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Newborn Survives Being Thrown In Trash Can

Newborn Thrown In Trash Can

A newborn baby survived being thrown in a Greenville, S.C. trash can. Authorities said 28-year-old Sharon Lenise Ferguson gave birth on Monday. She then wrapped her newborn son in a blanket, put him inside a plastic shopping bag, and left him in a city trash bin.

The infant was discovered by an unidentified man who was making repairs on a rental property. The man reportedly saw blood on the side of a garbage can, which prompted him to look inside. He was stunned when he found a newborn child amid the trash.

The man immediately contacted authorities. Police spokesman Johnathan Bragg said the newborn was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Although the baby remains in the hospital, he is currently listed in stable condition.

As reported by Charlotte Observer, authorities eventually identified Sharon Lenise Ferguson as the child’s mother. Ferguson was arrested and charged with attempted murder and abandonment of a minor child. She is currently being held at the Greenville County Detention Center on $125,000 bond.

It is unclear why Ferguson threw her newborn in a trash can. It is entirely possible that she simply did not want the child. However, South Carolina law provides new mothers with a better option.

Daniel’s Law provides safe havens for unwanted newborn children. According to the law, new mothers cannot be held liable for abandoning their children at a safe haven facility.

Safe haven locations, which include hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and churches, allow newborns to be abandoned anonymously — without legal repercussions.

Daniel’s Law pertains to infants up to one month old. Although the process is generally anonymous, signs of abuse override the anonymity clause. Newborns surrendered to a safe haven facility are placed in the custody of the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

Despite the availability of similar programs throughout the United States, women continue to abandon their newborn babies in unsafe locations. Although abandoning an infant seems barbaric, many women and teens are simply frightened.

Safe havens were developed to provide new mothers with a safe and anonymous solution. However, women are either unaware or unwilling to leave their children at safe haven facilities.

As reported by SafeHaven.TV, more than 2,000 newborn infants have been saved through the project. Unfortunately, the number is far too low. Social service organizations, law enforcement agencies, and healthcare facilities, are currently focusing their efforts on awareness.

Sharon Lenise Ferguson could have abandoned her son at a safe haven facility without incident. As she chose to throw the newborn in a trash can, she is now facing felony charges.

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47 Responses to “Newborn Survives Being Thrown In Trash Can”

  1. Traci Rochford

    beyond me how this woman could throw a baby away like garbage.she is nno mother she does t deserve the title of mother she has to be sick in the head to even think of doing that………wonder how her mother feels about what has done it is sinful

  2. Ramera Since

    If only she was educated on this beforehand. It' a shame the first thing she did was throw it away instead of at least taking the baby somewhere safe if she didn't want it. Some people just don't think straight.

  3. Jeanann Gastinger Wellman

    if they don't want these kids why not abort it legally instead of throwing them away

  4. Jennifer Bohn

    If someone knows they don't want a baby It's simple, KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED. This women has no heart and is not human. She deserves everything she gets.

  5. Liza Travieso-Diaz

    The law should be sterilize all these monsters that continue to get pregnant and hurt their kids.

  6. Penny Ford

    For GODS SAKES girls keep your damn legs closed!! Or make the put on the overcoat use the umbrella just use birth control!!


  7. Jeanann Gastinger Wellman

    Dominique Lee only by chance and the grace of god. Many are found dead. I didn't say there was a difference just pointed out it was legal, now they face murder charges and our taxes pay for it

  8. Regina Allen Fowler


  9. Chrissy Brinker

    It should be a law that she and other women who have done this have to get their tubes tied!! I'm sickened by all the babies and children who are being murdered and neglected!!

  10. Pam Pellegrino

    ABORTION IS NOT THE ANSWER..yes there are safe havens.. she was just a selfish heartless monster…just because the baby will cramp their style..women getting abortions should commanded to have their tubes tied and burned

  11. Lisa Kazmier

    There are other ways, too. And "legs closed" don't work against a violent husband, for one. How come "conservatives" tell women they must always submit to demands for marital sex, especially, but then blame women for having a baby she cannot care for?

  12. Melissa Harris

    you are small minded if you buy the "keep you legs closed" argument. notice how no one ever tells that to the guys? she could have been raped, she could have a mental illness…
    I am not defending her. just pointing out that, that argument is archaic, impudent and sexist

  13. Paula Qualls Gurley

    This woman is damn near 30 years old. There is no excuse for not taking the baby to a safe place. Of course it would be "cruel" to offer her a shorter sentence in exchange for getting her sterilized………….smh

  14. Renee Washburn

    Lisa Kazmier …Then she shouldn't have gotten married in the first place, where you know ahead of time that you are going to be having sex with your husband and a pregnancy might result. Makes perfect sense.

  15. Loretta Aguillon

    Regardless of her circumstances, that doesn't give her the right to throw that baby away like yesterday's trash. I sincerely hope they lock her up and throw the keys away. How many ppl out there, that can't have a family. Someone would've adopted an infant. There was no good reason for this. Stupid people

  16. Loretta Aguillon

    I agree completely,, if this were a 3rd world country, I would feel differently, maybe! But here, in the states, she had more choices and for whatever her reasons, she chose to carry this baby to term. She is a monster to throw a baby in a dumpster when she could've done so many other humane things. Hope she goes to jail and gets to think of the path not chosen for decades..

  17. Loretta Aguillon

    I don't think having her sterilized is cruel. What she did to her baby was. She doesn't deserve to have children. I think if your convicted of a crime involving abuse towards a child, sterilization should be a condition of release. Yeah I know,, that would be infringing on her rights,, but what about the babies right to life. I thought convicts were stripped of their rights, like the right to concealed carry, right to vote, ect.

  18. George Hall

    She was not scared when she had sex and got pregnant. This was a bad call. Thou shall not kill a baby, a man, a woman, a dog, or a cat, But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better of him or she that a mill stone were hanged about his or her neck, and that he or she were drowned in the depth of the sea. Amen.

  19. Amy Marshall

    As someone who WAS abandoned as a newborn (Lawrence, KS, Bungalow Launderette, 1964 — you out there somewhere, mom? It's all turned out great — in case you're reading this), I think I have a different take than most people. The baby will live, will hopefully be placed with adoptive parents who will love the child beyond measure. I feel sorry for the mother. I imagine she was in a dark and horrible place when she did what she did — and nothing we will ever say or do to her will be worse. This holds true whether you believe she is a psychopath or not. :-(

  20. Ashley Hall

    no offense but i don't think it turned out so great if you are still self conscious about your mom reading this 0.o

  21. Ashley Hall

    certain situations where it is life or death sometimes you have to make a decision. i don't believe in getting abortions just because you get pregnant. I think the ones that don't know how to close their legs or use protection should have that done to them. Really Sara Skinner, that was uncalled for.

  22. Amy Marshall

    Ashley Hall Self-conscious? No, not really. I just don't want HER to believe that something horrible happened as a consequence of her actions. If that was my mother pictured up there, I'm aware that all the things said here would be directed at her. I've made peace with it all. I just want the woman who gave birth to me to find peace, too. No one knows what goes through another human being's mind, but we're so quick to curse and hate. Not my place to judge. Not my place to hate. That was just a thank-you-for-life shout out to a woman who could have made a far different choice.

  23. Ashley Hall

    well if your life is great then she made the right choice depending on where she left you. if it was in a dangerous spot not so much. but if it was to abandon you somewhere someone would notice you different story

  24. Debbie Todd

    Melissa Harris Have you ever noticed how fast "people are quick to judge". Yes it was a horrible thing that this women did, and there should be punishment drawn on to her, to fullest extent. But why do so many people want to see more pain & sorrow brought on by comments that speak of "monsters" and all other forms of brutality. We don't live in the middle ages. Or do we? Mental illness is a real deal,so is rape. As read through the comments yours was the only civilized one. i am sure that a few of these brutal comments were written by people who clam to be Christians.But they should ask to themselves, " is this the way a true Christian acts"? As you said I am not defending her, and the argument……. IS ARCHAIC & IMPUDENT. Thank you Melissa for being " In The World. Not on it". Take care.

  25. Deep Dharma

    Lisa Kazmier
    $7 a month for birth control pills is very reasonable.

  26. Tanesha Alicea

    Disgusting!! Birth control is better but accidents happen then give it to someone because their are plenty of moms who could and would take a child

  27. Kelsey Anne Koren

    Renee Washburn Are you saying that when you are married you must have sex with your husband? What Lisa is implying is that her husband could have been abusing her. Even if you are married, forced sex against your will is still considered rape. You are ignorant on what the real issue is and saying that she pretty much should have considered the "role" in which she is supposed to uphold in a marriage is outrageous. I am, as well, not trying to defend this woman. What she did was heinous and monstrous. But don't ever say that a woman "should have known better" when it comes to a possible rape issue. Being uneducated is not attractive.

  28. Anonymous

    Sterilize her. That will take care of one problem. Then for good measure,give her the gas chamber!!

  29. Amy Marshall

    My last comment on FB about it: There was an article (and there have been, sadly, TOO MANY articles) about a woman abandoning a newborn. There is something so viscerally heinous about this that people feel the need to call for putting a bullet through her head (that was actually one of the comments) and then the ones who bring in abortion (why didn't you have one? why didn't your MOTHER have one?) and spew all sorts of hatred for which the interwebs are so renown. It's a crowd mentality like the one that led to — I dunno — Nazi Germany, maybe? I don't have any patience for it. I wade in as a "survivor" of it. It just amazes me (although it shouldn't) how people don't realize that MINDS can be broken just like bones or organs can break. No compassion. No responsibility. People know the women who do this. Are they not paying attention? Was there nothing that set off alarm bells? Was there (the most horrifying thought of all) really NO ONE who gave a damn? We're all responsible for each other — if you adhere to anything remotely like Christianity. If you believe as C.S. Lewis believed, we are all "shining spirits of light." If you think of human beings like THAT, you tend to treat them differently. And, with that, I'll just say — we don't need the devil to put us in Hell. We're perfectly capable of doing that ourselves…..

  30. Layla George

    Amy Marshall There's always a why. We may never know it. I don't condone what she did but she might have a damn good reason why she did this. Before you all throw stones at her, you might want to try to understand her first.

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