China Skyline in Hong Kong

Baby Falls 10 Stories, Caught By Woman On Ground

A two-year-old baby girl in China who was left unattended fell out of her family’s 10th floor apartment window and was saved when a woman walking past caught the child.

Zhang Fangyu, who goes by the nickname Niu Niu was under the care of her grandmother on Saturday when she left to run an errand, leaving the child alone. Neighbors witnessed the child hanging from the apartments window for several moments before she fell. Wu Jupin, who was wearing high heels at the moment of the fall kicked off her shoes, ran towards the falling child and caught her.

According to Jupin the first thought running through her head was of her own seven-month-old son who recently fell out of his highchair and received a cut on his mouth:

“I thought to myself ‘ I should stretch my arms to her. Because I am right here, I must get her.’ Then I made it. I caught her in my arms.”

While little Zhang was saved from sure death she is still listed in critical condition due to internal bleeding and other injuries, while Wu suffered a broken arm that knocked her out from the pain of catching the child who fell from so high up.