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Bruno Mars Gets His Very Own Day In Hawaii… Again

Bruno Mars received his very own day in Hawaii. However, this isn’t the first time the state has recognized one it’s most popular exports.

Since officials in Hawaii are extremely happy with the amount of positive attention Mars and his music are bringing to the Aloha State, Governor Neil Abercrombie decided to give the singer his very own day. According to KITV, the governor declared that April 21, 2014 was officially Bruno Mars Day.

“Bruno Mars Day emphasizes that Hawaii enjoys a long tradition of celebrating individuals who demonstrate excellence in their profession and bring international pride and recognition to the state with their exceptional talent,” the proclamation explains.

The statement continues, “Bruno Mars Day underscores that Bruno Mars’ talent for combining catchy pop melodies, hip-hop beats and feel-good lyrics has helped him emerge as one of Hawaii’s most popular artists, a status affirmed by his return to perform the last of a three-concert series at the Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu.”

If you missed this year’s celebration of the singer and his accomplishments, then you may have another opportunity to honor the guy in 2015. However, chances are this event could fall on a completely different day. The Huffington Post explains that the governor’s proclamation is for a “specific date of a specific year.”

The website points out that Hawaii’s previous Bruno Mars Day fell on December 10, 2010, which coincided with the singer’s return to the state after heading into the wilds of the music industry. Fans who are anxious to celebrate the event next year should probably schedule their entire lives around Mars’ Hawaiian tour dates.

Of course, fan’s don’t necessarily need an official day to sing the guy’s praises. The Inquisitr previously reported that country music star Lee Brice had nothing but positive things to say about Bruno during his recent interview with Great American Country.

“I cannot dance like him. I think I can sometimes If I’ve had enough. I loved his record. We were in Salt Lake City and he happened to be playing the arena. We were playing the amphitheater with Brad Paisley. I took off and went to see the Bruno show right after [my] set and it just killed me,” Brice told the publication.

He added, “One of the things I loved about it was it wasn’t a lot of fire and lights and crap, it’s just a nice tight set of lights and a band that is killing it and a man who is singing his soul out. It was about him, the singer, the writer, and the player, and producer; that’s what I’m shooting for.”

What do you think about Hawaii celebrating Bruno Mars Day? Do you think the state should make this an annual event?

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