Scandal - Gardasil Vaccine?

Gardasil Vaccine Likely To Be Biggest Medical Scandal Of All Time – According To Former Merck Doctor

Since its introduction, the Gardasil vaccine has been the focus of more controversy than any other vaccine. Even among those who fully support vaccination, Gardasil is the black sheep. A doctor formerly with Merck now says that he predicts that it will be “the greatest medical scandal of all times.”

Dr. Bernard Dalbergue, former pharmaceutical industry physician with the company that manufactures Gardasil, recently gave an interview to French publication Principes de Santé (Health Principles), in which he blasts the vaccine as dangerous and “useless,” though it “costs a fortune.”

What is worse, he says, is that “decision-makers at all levels are aware of it! Dalbergue charges that approval of the Gardasil vaccine was not based on valid studies but on financial profit, and alleges that everybody involved knew how worthless the vaccine was when it was approved. He is not alone in accusations of fraud.

Dalbergue Gardasil Vaccine