Big Time Rush

James Maslow Assures Big Time Rush Fans That The Group Is Still Together

James Maslow doesn’t want fans to worry their pretty little heads about the future of Big Time Rush. According to the singer, everything is a-okay at the moment.

Many fans have wondered if the band has officially decided to call it quits. Although Maslow and the fellas are working on other projects — James is presently on the TV show Dancing with the Stars — the group hasn’t disbanded just yet. In fact, there’s a possibility that the guys will get together for another tour at some point in the near future.

During his recent chat with Parade, James Maslow explained what’s going on in the world of Big Time Rush. Fans who believe the singers decided to go their separate ways shouldn’t write off the group just yet.

“We’re still together, but we’re doing our own thing, so it’s not going to be a priority over individual projects, because we need that for the next step in our lives and careers obviously,” James Maslow explained.

He continued, “But there’s a really good chance that we will tour again. We’re talking about it now. We’re open to it, we’re looking at markets. There’s still a big market and a lot of fans out there that want us to tour, so as soon as we all can get together and figure out schedules, we will make it happen.”

However, Maslow said that he may decide to take a short vacation once his stint on DWTS comes to a close. Since the guy has worked consistently for quite some time, James wants to take a moment to catch his breath and put things into perspective.

“Career-wise, I’m looking a couple projects, but after doing all this and coming straight from tour before this, I definitely need a vacation. I’m thinking about what I’m going to do. I might actually take a really cool motorcycle trip with my buddy from Mexico City back up to California, which would be a fun four-day trip,” Maslow said.

Of course, this isn’t stopping fans from freaking out on Twitter. Since the guys aren’t touring or recording music, many assume that they’ve called it quits.

Do you believe James Maslow that Big Time Rush is still together?

[Image via Good Morning America]