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Unemployment Extension 2014 Finally Passes Senate, But House GOP To Stand in Way

Unemployment extension 2014

An unemployment benefits extension for 2014 finally passed the U.S. Senate Monday, more than three months after the vital lifeline for long-term job-seekers was suddenly cut off at the end of December. But the 2014 unemployment extension now faces a massive roadblock in the house where Republican leaders remain dead set against helping those who lost their jobs through no fault of their own more than 26 weeks ago.

Benefits were stopped December 29 for the 1.3 million Americans who at that time had received benefits for more than the initial 26-week time period. As each week passes, roughly 70,000 more job-seekers lose the benefits that they were once counting on to help with basic bills and minimal living expenses while they devote themselves to finding more work.

Yet Republican House Speaker John Boehner, who will decide whether or not to bring the Senate bill to a vote on the House floor, has vowed to stop the unemployment extension, saying that congress should focus instead on bills that he says would create jobs — though House Republicans have not proposed any measures targeted toward job creation.

“I made clear that if we’re going to consider dealing with emergency unemployment, we ought to do something about creating better jobs in America, higher wages in America,” Boehner said. “What those people want is a chance at a good job, and I’m trying to get them one.”

The Congressional Budget Office has found that an unemployment benefits extension is itself an effective job-creation measure, because the unemployed spend their benefits quickly, pumping much-needed cash into the still-struggling economy, while also encouraging their recipients to continue looking for jobs.

Democrats say, however, that passing the 2014 unemployment extension bill is a no-brainer, and that Boehner knows, if given a chance, even House Republicans would largely support it. Seven House Republicans, three from New York, three from New Jersey and one from Nevada, have announcced that they would vote in favor of the 2014 unemployment extension.

“If our bill was put up for a vote in the House, there is no question it would pass,” said Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer. “Contrary to right-wing talking points, many of the people who would benefit this bill are out of work through no fault of their own, and have been knocking on doors and going online looking for a job for months or even years. The House needs to extend unemployment benefits to millions of Americans right now, without attaching extraneous issues that are merely an attempt to score political points.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accused Republicans of following marching orders from billionaire conservative political donors Charles and David Koch in opposing the 2014 unemployment extension.

“Americans need a fair shot at getting back on their feet and finding work, but Koch-backed groups are actively opposing the extension of benefits for the long-term unemployed,” Reid said.

President Barack Obama also implored Republicans in the House to pass the measure, which got through the Senate 59-38, with six Senate Republicans bucking their party line and voting in favor of the unemployment extension, urging Boehner and other House GOP members to “put politics aside and help these hardworking, responsible Americans make ends meet and support their families as they look for a job.”

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92 Responses to “Unemployment Extension 2014 Finally Passes Senate, But House GOP To Stand in Way”

  1. Cynthia Dobbins

    This is just Boehner's last stand on his way out of office. He can read the writing on the wall. Shame that a man of his wealth would do all he could to make sure others suffer for the good of his political agenda. To think that almost three million American's are becoming homeless, losing their cars and not able to support their families is a travesty. If this is the best the republican party can do is use helpless people as pawns on a chess board it is a very sad day for this country. What was once the "Might United States of America" is being brought to it's knees by crooked politicans that are only concerned about themselves.

  2. Jackie Peebles

    I agree that jobs need to more "creation focus", but in the mean time due to government failures our economy is not recovering fast enough and jobs have been out of reach to so many people. It is our duty to take care of Americans first…extend the benefits and get busy creating job opportunities so people can have some hope and not feel like they are worthless.

  3. Gary Williams

    its ashame how this one man got more control then the president an makin peoples suffer because he can.these people need help right now not no plan on how he want to make jobs.yall fools better make sure you go vote him out

  4. Liz Beth Ann Redick

    How can I focus on job search with no internet, no gas money, and migraines from worrying how to not lose my car??

  5. Kisha Phillips

    It is sad to say but Boehner, is selfish, I don't know how he sleep at night knowing millions of americans is starving and losing the cars, and homes. do he know he cant send his wealth when he is in his grave. his grave is the same size as a poor people grave. he will have to answer to someone higher. ill will pray god have mercy on his soul. because he is heartless

  6. Cynthia Dobbins


    Contact John Boehner’s office until the phones are unplugged:
    John Boehner says the re-implementation will be “difficult”? Is that really the attitude you want to have towards long-term unemployed seeking jobs? Its “difficult” so give up?

    John Boehner
    Phone: (202) 225-0600
    (Press 1 to leave a message or 2 to speak with his assistant)

    Contact as many GOP House members as possibly and explain your situation. Under Bush they extended long-term unemployment and the unemployment rate was (lower) at the time of many of those extensions.


  7. Rhonda Osterman-Benoist

    I totally agree. …where is the magic pen..?

  8. Beverly Cheveallier Gisler

    this needs to be done before they o on there 2 week vacation how sad that the people have to suffer while Boehner vacations for 2 weeks while we struggle to eat shame n you shame on you extend extended unemployment benefits for the people that
    are hungry

  9. Bruce Coffey

    What people aren't seeing, is that the Republicans are telling the democrats to(;As The Speaker Said Months Ago, We Are Willing To Look At Extending Emergency Unemployment Insurance As Long As It Includes Provisions To Help Create More Private-sector Jobs — But, Last Week, Senate Democratic Leaders Ruled Out Adding Any Jobs Measures At All," Steel Said. " The American People Are Still Asking, 'where Are The Jobs?’ And House Republicans Are Focused On Our Jobs Agenda For Families And Small Businesses.)

  10. Bruce Coffey

    But, Last Week, Senate Democratic Leaders Ruled Out Adding Any Jobs Measures At All,

  11. Anonymous

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    If you prayed that prayer from your heart, congratulations!!! You are saved! Your name is now written in the Book of Life! Please now, read your Bible, and get into a Jesus-centered church so that you can learn what this wonderful decision encompasses. It is the greatest one of your life. God bless your souls. Amen.

  12. Sandra Jurs

    On hold right now, I will continue to call and leave message after message, let's all blow up this number and stick together.

  13. Bruce Coffey

    Democrats are at it again trying to blame the Republicans for not passing the extension but democrats wont give an inch to help with Job growth

  14. Sandra Jurs

    Bone head you are the most heartless person God could have put on this earth. Are you homeless, hungry, sick and wanting to buy your bottle tonight? Many of us are because we have worked all of our life and you are taking all the poor and making them poorer. Tell me how you can say the unemployment is down, when you can't even get statistics as we can't get on the site to apply. Do you really think you are going to put all these people back to work without helping them back on their feet. My husband is sick and can not even afford insurance with no income and my income is not enough to even pay for it. He has lost over 60 pounds and is diabetic with other medical problems and can not afford to purchase his meds, if anything happens to him I am putting it on your back. We have a grandson with a genetic cancer which we can not even help with his care anymore as we have depleted all our savings. His life span is teens. He is 8 years old now. He has Dyskeratosis Congentina. Of course that would not matter to you either because your heart is the size of a pea. I pray someday karma comes back to you!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dawn Bassett

    Boehner dont have to worry about anything he has money to pay bills put gas in a vehicle and food on the table… apparently us little people dont mean a thing to him,he only cares for him self.. i am one of those that lost the unemployment and i for one am not lazy ,i have looking for jobs ,but its hard when you dont have the money to travel very far to look…maybe boehner needs to live in our shoes ,bet he couldnt do it for a week.they are gonna use every tacktic to make sure they drag there feet and its not fair to us the people. i would say more but wont,boehner do the right thing and past the unemployment through theres people out there that have children and its not fair that they lose everything

  16. Cynthia Dobbins

    If these clowns were capable of creating jobs don't you think they would do it. It is just another of Boehner's excuses to use the unemployed for his political agenda.

  17. Cynthia Dobbins

    The time has come to gather the unemployed and their supporters to meet at Boehner's office in Ohio. What this situation needs most is the attention of the public eye. A gathering of a few thousand people at his office will get this some much needed attention. I am sure if we schedule it for a Friday we can gather many supporters to show up to support our cause. It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease … it has come our time to make some noise and be heard. Or we can just sit back and let Boehner control our destiny and watch as we lose everything.

  18. I NEED A JOB

    If Boehner doesn't bring this up for a vote before they go on yet ANOTHER RECESS on 4/11 that is just cruel! I've made an appointment with my House Rep because I want to prove I look for work everyday! I want to show them the 1300 resumes I've sent along with the fat pile of rejection letters I've received and then look right in my face and tell me why they think waiting 5 months for job creation is more helpful than helping almost 3 million Americans right now! People are SICK of the political games while we lose everything we worked for. Does the POTUS have to sign an exec order AGIN because Congress REFUSES to do their job?! Call your House Rep and schedule and appointment to get their explanation for refusing to help AMERICANS over the Ukraine! Boehner is just ignorant and is ruining the entire Republican party.

  19. I NEED A JOB

    If Boehner doesn't bring this up for a vote before they go on yet ANOTHER RECESS on 4/11 that is just cruel! I've made an appointment with my House Rep because I want to prove I look for work everyday! I want to show them the 1300 resumes I've sent along with the fat pile of rejection letters I've received and then look right in my face and tell me why they think waiting 5 months for job creation is more helpful than helping almost 3 million Americans right now! People are SICK of the political games while we lose everything we worked for. Does the POTUS have to sign an exec order AGAIN because Congress REFUSES to do their job?! Call your House Rep and schedule and appointment to get their explanation for refusing to help AMERICANS over the Ukraine! Boehner is just ignorant and is ruining the entire Republican party.

  20. I NEED A JOB

    Boehner office says he "won't bring bill up unless he has job creation". If he can invoke job creation overnight the same way he can invoke renewal of unemployment insurance than he's got something if not he needs to pass this extension and take the battle up again over the next 2 months. Its an election year and he is just making the Republicans look and sound like the heartless reps everyone says they are! Enough POLITICS! GET THIS PASSED BEFORE THE NEXT RECESS 4/11 and avoid blood and riots in the streets!

  21. I NEED A JOB

    Call the White House comment line and DEMAND a vote before they break on 4/11. 202-456-1111 POTUS can use his pen to do Boehner's job… AGAIN!

  22. I NEED A JOB

    I have already made an appointment with my House Rep because I want him to SEE my 1300 applications and 200 rejection letters then explain to me why sending money to the Ukraine is more important than AMERICANS! Call and schedule a face to face meeting to show them the unemployed are SERIOUS about getting OUR BENEFITS back! Boehner is not God, let's prove it to him! Once our local House Reps are flooded with face to face meeting requests maybe then they will do the right thing. They LOVE to talk about us but when it comes to FACING us they run like hell! Make an appointment with your House Rep TODAY!

  23. I NEED A JOB

    Why do we "let" him control us like that? Call your local House Rep and make a face to face appointment to explain WHY the Ukraine is more important than AMERICANS!

  24. I NEED A JOB

    Cynthia Dobbins Call the White House comment line and DEMAND a vote to pass HR3979 before they go on another break 4/11

  25. Bruce Coffey

    Cynthia Dobbins 1) you need to read the article. So do you think the democrats,are for job growth when they wont put anything in this Bill that would create jobs , all they want to do is give the money away for free. Is that what our country has came down to. Live off the government for the rest of your lives

  26. James Morillo

    I feel so disgusted today that I need to rant. The Republican view on the cause of the 2008-2009 financial crisis is that a bunch of “hippies” all gathered in the woods one day and decided to quit their jobs and stop paying their mortgages. They want you to ignore the fact that Wall Street “paper shufflers” were using crude financial engineering techniques that tried to squeeze 15% returns on mortgages that were simply paying 8%. Sounds like a simple pyramid scheme to me, but on an unbelievably large scale. They sold these ‘pyramid scheme’ mortgages, cut them up, and sold more until the pyramid tumbled down and caused one of the greatest recessions this country has ever experienced. The Wall Street people made HUGE profits. What does the US Government do? It immediately starts to lending to these Wall Street casinos. HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS! The Federal Reserve is still printing HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars a year to lend to these WALL STREET CASINOS! These are the SAME CASINOS who are calling the Americans families who were devastated by this crises MOOCHERS! So what about the American people who LOST TRILLIONS of dollars in housing values, lost their jobs, lost their livelihoods, and are barely crawling back to put their lives back together? What about these people, Speaker Bohener? Your solution is to STEP ON THEIR THROATS! Tell those hippies who caused the recession to GET A JOB. YOU DISGUST ME, Mr. Speaker. JUST BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE AS MUCH MONEY AS SOME OF YOUR DONORS, WE CAN STILL VOTE YOU AND ALL OF YOUR CRONIES OUT OF OFFICE! Bring the UI bill to the floor Mr. Speaker!

  27. Penny Keller

    I could not say it better. It was such a hard winter in the northeast. Just trying to survive the cold was hard. I am so hoping with the warm up that the jobs will open up. But for now god help us we need the help NOW NOW BOEHNER not when you are failing to get re elected because if you dont help use now, do you think we would ever allow someone like you to keep control over millions of lives. Help before its too LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Cynthia Dobbins

    There is more truth to this persons statement than you know. How do people who are put in a bad situation get out of it … usually by doing something they would not normally do, like stealing. If you don't think that many of those who were cut off from their emergency unemployment compensation turned to crime to feed their families you are dead wrong. This is taking place daily all around us. What do you do when you come home to crying starving children and you are threatened to be put out in the streets through eviction? You do what you have to in order to keep your family alive. Boehner is worth $6,000,000.00 in accordance with the Huffington Post. Do you think he could care less about any one of us … NO he is only concerned with himself and his political agenda.

  29. Penny Keller

    Bruce Coffey They are asking for the help that has been denied for months the decisions on other issues can be done later.

  30. Bruce Coffey

    This(I need a job)FB profile has to be a democrat that doesn't read everything in an Article, I guess he or she reads what they want to read in the articles

  31. Bruce Coffey

    Penny Keller you have to give to receive, but the Dems dont want to give even a little

  32. Cynthia Dobbins

    In regards to making individual personal appointments, I believe if we all show up be it at Boehner's office or the White House it will get us noticed in the public eye. We need the assistance of the media to get the desired results and a large gathering of unhappy people will get the media involved. A Friday is the perfect day as there are many supporters of those on unemployment who will turn out to support us in this fight against our own country that has turned it's back on us.

  33. Susan Smith-Coffey

    Federal unemployment extensions have been around since when? 2008? It has to stop at some point. The keystone pipeline would create many jobs, but the Democrats would rather give more and more and more instead of giving people the opportunity to help themselves.

  34. Glenda Dunlap

    Yes, and he ( Boehner) just bought a $500,000 in Fl. He should be ashamed of his self, Don't know how he sleeps at night. He has to go !!

  35. Cynthia Dobbins

    Bruce Coffey, what words of wisdom do you think the republicans can attach to HR3979 that will actually create jobs in the real world? Can you not see that this is just another case of Boehner getting back at Obama for him pushing ObamaCare through. Like I keep saying we need to rally our troops (the unemployed and their supporters) and show up at Boehner's office for a "Surprise Party" and not the kind he wants. The time is now to stop allowing Boehner to bully this country with his political agenda. He was put in office by the people and he will be removed by them too. For any of you that voted republican … you asked for this mess. A vote for the republican party is like putting a nail in your own coffin. God bless this country, it isn't what it used to be.

  36. Bruce Coffey

    Cynthia Dobbins and by the way so you know my unemployment ran out 3 weeks ago and I didn't even get a chance to get all those tiers y'all have gotten but I'm not blaming someone that is trying to better people, instead of them being on welfare for the rest of their lives . Where are the democrats trying to produce jobs ? Their not and all they are trying to do is to play people as fools to get them re elected. At least the Republicans want the Key Stone pipe line which would create so many jobs that at least the economy would start to turn around . As long as the Democrats are in office this country is doomed to socialism

  37. Karin Barone

    Actually I do not work at Methodist I've been unemployed since March/2013

  38. Teresa Simmons

    I think they have taken off 3 weeks since Jan with another 2 weeks coming up. Wth !!!! People are living in their cars and stealing food while they are off on their yachts, while they make millions a year. Wish I had that job or any job for that matter. I got laid off 15 mos ago and have sent hundreds of resumes with a response of 3 interviews with no success. Don't know what the future holds. I just keep praying !!!!

  39. Erik Mullins

    boehner is a piece of shit, thats why republicans will never get my vote. i want a job but i cant afford to look for one. and boehners sorry ass gets paid and everytime we turn around they are on recess. i hope that one day he needs so help from unemployment. its a shame that people who want to work cant find a job and cant get unemployment but all these lazy people on welfare have nothing to worry about getting checks and foodstampd free phones and get their bills paid

  40. Rosemarie Calabrese

    John Boehner is a DOUCHE, what does he care about the american people the rich PRICK

  41. Anthony Dellaventura

    Boehner and the Koch's ( Charles and David ) BURN for eternity! Elitist pigs,no compassion for the the average man trying to make ends, feed his family,and live day to day, maybe in another life they will pay !! I doublt it but one can only hope!!

  42. Tiffany R Miller

    I am extremely upset that I was offered a chance to return to college bc I couldn't find employment after 6 months and I was never told that the offer the receive unemployment during this time, was part of the extension. I waited until the end of my 6 months because I've been to college and I still felt that I could be taking the offer, when someone else could benefit more. I didn't received grants, I had to accept loans. I now have a new debt of $20,000 after two semesters of college. I went to an approved college and was told that I no longer had to include search requirements bc of this. I offered the information to UE that confirmed enrollment in college and I was told that they do not ask for proof, they just take your word that you telling the truth. Why wouldn't they check into these records, stop taking benefits from those that need it and punish those that are frauds or check the information before it is approved period. Now, now do I continue school without income and graduate with double what i have already paid in student loans? Do I drop out, get a job, and eat the money I already have in student loans? Surely this is not concerning to the politicians.

  43. Abdul Hassan

    Bruce Coffey Of course you will, you've already proven here time and again your severe lack of critical thinking skills. And to be frank, you're not exactly a shining example of the lowly and dying republican party. I would suggest to you that you actually do more harm than good for your party…So keep it up, keep posting misinformed, highly opinionated, and worthless posts, each incendiary post from a neanderthal like you likely unwittingly costs your side votes.

    Well done, lemming.

  44. Abdul Hassan

    You look pretty stupid when you post something you know nothing about. Educate yourself on the process before wasting your time and making a fool of yourself.


  45. Bobby C. Ilaria

    plain an simple this is all led by the Koch brothers. America is led by the few[WEALTHY] and BONER!!! will vote the way they tell him.Its ashame that one person[Boehner] can make millions suffer.He needs to be out of office.

  46. Bobby C. Ilaria


  47. Bobby C. Ilaria


  48. Sylvia Kelly

    We all know that BOEHNER do not care about the people unless you are RICH OR HE WANTS SOMETHING FROM IT, he says he will not pass a bill unless it has job creation but is not putting any input on how to create these jobs I feel that there pay should be cut since they are not doing the job that they are being paid thousand to do. They are about to go on a 2 week paid vacation while others are losing there homes, cant put food on the table. BUT IT ALL BALLS DOWN TO THEY DONT CARE THIS IS A SAD COUNTRY BECAUSE ALL THEY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES.

  49. David Albergo

    I cannot understand logic that penalizes the long term unemployed and uses them as leverage to force a group of elitist government representatives (loosely used term) to create a bill that will DO NOTHING FOR ANYONE. Our country is doomed.

  50. William Chamberlin

    Bobby C. Ilaria – Just for achieving the office of Speaker of the House He receives a Lifelong annual salary of $ 275,00 per year and a Secret Service detail for life as well. This man has No reason to show compassion. Voting him out of office is inconsequential !

  51. Don Bridgman

    Bobby C. Ilaria not for nothing, but why would the Koch's care about unemployment benefits? The article throws the Koch's name in there to rile people up.

  52. Connie Norrell Griffis

    I do not understand how a 5 month bill can create new jobs! Creating new jobs should be one done on it's own. Isn't there a branch in our government that focuses on creating jobs? Like, bringing jobs back to our country instead of overseas. This bill will NOT pass! It is a shame that our Government has turned it's back on their people. It has been ridiculous to see the "Keystone Cop" antics our "elite" government officials have taken with this bill that is so important to millions. It is a travesty that the meaning of our Constitution has been torn to shreds and ground into the floor of our Senate! Shame on the ones we chose to look out for our best interests instead of feathering their pockets.

  53. Anonymous

    I'm I living in The United States of America or North Korea??

  54. Scott Smith

    Boehner wanting to have a bill that would help create jobs is all well and good, but most of these people have been laid off with no income at all coming in since last Dec. How does he expect them to go out to interviews when they cant put gas in their cars or in some cases even pay for the car insurance to keep their vehicles on the road? It should seem obvious to him that these arent people looking to "work the system" had there been jobs availiable wouldnt you think they would jump at anything rather than be for the most part flat broke since they havent received anything fom unemployment in all this time?

  55. Gina Marie Geary

    Just pass the bill already these poor people need this NOW !! They wonder why there are so many homeless people!!! Boehner don't care he is rich and has it all this doesn't effect him!!! I think THE PRESIDENT SHOULD OVERRIDE HIM!!!

  56. James Timcoe

    With the way our government is set up, the president can NOT over ride congress. Executive Orders are not laws. They were intended to make policy changes in the departments that report to the executive branch only. An expense, which has to be paid for by tax revenue from those of us who are still working, must originate in the House of Representatives. Which is why Boehner hasn't taken it up. But where is this additional money supposed to come from? I understand that times are tough, but the people affected by this have had 99+ weeks of unemployment. That is just under 2 years. Are you trying to say that these people couldn't find ANY source of income in that time? People need to stop being picky when applying for work, and take whatever job they can get. The problem with extreme long term government funded handouts like this, is that it removes the will and want to work. Why would they go out and work, when they can sit on their ass and watch Jersey Shore or Dancing with the Stars and get money for it? I am personally sick of getting raped in taxes every payday, just to pay for some freeloaders to sit on their ass. If I am paying for someone else to live, they better get their collective asses over to my house and pick up a rake or start the lawnmower. I have 2 acres of land they can take care of to EARN my money.

  57. Jeffrey Schuyler

    You guys are a lot nicer than me with boehner playing god and obama scared to do anything about him being a terrorist I want the speaker dead not out of office but in the ground he is not only hurting me but he's hurting my child to. Binladan killed 3,000 people during 9/11 and we killed his ass for it the speaker of the house is trying to kill millions he needs the same fate I vote we kill him for being a terrorist

  58. Anonymous


  59. Gina Marie Geary

    James there are people like my mom that have worked 50+ yrs with same company and the job ends for one reason or another and they are having a real hard time finding jobs and it also depends on what State you live so yes this needs to pass !! I will not debate this with you!! Have a nice day

  60. John Winters

    Help us Americans get back our lifes back and appove emergency unemployment compensation for all that needs its countries help

  61. Thomas Solimini

    Thanks a lot Boehner! I have been looking for a job the last year. NO ONE WILL HIRE A 60 YEAR OLD! When are you going to get that through you F…ing head. I am ashamed to be a republican. Well not anymore. You F….. your own people. You can get all the jobs you want. But I will say it once more.NO ONE WILL HIRE A 60 YEAR OLD. When are you and the rest of the republicans going to get this through your heads. It must be nice raking in all that money and screwing over us. You all are a worthless piece of S…!

  62. Jim Carley

    I'm right behind you. People around me have helped me out but they can't pitch-in much longer. Every month I'm scrounging NOT TO BE HOMELESS! I've put out so many resumes and have heard nothing back. Day after day the rejection gets harder and harder. Wake up BOEHNER WE NEED HELP!

  63. Valery LaRochelle-Puszka

    Need a job! If my benefits weren't cut I could of paid my car insurance, which would of kept my car legal so I could continue to take classes to further my training to get a new better job. Instead I lost my dl, and can't pay 2 have it restored…which the court then wants to put me in jail or pay a fine… I have 2 kids.. No car… No licence….no job….. Idiots… How do you dig yourself out of a hole when the government cut off your life line. I wasn't making much from ui but it was enough to keep my car legal. We suffer pay cuts! Life line cuts, but I bet that 2 week vacation that government took was nice right? While myself and kids father who is a construction worker also lost his unemployment figure out how mommy isn't going 2 jail because we can't pay for reinstatement of her licence because mommy wanted a better job. I understand what is my fault. Class was 45 mins away by car… Buses didn't go there. Training….feed kids. See a brighter future? "………homeless? Jobless! All 2 better myself. Starting to think more and more how much of a joke this crap is.

  64. Valery LaRochelle-Puszka

    He sleeps just fine… And even better now that he is on vacation…. He walks past the broke and broken, goes into his office, then leaves past the broke and broken….but I bet if he put change in the tip jar he thinks he made a difference! While the rest of us try 2 get a job and keep even the small things or pay for medication when our family of 4 couldn't afford medication when all 4 of us got the flu in jan. Thank you government. Tell your 9 yr old I'm sorry honey you have 2 suffer. Let me stop now before I relive the some of the worst times of my life while I'm still living them, he he goes to bed in his comfortable bed with not a care except where 2 take his next vacation…. Sorry kids Easter Bonny isn't stopping here this year. He got lost in government bull!

  65. Sandy Milligan

    If Mr. Boehner thinks its okay to survive on no income, then he needs to get his ass fired and try to live on nothing. After working for over 40 years and getting laid off from my job, my unemployment has just run out. Bad enough of having more than 1/2 of my wages cut to 46% of what I normally earned working. This government does not care about the American people anymore, only their own pockets. The other factor is that age is aan opposibg issue to a job. Being 55 and seeking work is just unreal, and what upsets me more is finishing a Bachelor's Degree in Business Managemet of Science with a 3.4 GPA and can't find work……how sad is that, yet our government official are getting a decent pay, paid health/dental/life insurance which will continue for them at no cost out of their pockets, and keep their wages. Now what is fair in any of this. That ass better vote that in or more will be homeless or living with other family members that cant afford to take them in. Our government really does suck. Quit sending the jobs overseas and keep them here so the country can necome prosperous again, and quit donating millions and billions of dollars to countries that need to stand on their own feet just as we used to do. Shame on the government and president for not taking care of the needs here first.

  66. Karen Billings

    James Timcoe , I happen to love going to work … I am 55 almost 56 I have put Hundreds of apps out there with resume's . i follow up . I cant say for sure its my age but darn it I have never in my life had difficulty picking up a job till now. I use to work 2 jobs when I was younger. Praise God you have a job and aren't looking . Its not easy. My electric is being shut off on the 17th . My phone has 9 more days … Its not a fancy phone its old and its a straight talk. I live a humble life and I still cant make it. I will be unemployed for 1 year as of may 26th . On a good note I do have an interview tomorrow morning. So with a lotta luck and gods will I hope to be employed. James I wish you the very best and hope you never need to be on unemployment. its not something I want to make a career of. I would be happy to mow your grass :)

  67. James Timcoe

    Karen, first let me say good luck on your interview tomorrow! My main issue was with people that aren't trying to better their situation. Too many people just sit on their butt and take the government for everything it will give them. Most of the people I have seen that have been out of work for the full allotted time, have not done anything to better themselves or their situation. They wait until the "benefits" are getting cancelled to start saying "well, I haven't had enough time…" That is what my issue is with. As I said, I understand that times are tough right now. The job market is flooded with people that shouldn't have lost their jobs to begin with. For that I blame government as a whole, but I won't get into my hatred of lawmakers from both parties. No, I am not unemployed nor have I been unemployed in almost 7 years, after spending 9 years on active duty in the Army. I have spent my life, for the last 25+ years learning how to repair everything mechanical. Which is why I am employed today. I know what it is like to have to deal with government programs. Growing up my mom worked 2-3 jobs at a time to make sure we could keep our federally subsidized housing. I remember when there was the funny money food stamps, and government cheese. Back in the days that my family needed the assistance, there was a level of embarrassment that came with having to use food stamps to pay for food, or to say you got a welfare check. Being ashamed actually made people try harder to get away from the handouts. Now people are using it like a status symbol. I only put my family's history out there to show that I am not some privileged child that doesn't know what he is talking about. I have seen both sides of the coin, and what I grew up with has been my motivation to succeed. I refuse to have my son experience what I grew up with.

  68. Allan Murphy

    its not funny when the gop want to help immigrants more than real americans guess i will vote for democrats again …….

  69. Anonymous

    Please sign the white house petition I just created!! To put an END to long recesses in Congress when Americans are suffering:

    Please post this on all your facebook pages and get it out to your friends. 150 votes are needed in order for the petition to even be seen by other petitioners on the white house site.

  70. Mark Mattia

    now, once again in recess for Easter. These jerk offs will drag this out thru 5/6/2014 (election day) and then it will completely go away, never to pass. Rep. and Dem. both should be held accountable. This is all choreographed politics on both sides. They should not be held in high standard as they are the deceptive, money grabbing, self serving scum of this country.

  71. Anonymous

    I have called an called oh yes i got a call back from a ass. who told me im sorry! well i have done lost my house,car, me an my 14 yr old son had to move in with daughter. while they are on their vac that i will never get, my son b-day is coming up an he will get no present because there is no money.. my daughter is 19 an has a son to take care of already an i am ashamed to have to ask for help. i have work an paid my taxes ever since i have been 16 im 50 now. i never thought in my wildest dream i would be here at 50 yrs old. so while the they are gone on vac. im wondering how can i get inprove my life,UNEMPLOYMENT HELL NO EVEN THOU I HAVE PAID FOR IT ALL MY LIFE!!!!!

  72. Shaunda Moore

    If Boehner things that not bringing back unemployment extension is for the best all he is doing is creating for more Homeless Family's that have no where to go but the streets. If he thinks this is a lot if money for people he is wrong it barely keeps your head above water. Now it is 4/19/14 and yet they get a vacation so that places it in hold again!! I want Boehner to lose his job and get on unemployment and have it cut and no job and no where to go. Do you think he will change his mind? Of course he would!!!! He has no idea what it is like!!! The job market sucks For every job you apply for there us some many people apply for it as well and there is someone that will do it for less!!!

  73. Linda Preston

    I don't know what is wrong with you people But my husband can't seem to get a Job because of His Age I think You guys need to let us poor people have the unemployment back on Because we Don't have any money to pay our Bills Right Now please do the Right thing and let us millions of people have it Back

  74. Ben Lampson

    @Valery, I don't have a political opinion one way or another, but I am a supporter of personal responsibility, and my opinion on that is, don't have children if you know you can't afford them.

  75. Ben Lampson

    @Thomas. No one will hire a 60 year old? Or you won't take a job that pays under $40k a year? I am 47 years old, and after taxes I bring home $30k, and easily make my mortgage payment.

  76. Thomas Solimini

    I will take anything Ben. But no one will give me a chance. Every thing I have I own. I was a responsible person, paying my bills on time. That's my ace in the hole having everything paid OFF. I will take any position. I have even applied to the county where I live for a janitors job and they say I'm not qualified. COME ON! I have applied to many minimum wage jobs and nothing.

  77. Ben Lampson

    Tom, please excuse my abrasive reply. I have talked to many men and women in our age bracket that say the same thing you posted, and when I can direct them to a job like mine, they say 'What are you nuts? I need $100k a year so I can pay my $1,000,000 mortgage and put my 5 kids through med school'……LOL…..So I ask them… $0 income is better than 40k? I am a AAA roadside technician. Best job I have ever had. I have made more money in other jobs, but the healthcare plan alone saves me $150 a week. My healthcare cost me $15 a week working for AAA. Log on to, and go to careers on the site. AAA is always looking. What state do you live in? If you would like to contact me directly,

  78. Valery LaRochelle-Puszka

    I am in agreement 1000 percent. Dont have kids unless u can afford them! My problem when I had them I could afford them….. I wanted a dozzen! But hard times hit. I didnt due what some might..
    I know many that started young and didnt stop…. death of a child and loss of what seemed like a career seemed great…… before u pass a judgement so harsh understand I am not asking for free money persay… I could go rouge and become awelfare person… i am not people on welfare or users( sounds like it though right) I was simply stating through no fault of my own I lost my job and while on unemployment and going through training, then my husband losing his job.. it hurts an actual working family trying to make inprovements.
    But I agree if u cant afford dont have… u must not have kids… or u have a cushy job….

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