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Why Would Undertaker Lose To Brock Lesnar At Wrestlemania 30?

Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar

Monday was quite busy with arguments and conspiracy theories on Undertaker’s coveted “Streak” ending at Wrestlemania XXX. The multitude of shocked expressions on fan’s faces (as well as the commentators, Paul Heyman, and the “Beast Incarnate” himself – though they are acting), tells the story best. However, the WWE Universe is simply asking why Lesnar? Why now?

It was already reported, here on The Inquisitr, that the plan for Undertaker to lose to Brock Lesnar started back at UFC 121. The words they exchanged probably had to do with the one Wrestlemania moment we saw last night. But is there more to why Undertaker lost to Lesnar? Well here are the top reasons why Undertaker may have lost last night. Some are directly relative to Brock Lesnar, some are general. However, being a Wrestling Fan for over 25 years, there will be a lot of insight incorporated. Also, a lot of the details below are summarized too.


#1 – Undertaker Wants To Retire

This has been relevant with Undertaker losing at a Wrestlemania for the longest time. He started his career back in the 1990 Survivor Series meaning he’s been wrestling for almost a quarter of a century! I believe that’s enough time to wrestle and he deserves the choice to retire. Top it off that in real life, he has three daughters and a beautiful wife (The 1st Divas Champion, Michelle McCool), he may want to spend more time with his family.

Also, if Undertaker were to win, fans would expect him to return next year, and the year after that, and so on. Even if they did a “retirement show” on the RAW after Wrestlemania – if Taker were to win I mean – fans would hope and expect Undertaker to “come out of retirement” for one more match at Wrestlemania. That’s just how we, the WWE Universe, works. We still want Shawn Micheals to come out of retirement for one more match!

#2 – Undertaker Is Too Old With Too Many Injuries

I know some fans will not like hearing this but Undertaker is just one year from breaking 50. The match last night was slower than usual and it seems that both age and injuries caught up with “The Deadman”. With a long career comes age and numerous injuries. At certain times in his career, Undertaker was out. This includes a groin injury (Right before he came back as a biker), elbow injury, and hip injuries. They all stack up. Add in advanced age and it does not do Undertaker any favors. It also doesn’t help that Undertaker suffered a neck injury during the match too.

In cooperation with #1, Undertaker showed his age and injuries simply by how he executed his moves. He seemed to struggle walking on the rope for “Old School”. He also seemed to struggle in lifting Brock Lesnar for The Last Ride. This is my opinion, but I think his Tombstone to Lesnar was a lot higher than usual to protect Brock from landing on his head due to his sapped strength. Usually, Undertaker would be stong enough to hold wrestlers tightly so they wouldn’t get injured during a Tombstone Piledriver, but still be low enough to “sell” it as a legit contact. The space between Brock’s head and the canvas was easily visible on television.

#3 – Brock Lesnar Can Take Care Of The Undertaker In A Match

All you have to do is watch the match last night to see that Brock Lesnar was a perfect choice, as in taking care of the Undertaker. If you noticed, a lot of high-impact wrestling moves weren’t used. Even Lesnar’s F-5s and Belly-To Back suplexes were “low impact”. Also, with points #1 & 2, Undertaker may have a not-on-purpose issue of sandbagging. When wrestlers execute moves, the initiator and the receiver work together to make the move work. Whenever a wrestler receiving a move makes it difficult for the wrestler executing the move – such as making their body a dead weight – it is known as sandbagging. Lesnar is strong enough to handle Undertaker in that case.

#4 – Brock Lesnar Can Do #3 Without Suffering Himself

This is a very important part of why Lesnar is perfect for #3. When it comes to the “sandbag” issues, there are some wrestlers who have the experience and/or strength to handle it. For example, Mark Henry and Big Show could probably handle Undertaker if he were to sandbag. However, they don’t have the stamina to last in a long match. Brock has the strength, stamina, and on-screen character to be the man who should end Undertaker’s streak, which leads to…

#5 – Brock Lesnar Can Take The Heat From Fans

Brock Lesnar is a heel and his character revels in being booed. This point was actually brought up by fellow Inquisitr Wrestling writer, Joe Burgett, and it makes a lot of sense. Being that Brock is already over as a heel, why not enforce it by having him beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania? Lesnar is also a man who has been booed for the majority of his career, especially in UFC. I am sure he can take the heat from fans…not as well as Team 3D back in ECW, but still.

#6 – Pushing Younger Talent Isn’t A Guarantee

Just because younger talent may have potential, doesn’t mean the push will be to the company’s benefit. Whenever the WWE does such a move, they are hoping to at least bank more than two years from the wrestler. Good example of case and point: Brock Lesnar in his prime. Let’s go back a little ways down memory lane when Brock Lesnar was first on the scene in the WWE. He looked a lot bigger, had no neck because his shoulders were super-massive, and he looked more intimidating back then compared to now. One of the matches that cemented the career of “The Beast Incarnate” was Brock Lesnar versus Kurt Angle back at Wrestlemania XIX. It was well-executed and Brock showed off his athleticism in ways a “big guy” like him shouldn’t have, especially with the Shooting Star Press (though it was botched).

Then next year, Brock Lesnar left the company after he lost a very disappointing match against Goldberg. So much for “The Next Big Thing” back then right? In short, younger talent isn’t always the way to go. The wrestles that needs to be pushed are younger talent that are established in both in-ring ability and career longevity.

#7 – Having Someone “More Than A Common Man” Beat Undertaker Makes Sense

The promotional video for Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker was good enough to express this point. Earlier, I wrote an article on who should end Undertaker’s Streak, prior to Undertaker losing I mean. It has to be someone who “goes beyond” a regular streak match. Brock Lesnar was just another card in the streak, but he was advertised as someone who is “more than a regular man”. For storyline purposes, it makes sense to have someone who isn’t like the other “regular” competitors beat Undertaker. If Bray Wyatt won against John Cena, he would have probably been the best wrestler to go against The Streak. He’d even probably be the “favorite” to win too.

#8 – Undertaker Versus Sting At Wrestlemania XXXI Is Now A Surprise

For most people, if Undertaker were to win against Brock Lesnar last Sunday, then the dream match of Undertaker versus Sting would be favorable for the Streak, especially since the rumor is that Sting signed up for just one match. Now that Undertaker’s streak is broken, his match against Sting will be a surprise. Now, nobody is sure who will win. This will add to the hype and build for the showdown for next year…if it happens I mean.


So what do you all think? Do these reasons make sense on why Undertaker would lose to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX? Take note that most of it is from fan insight and discussions on the wrestling boards. Still, being a lifelong fan that has watched wrestling with very little hiatuses in between, these reasons probably make the most sense.

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10 Responses to “Why Would Undertaker Lose To Brock Lesnar At Wrestlemania 30?”

  1. Jason Ensor

    Inviting sting to the WWE is not the way to patch up for the mistake and I mean mistake that they made here. Because for the last few years WWE has tied the streak to the undertaker and his career was the dumbest thing to do if they ever thought end it. Now they have put a black mark on his career that you cannot help but look at it and noticed, not to mention that no one really does want to watch is WrestleMania matches anymore because I don't mean really anything. All they are is a good match. WWE needs to correct this decision because it has by far angered the majority of their fans in the WWE Universe and their ratings are plummeting. They need to have Brock Lesnar come back and try to take the undertakers career and in doing so that his win in victor, and have him lose in order to have him give back his victory and nullify the 1. That needs to be done.

  2. Jan Omega

    Cengiz, I too didn't want the Streak to end. I am just understanding why it ended. Personally, I was screaming at the television screen after Taker was pinned.

  3. Jan Omega

    Jason, I honestly hoped that Undertaker would retire at Survivor Series. I mean, that's the pay-per-view he started at. However, I will always remember that my favorite wrestler went twenty-one straight victories at the Grandest Stage of them all.

    I will also admit that I would have been fine if Undertaker lost against either Randy Orton (Wrestlemania 21) or Edge (Wrestlemania 24) because their matches meant something more than just another streak match. Orton was Legend vs. Legend Killer and Edge was Streak vs. Streak.

  4. Nikki Michaelsvoice Lemmon

    I think its stupid he shouldn't of lost no matter if he wanted to retire or not if he didn't want to come back every year to fight at wrestlemania the fans would of understood but to take something so special from someone like taker was just stupid an they have no brains we the fans are understanding we understand if a wrestler wants to retire. an brock? please if this was to happen it should of been someone who he had history with not some idiot that has come an gone 2 times. he isn't even a wrestler brock is a no body in this business an pau heyman is a jerk wwe always had issues respecting their greatest talent taker is untouchable an it should of been left alone in fact wwe should make things right an mark it off the list as a lost an taker should get his dues he is the best in the business which they use loosely

  5. Phil Craig

    The WWE is so weak it's unbelievable, how do you people pay to watch fake fighting. Lesnar would dummy anyone in this company, he's already proved himself in a real sport

  6. Tim Barker

    I think people forget he is old school. It's. NOT about him, money, or fame. About doing the right thing. WWE gave him a job, future & money. Others said he'd never amount to anything. Same ppl offered him huge $$$ a few years later. Had to be a slap in the face, when he said no. He knows/understands the business very well. Someone gave him a chance when noone else would. He returned the respect, by giving them a new great character, in Brock. I personally am displeased with the outcome. I don't like Brock, or the way he treated the company, or its personnel. My RESPECT for MARK CALLAWAY is greater then the UNDERTAKER CHARACTER. Anyone who's ever been to my house can vouch for my favorite character of all time is The UNDERTAKER.

  7. Hasem Mahfoudh

    It was so good if wwe wasn't so greedy and just made the end of an era match is the finale match.. that way they kept undertaker's legacy. And gave him a respected retirement..

    Because all taker's legacy was about the streak.. and by takung it then wgat left to him to be proud of? Specially after he lost the title "favorite deamon" to kane.

    Wwe could let any one but kind of same level superstar like lesnar to won.. it looks like when two nemises and finally one proved that he is better than the other, but if that lost came by new rising superstar it would beuch better for tsker's name

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