Is Justin Bieber Sending Selena Gomez A Message With Throwback Photo?

Justin Bieber Sends A Message To Selena Gomez With ‘Throwback’ Photo?

Justin Bieber must have had Selena Gomez on his mind Wednesday when he posted a ‘throwback’ photograph of the pair and his step-siblings. The romantic snap comes amid reports of their “fight” at Coachella, dubious rumors of a Kylie Jenner hook up, Gomez’s epic Instagram ‘unfollowing’ and tabloid claims she is a “train wreck.”

Justin Bieber may have been sending Selena Gomez a message on Wednesday when he posted a nostalgic ‘throwback’ snap of the pair to his Instagram account.

The Canadian singer’s sweet social media share comes amid reports that Gomez has ended her relationship with him for different reasons, all of which originate at gossip sites or tabloid outlets.

In the black and white photograph, which appears to be from a trip Justin and Selena took to Paradise Cove, Malibu in 2012, the couple are seen playing on a beach with Bieber’s step-siblings Jazmyn and Jaxon. The scene recalls a simpler time before Justin’s legal woes and when he and Selena were not quite the tabloid catnip they are now.

A report in the Christian Post describes the ‘throwback’ photo as Justin’s way of honoring Selena, while Hollywood Life suggests Bieber is telling Gomez he sees them with their own children someday.

Either way, the innocent picture indicates Bieber had Gomez on his mind yesterday despite – then – being hundreds of miles away in Tokyo, Japan, where he was vacationing with his mom and pals.

It’s also telling that he uploaded the snap on Instagram, given the “Come & Get It” singer’s widely reported ‘unfollowing’ of the Jenners on the photo-sharing platform just one week after she hung out with the sisters at Coachella two weeks ago.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez And Bieber Siblings In Throwback Snap

(Photo: Instagram, captioned, “Throwback.“)

Selena followed up her seismic move by deleting all photographs of Kylie and Kendall at the festival from her Instagram account (save for one), and at other social occasions.

The removals were first reported on Sunday, April 20.

Two days later, the actress-singer set about ‘unfollowing’ Taylor Swift and everyone else she knows — reportedly Bieber too.

Yet Justin and Selena are following each other on Twitter, and presumably he thinks she looks at his Instagram updates.

So, did Bieber post the ‘throwback’ snap after seeing Gomez’s soul-searching posts on her Instagram — notably a screenshot review of Mary J. Blige’s “Work in Progress (Growing Pains)” lyrics from her 2007 album – or was he reaching out because recent gossip reports claiming the pair have fallen out are true?

You know the answer to that one readers. Only Bieber and Gomez know what’s going on in their on-off relationship, despite a number of reports that would have you believe otherwise.

Selena Gomez Unfollows Justin, Taylor, and EVERYONE!

But lets take a snapshot at some of claims floating about.

First, despite TMZ’s cozy shots of Justin and Selena together at Coachella, UK tabloid The Sun claims Gomez is “convinced something has gone on between Justin and Kylie.”

The newspaper adds Selena went “bezerk” with “jealousy” before her Instagram culling and has now called off her romance with Justin.

However, Hollywood Life says an alleged Gomez pal told the outlet, “None of her friends are saying that [Kylie hooked up with Justin] – so no I don’t believe that’s true.”

However, the outlet also claims a source said Bieber and Gomez have been arguing about commitment issues.

An insider allegedly told the website: “Justin promised he would move in with her and be her so-called ‘protector,’ but he has bailed on that idea. Once again he has broken her heart. It’s the same old thing, he begs for her forgiveness and promises her the sun and the moon, but doesn’t follow through.”

The source allegedly adds: “It’s not just about moving in with her. It’s the whole commitment thing. He’s just hot and cold.”

“And she [Gomez] had a disappointing Easter. Justin did not invite her to Japan. He said he wanted alone time with his mum and Selena takes that as, ‘Justin wants his freedom so he can hook up with girls.”

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Instagram.)

Meanwhile, over at Star magazine, the tabloid claims Selena’s friends and family think the 21-year-old’s reunion with Justin is hurting her mentally and emotionally.

“Selena is a train wreck,” an alleged ‘pal’ told the magazine. “If she doesn’t get away form Justin and get herself in check, it’s only a matter of time before something tragic happens to her.”

It”s worth noting every single outlet around the world — including this one — was absolutely gobsmacked when Bieber turned up in McAllen, Texas, to see Gomez, followed by spottings of the couple in Miami then Coachella.

The point being, Selena’s Instagram blitz may have nothing to do with Justin and the rumors may be baseless. That said, there could be issues in Jelenaland.

Do you think Justin is sending Selena a message with his ‘throwback’ snap. And if so, what is it?

Add your comments below.

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