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Police Seek Identity Of Woman Who Stole Toys From Baby’s Grave

Woman Steals A Duck From A Baby's Grave

Ontario, Ohio, authorities are seeking the identity of a woman who stole toys from a baby’s grave. Hayden “Tank” Cole Sheridan, age 14 months, died in 2007. Hayden’s parents, Scott and Jaclyn Sheridan, regularly visit and decorate their late son’s grave. Unfortunately, a thief has been stealing the toys and decor.

Ontario Police Detective Jon Sigler said the thief, or thieves, have stolen solar-powered lights, flowers, wreaths, and toys. As the thefts have continued for six years, police installed a surveillance camera at the Mansfield Memorial Park.

Authorities recorded numerous images throughout the last two years. Although many visitors were clearly paying their respects, others were filmed stealing toys from the baby’s grave. Unfortunately the footage was not clear enough to identify a suspect.

Last Saturday, Scott and Jaclyn visited Hayden’s gravesite. They placed a stuffed duck on the grave to celebrate Easter. When they returned the following morning, the toy was gone.

Jaclyn said she feels like thieves “are targeting his gravesite.” She believes she and her husband “should be able to decorate his resting spot and leave things on his grave” without worrying about vandals.

On Saturday, authorities finally captured surveillance footage, which may help identify a thief. In the clip, a woman is clearly pictured stealing the Easter toy from the baby’s grave. Although the suspect was not identified, authorities have released the footage.

On their “Facebook” page, the Ontario Police Department explained that they simply want the Sheridan family to have “some assurance that they can leave a night light and a stuffed animal at their son’s grave without someone stealing it.”

As reported by Mansfield News Journal, it is unclear whether the thefts were committed by one, or several, suspects. However, authorities are currently seeking information about the woman who stole the Easter duck.

Stealing Stuffed Duck

Detective Sigler said he believes the woman attempted to return the duck, as someone later threw “the stuffed animal out the window of a vehicle along the cemetery property.” Although the Easter duck was eventually returned to the Sheridans, police are still seeking the woman’s identity.

Anyone with information about the woman’s identity, or the continued theft from the baby’s grave, is encouraged to contact the Ontario Police Department at 419-529-2115. The Sheridans simply want to grieve for their son in peace, without the constant threat of theft from the gravesite.Woman Stealing Toy Duck

It is difficult to imagine what prompted the thief, or thieves, to steal toys from the baby’s grave. Jaclyn said that despite the criminal activity, she will continue decorating Hayden’s gravesite during the holidays.

[Images via Mansfield News Journal]

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11 Responses to “Police Seek Identity Of Woman Who Stole Toys From Baby’s Grave”

  1. Deanna Jakubiak

    I would be so upset if someone did this to my child's grave site. You should be able to decorate your family's grave without fear of people stealing items from it

  2. Denise Wilson

    What a POS. I wonder if she gives them to her kids as gifts. Absolute disrespect of a grave and to the parents of the child. She's going to hell!!

  3. Richard Tuper

    That is stooping low. How shameless and disgusting can a person be to do this?

  4. Coleen Lette

    She turned herself in claiming she was prtecting the toy from a dog that was running around……..POS…….and the other things she stole from this childs grave?…She should rot in hell

  5. Pam Cooper Scott

    Whoever is doing this is sick. They have no respect for the deceased or his parents. I hope if they find her they throw the book at her.

  6. Steven Samaniego

    Duh, why don't they put some items with GPS locator chips on the gravesite if they REALLY want to catch the thieves.

  7. Peggy Thomas Manley

    Doesn't it make you sick? I have a beautiful bouquet to put on Dale's grave, but I know someone is gonna steal it. They always do, so what do you do?

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