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Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar Results At WWE WrestleMania 30: Everyone Is Shocked The Streak Is Over

Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar

The Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar has shocked everyone with the way it ended the streak, leaving Paul Heyman speechless which is quite an achievement. This is a huge, huge deal all the way back to the UFC pay-per-view where Undertaker was in the crowd just as a pedestrian and he and Brock had that stare down sort of outside of the wrestling circle.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, we predicted The Undertaker’s streak might be broken but quite frankly the way it happened surprised us, as well. We were hoping that Sting might have showed up near the end as a surprise twist but it’s obvious that won’t happen since they’ve already moved onto the Divas.

The long-awaited Brock, Undertaker match. Obviously, they wrestled back in 2002, but no one really remembers that particular match. There’s a reason why the WWE was advertising this match as the beast versus the streak, since he was 21 to 0. The intro for both wrestlers emphasized this fact the entire way. Heyman gave this long speech talking about how Lesnar was there to beat the streak. The long Undertaker intro, on the other hand, emphasized the graves of all the other wrestlers, from Triple H to CM Punk.

There were multiple times where we thought Undertaker was about to put Lesnar down. The Undertaker used hell’s gate multiple times in a row and it once seemed like Lesnar might tap out. Later on The Undertaker was caught by the arm and it seemed like he would be forced to tap out himself but Taker managed to pull a reverse that shocked all the WWE fans in the room. Still, even a back-to-back tombstone was not enough to put the beast down and eventually Brock managed to reverse one tombstone, turning it into an F-5 that finished the match.

But now that the Undertaker has lost the crowd just stared as Brock Lesnar lumbered off the battle field. It’s like they did not know how to react. While know one has yet to say the word “retirement” it’s obvious that this is what is being set up. At one point The Undertaker attempted a Last Ride but it’s obvious how old he’s getting since he could not even lift Lesnar over his head all the way. All the writers at The Inquisitr watching WrestleMania 30 felt that even compared to last year The Undertaker seemed about 20 to 30 percent slower. But we gotta admit… even though the match was slow it was quite intense and I’m sure it’ll be talked about for years to come.

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18 Responses to “Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar Results At WWE WrestleMania 30: Everyone Is Shocked The Streak Is Over”

  1. Antonia Leyba

    Something is up with this. Either it was an accident or they had to promise Sting a victory in order to sign him for next year and Vince didn't want a WCW guy ending the streak.

  2. Anonymous

    He should have been retired as a champion with the streak intract,instead like the hit man they ruined it.

  3. Samadi Weerakoon

    This isnt right at all…a legacy has been destroyed…he shouldve held onto his title and retires…so not cool :-(

  4. Craig Dobbin

    The ending looked like a mistake no music delayed reaction from heyman and lesnar I think taker just quit … maybe vince didnt want this well we will never know

  5. Bran Jegan

    Bro….Undertaker Appeared only on 22 WM matches out of the 30…He won 21…Lost his last match yesterday to Lesner….The streak is over…

  6. Beth McLaughlin Leichliter

    Imagine that just like with Bret " the hitman " Hart the undertaker Got the "McMahon screw job"

  7. Gus Burton

    This is exactly why WWE is a dying business. I admit I have barely watched WWE in years, but this just proved me right in doing so. Undertaker's streak was one of the last few things remaining in the business and they could have left it in tact. But if it had to end, they could have had it be someone as legendary as he was and who he's had multiple feuds with….like Kane(my number one pick) , HHH, or Shawn Michaels.

    The worst part of this is them ending the streak at the hands of Brock Lesnar- someone who has been as disloyal to the company as one could be.

  8. Billy Shanks

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon u just made the biggest mistake in WWE history u let the Undertaker lose at WM 30 is u high cause u losing alot of WWE fan cause of the undertaker and on top of that u let brock lesnar end the streak u better of letting Shawn Michaels finished the streak or John Cena WWE is dead

  9. Anthony Valkosak

    This kind of loss is all the more I pull away from watching pro wrestling. Of all people, Lesnar to be the one to destroy the streak. This should have never happened.

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