Donald Trump Barack Obama hopping bobbing walk

Donald Trump Calls Obama’s ‘Hopping, Bobbing’ Walk ‘Unpresidential’

Donald Trump, the 67-year-old reality TV personality and real estate developer who repeatedly threatens to run for president himself, was the most prominent proponent during the 2012 presidential election of “birthersm,” the claim that President Barack Obama was not really born in the United States and that is Hawaii birth certificate is a fake. But now Trump has another considered critique of Obama.

He doesn’t like the way Obama walks.

Trump appears to find quite a bit of what Obama does to be “unpresidential,” and that includes the way he walks, particularly when the president is deplaning after a flight on Air Force One. Yesterday, Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to complain that the president’s “hopping” and “bobbing” style of walking down the Air Force One staircase is not only “unpresidential” but “inelegant.”

Leaving aside for the moment Trump’s questionable characterization of Obama as “hopping” and “bobbing” — at least he didn’t say “shucking” and “jiving” — perhaps “The Donald” was comparing Obama to such presidential moments at President Gerald Ford’s historic walk down the steps of Air Force One. Of course, Trump may also have been thinking of the presidential moment when George H.W. Bush vomited into the lap of Japan’s prime minister at a state dinner. Or perhaps Trump was comparing Obama’s unpresidential behavior to the way that the more recent President George W. Bush gave a quick shoulder rub to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Donald Trump earlier this year condemned Obama as “unpresidential” for not wearing a tie during an interview with Bill O’Reilly at the Super Bowl. Donald Trump, who has previously called global warming “bulls***,” also griped that Obama was flying in Air Force One on Earth Day.

The Donald Trump “hopping, bobbing walk” tweet, however, drew the most attention from his Twitter followers.

One thing is certain, Barack Obama will do something else that offends the delicate sensibilities of Donald Trump again, probably sometime soon.