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WWE’s CM Punk And AJ Lee Engagement Rumors Confirmed

AJ Lee proposal

In what may come as a shock to many, it seems that the man formally known as CM Punk may be truly buying into what he claimed about retirement from the squared circle. Rumors were swirling recently that he asked his girlfriend and WWE Diva AJ Lee to marry him. The rumors didn’t seem more than such for a long time.

A few AJ Lee fan pages on Facebook and other social media outlets claimed that Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter fame confirmed the report. Dave is well known for being one of the best pro-wrestling insiders in the world. If anyone would know something on a wrestling talent, it’d probably be Mr. Meltzer.

It would be easy to drop his name right now and get more news trending on CM Punk, who is already a hot topic for websites. However, to say something about an engagement? That would take some confirmation. Then, WWE RAW happened. In AJ Lee’s match, a ring could be seen on her ring finger, proving the rumor to be true at least from at least thought. Then Dave came out on his radio show to say it as well.

Now the rumor is, in fact, true. AJ Lee and CM Punk are engaged. A date is not set and no knows if AJ Lee will be leaving any time soon. Some have wondered, with CM Punk and AJ Lee now engaged, will that bring CM Punk back to WWE? It’s not a bad idea to think about of course as we’ve seen this a lot with talent.

The Bella Twins were dating Daniel Bryan and John Cena respectfully. As a result, they came back to WWE after an absence so they could be with them more. AJ Lee is 27 and has no past injury issues of major value to speak of, so it’s doubtful the current Diva’s Champion will be leaving the WWE any time soon when she is in her prime and could make a lot more money when she signs a new deal.

CM Punk is 35, so he is older and far more beat up in comparison. So it would make sense that he would want to take time off. That being said though, with AJ being in WWE it would make sense that he would want to be around with her. His contract ends this summer and it could be possible that we see CM Punk back, but on one condition.

WWE would have to allow him to be part time. This would allow him to be back for say, 6 months, then off 6 months. It would allow him to work to be with AJ, but also allow him time off to heal and refocus. Rumors state that CM Punk could very well be at WrestleMania 30. If he is only there for AJ, it would be a way for him to get conversations going with management. It could have been the plan all along for him to be at WrestleMania in some sort of role. Who knows?

I am happy for AJ Lee and CM Punk. It’s sad to see one of the hottest Divas in the WWE taken off the board, but at the same time, she is marrying the person she loves. At least all the male fans of AJ can take solace in this fact. Yet we will still be upset. If it brings CM Punk back, I think fans might be behind it more so.

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10 Responses to “WWE’s CM Punk And AJ Lee Engagement Rumors Confirmed”

  1. Shannon Shanahan

    Well, I guess you have to be a pedophile to truly enjoy a 27 year old women that acts like twelve year old. Sexy twelve year old AJ Lee.

  2. Shannon Shanahan

    Well, I guess you have to be a pedophile to truly enjoy a 27 year old women that acts like twelve year old. Sexy twelve year old AJ Lee.

  3. Erik Morris

    Aron Thompson shes looks young yes but 12 yrs old is quite the exaggeration, she is 27. You know how many women would kill to have her body? She has a natural high metabolism rate she couldn't get fat if she tried.

  4. Aron Thompson

    Erik Morris i Couldnt find her attractive if i tried, shes like a stick. calling her a 12yr is just about right, if not that than a 14yr old at the most. i feel like a pedophile watching her try to be sexy while trying to wrestle

  5. Erik Morris

    Aron Thompson well I dont see her in the same way and rather you think she looks that young or not fact of the matter is she isn't she 27 yrs old so less than 3 yrs she will be 30 bro. Im sure she gets ID'd every time she wants a drink tho, if she drinks at all Idk she has a "straight edge" fiance now so might not be no more drinks for AJ if she did drink at all to begin with. lol

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