Lightning Strikes More Men, Fewer Women

I could really, really make a “lightning rod” penis joke here, but I won’t.

It appears that the scary weather nuisance is more likely to strike males than females, by a pretty scarily wide margin. 82% of the nearly 650 people killed by lightning in the US between 1995 and 2008 were dudes, but the choice of activities during a lightning storm may have influenced those statistics:

“Men take more risks in lightning storms,” said John Jensenius, of the National Weather Service, adding that males are less willing to walk away from recreational activities or sports.

Indeed, those pastimes are involved in almost half of all lightning-related deaths, according to PopularScience.

So far this year, lightning has killed six individuals across the US, and strikes are most likely occur in Florida than in any other state. Some people also don’t realize that lightning is even less predictable than they might think:

“The common perception is lightning happens only when it’s really dark and stormy out,” said meteorologist Robert Molleda. “But lighting can travel a pretty good distance from where the rain is falling.”

Do you curb your outdoor activities when lightning is expected?