate?

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20 Responses to “Breastfeeding in Public Debate Reignited by Michigan Bus Incident”

  1. Amy Laguitao

    BREASTFEEDING saves life and MONEY but each state/country should make a law that would require shopping malls, airports, public service government centers and other locations to have accessible areas designed for breastfeeding and diaper changing that are not bathrooms.

  2. Erika Poeticone Andrea

    I hate that people treat breastfeeding as if it is pornographic material… If Americans didn't super-sensationalize the sexuality of breast, it would be less frowned upon….. Mother's breast feed their children, it didn't just begin yesterday…. Get over it people…..

  3. LadyLaura Croffitt-Adoo

    I wonder what would happen if CDC declare similac hazardous or contaminated…you'd see more breats, you would think that you were on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. Hmmmmmm, now that's a thought…I can show my breast for a bead but I can't feed my child. WTHHHHHHHHHH

  4. LadyLaura Croffitt-Adoo

    Typo…you'd see more breasts, I mean. Sorry!

  5. Raelyn Davis

    I was just asked today not to nurse at a public school. Come on Michigan, lets get our act together and protect my right to nurse where I see fit.

  6. Ann Witt Checketts

    Oh, that makes my blood boil, Raelyn. I'm so sorry that happened. Some people are so ignorant, it's disgusting. Boobs are for feeding babies…..everything else they do is secondary.

  7. Elisabeth Bailey Jensen

    At least you were feeding a nutritious hot lunch. More than they offer!

  8. Elisabeth Bailey Jensen

    I will say i support you, but I have noticed strangers nursing lately and exposing more than they might think. A lady sitting near us at the symphony recently was trying to cover up, but her blankie was simply not big enough to cover her growing child's movement resulting in showing exactly what she was attempting to cover. So lesson… make sure your cover up is doing it's job.

  9. Ann Witt Checketts

    I don't use a cover up at all. And I don't think any breastfeeding woman should have to unless that is how SHE is most comfortable. I don't think the exposure of a little bit of breastfeeding boob is a problem at all. My kids see it all the time. I want it to be normal for them to see. Breastfeeding is normal.

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