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Parents Blackmailed By Doctor: Consent To Vaccine Or We Take Your Newborn

New Parents Blackmailed Into Vaccine

5/23/2014 Update

Aliea Bidwell is filing suit against the doctor who blackmailed her into the hepatitis B vaccine for her son.

The family has set up a Web site to spread the word about her family’s ordeal. They are accepting donations to offset legal costs.

Original Report

Aliea Bidwell and Ben Gray were as excited as any other couple when their baby boy was born. Vaccine blackmail was the furthest thought from their minds. But because a pediatrician on call didn’t like their decision to refuse a vaccine, she threatened to kidnap their newborn (through legal channels, of course), if they did not consent on day one to something they neither wanted nor felt was worth the risks. It was vaccine blackmail. They were given no choice.

Aliea and Ben are certainly not the first parents to refuse vaccines, and the hospital staff showed no indication of any problem with honoring their request, until Dr. Terry M. Bierd, MD, staff pediatrician at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, came in. It was the hepatitis B vaccine that was the problem. She told baby Aaron’s family that if they did not allow her to give the hepatitis B vaccine, she would call security and DHR (Alabama’s Child Protective Services). The baby would be given the vaccine anyway, at 12 hours old, and then be taken into state custody.

Because it was a Friday evening, Dr. Bierd told Aliea and Ben that they would have to figure out how to get their baby back after the weekend. However, it is not illegal to refuse vaccines in Alabama, as well as most other states.

Incidentally, the Hepatitis B vaccine is not even required by law in Alabama for admission to day care or school, and certainly not required by law for newborns.


Whether one is pro- or anti-vaccines, most Americans support the right of parents to make choices for their children. Some parents who are fully supportive of vaccines may choose to refuse a particular vaccine, and the Hepatitis B vaccine is one of the more commonly refused. Vaccine blackmail by a doctor, with the threat of state-sanctioned kidnapping, is a violation of basic American liberties, according to this Alabama couple.

After admission to the hospital toward the end of her short labor, Aliea Bidwell birthed her firstborn child naturally. Aaron was born on Friday morning, March 14, at 9:26 am, weighing 7 lbs, 11 oz. His Apgar scores were 9 and 9, at one and five minutes respectively – the picture of health. He was successfully breastfeeding within the first hour after birth. Grandparents Vesta and Ralph Bidwell were present with the happy new family and celebrated the arrival of their first grandchild.

Just a few hours later, their world imploded. Their “choice” was to submit to something that both generations were opposed to on religious and philosophical grounds, or have their newest member of the family be taken in a doctor-sanctioned kidnapping. They saw it as nothing less than vaccine blackmail.

Upon admission to the hospital, Bidwell told the staff that she did not want the newborn vaccines. No one present indicated any problem with her request. Legally, parents can refuse vaccines in Alabama on religious or medical grounds. But that didn’t stop Dr. Bierd from lying to the family, telling them that it was law that the baby receive the hepatitis B vaccine. She later back-pedaled and told them it wasn’t law, after the family had contacted an off-duty judge friend, who asked what statute that was. (It wasn’t.) But she didn’t back down on her blackmail threats.

Dr. Bierd claimed that “doctor’s discretion” gave her the right to override the parents’ decision and force the vaccine, or take the baby away and give it anyway. She based this on the fact that Aliea did not have existing bloodwork prior to admission demonstrating that she did not have hepatitis B. In other words, unlike the American system of justice, the assumption of this doctor is that mothers are “guilty until proven innocent by bloodwork.”

Hepatitis B is relatively uncommon, and it is transmitted either sexually or through re-use of needles. The groups at risk are sexually promiscuous adults, males who have had sex with males, and IV drug users.

The parents testify that they have never been engaged in any of the practices that would put them at risk, indicating a need for the vaccine. They told The Inquisitr that they are in a mutually monogamous relationship, their first, and have both been tested previously. Ralph, father of Aliea’s tight-knit family, assured the doctor that his daughter was not at risk.

Three times Dr. Bierd came in threatening the family. By the second time, Ben and Aliea were in their hospital room with an additional 12 family members, including great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and nephews. With a united front of 14 members of the extended family present, Dr. Terry Bierd came into the room and repeated her threats to allow the vaccine or they would take the baby. The entire family saw it as blackmail.

This is not a couple simply following a fad, or ignorantly endangering one of their own. The family has done much research that has caused them to come to their position. They listed a few of their reasons for refusing the vaccine to Dr. Bierd, and later reported their reasons they gave to The Inquisitr:

They are certainly not alone in their complaints about this particular vaccine. Elected leaders have held Congressional hearings on its safety in the nation’s capital:

Dr. Burton A. Waisbren, Sr., MD declares that “some babies who have little or no chance of getting hepatitis B will suffer unnecessary damage to their nervous system” because of the vaccine.

Aliea and Ben also cited religious reasons for opposing the vaccine. Freedom of religion is protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution as well as by the Alabama State Constitution.

But Dr. Bierd was unmoved by the family’s arguments or the mother’s tears. She gave them until 9 pm to “consent” to the vaccine or else she would carry out her threats.

Around 8 pm, the pediatrician moved up her timeline, telling the family that they needed to decide right then if it was going to be her way (consent to the vaccine) or the hard way. She would call security and they would take the baby away, and they would have to figure out how to get the baby back later. The baby was going to get the shot one way or another, that night.

It was blackmail. Aliea and Ben saw no choice. They consented to the vaccine so that their baby would not be taken away from them.

They were compelled to sign an “informed consent” form for the vaccine. The form stated that the doctor had explained the risks, and that the parents were making an informed decision. Ben said that they were the ones who explained the risks of the vaccine to the doctor. The form absolved the hospital of any and all risks and responsibilities, stating that the parents take all responsibility. Aliea and Ben told the nurse that they were signing under duress. There was no “consent” about it. The baby would get the vaccine no matter what they wanted; this was the only way their baby would not be kidnapped.

Apparently this is not the first time that Dr. Bierd has bullied parents at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. A staff person later told Aaron’s parents that Dr. Terry Bierd has forced vaccine compliance with many other people. The unidentified staff member stopped herself several times in the encounter with Ben and Aliea, but seemed pretty disturbed that the incident had happened. Allegedly there have been a number of other complaints against her.

The baby’s father, Ben, shared that he and Aliea had planned for months for their baby’s entrance into the world to be as peaceful and natural as possible. Instead, their baby’s first few days were filled with incredible stress. After a beautiful birth, Aliea found herself in the middle of a huge battle she never wanted to fight for the well-being of her baby. They felt that they were blackmailed into submission or else lose their baby.

Baby Subjected To Vaccine Blackmail

Twelve hour old Aaron Gray was vaccinated against his parents will. They were forced to “consent,” but forced consent is not the same as the same as informed consent. Interestingly, the family was moved to the hospital’s top suite the next morning. But that is not enough, according to Ben Gray. They are not happy at what they see as a violation of their Constitutional rights. They want to get the word out about what is happening, because they are not alone.

There seems to be an increase in physicians and hospitals using bully tactics to override parents’ decisions for their children, with dire consequences that are the equivalent of kidnapping and blackmail.

There have been a number of such cases in recent years, which Natural News terms “state-sponsored medical terrorism.”

Cases include Justina Pelletier – the Boston teen who was taken from her parents for the crime of “disagreeing with the doctor’s diagnosis,” the Pennsylvania mother who refused the Hepatitis B vaccine and had her baby taken away, Jacob Stieler whose parents were threatened with prosecution for refusing toxic cancer treatment for their son, and the Nicolayevs – the California couple whose baby was taken by police because they wanted to get treatment from a different hospital for their baby.

What do you think of Dr. Bierd’s actions? Is it acceptable for a physician or hospital to violate parents’ choices for their children, or do parents in America still have the right to make decisions for their children, even if those choices don’t fit into the mainstream? Do doctors have the right to kidnap a healthy newborn from his parents when no crime has been committed? When they do, how can parents fight this medical or vaccine blackmail?

[images via Bing and the Gray family]

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122 Responses to “Parents Blackmailed By Doctor: Consent To Vaccine Or We Take Your Newborn”

  1. Lacy Young

    This article illustrates that even the law cannot protect you, your parent's rights and your baby, your clients, when a doctor decides that their will and choices for your family overrides all of your Constitutional rights. It is very important to be educated as to what your rights are, according to the Constitution, the State and any hospital you admit yourself to.

  2. Jennifer Ryan Drabik

    I would have hightailed it out of the hospital way before this "doctor's" deadline!

  3. Lori Jones

    This story doesn't add up to me. Why didn't they bring in a lawyer, call police or CPS themselves to see if her threats were legal or press charges or sue the Dr or hospital after the matter?

  4. Leslie Noyes

    Are the patents reporting this doctor? Filing a lawsuit against the hospital? Filing an ethics complaint? I sure hope they taped this woman.

  5. Tricia Flotte Cook

    What the article leaves out is exactly what DHA omega 3's (and vitamin D, as well, for that matter) have to do with vaccine poisoning.

    Here is the role of DHA Omega 3:
    "Two critical conditions affect omega-3 and 6 fatty acids enzymatic conversion rates. First, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids require the same enzymes for conversion into their respective Prostaglandin, Thromboxane and Leukotriene equivalents. Excessive intake of omega-6 relative to omega-3 can competitively inhibit the enzyme activity and prevent the production of anti-inflammatory substances. Second, the activity of the enzymes is also dependent upon nutrient co-factors such as Magnesium and Zinc. Toxic heavy metals, such as Mercury specifically block the absorption and assimilation of these nutrients and thus can negatively affect the enzyme activity. Toxic heavy metals can also shift the equilibrium activity of Delta-6 desaturase to increase the production of GLA, DGLA and AA and decrease the production of EPA, DPA and DHA. This results in an increase of the pro-inflammatory mediators and worsens symptoms in illnesses such as arthritis and asthma."

    And here is vitamin D's role in excreting heavy metals:

    "Vitamin D's role in increasing glutathione levels may explain the link between mercury and other heavy metals, oxidative stress, and autism. For example, activated vitamin D lessens heavy metal induced oxidative injuries in rat brain. The primary route for brain toxicity of most heavy metals is through depletion of glutathione. Besides its function as a master antioxidant, glutathione acts as a chelating (binding) agent to remove heavy metals such as mercury. Autistic individuals have difficulty excreting heavy metals like mercury. If brain levels of activated vitamin D are too low to employ glutathione properly, and thus unable to remove heavy metals, they may be damaged by heavy metal loads normal children easily excrete. That is, the mercury in Thiomerosol vaccines may have injured vitamin D deficient children while normal children would have easily bound the mercury and excreted it. These studies offer further hope that sun-exposure or vitamin D supplements may help autistic children by increasing glutathione and removing heavy metals. Not only do we have more clues that vitamin D is involved in autism, the vitamin D theory just did something else: it explained two other theories of autism, the mercury accumulation theory and the oxidative stress theory." – See more at:

  6. Lisa Stewart

    I hope someone beats her to death, frankly. Not very Christian of me, but at least I'm honest.

  7. Keith Kelley

    Not all doctors are like this. She's a bad apple this one.

    A few of the SAVN members here in OZ would be mental enough to condone this though.

  8. Tila Zimmerman

    SUEEEE!!!! I would have that witch's job! I would have gotten a lawyer immediately and left that hospital. This makes me sick! That woman's license should be stripped.

  9. Kelly Morgan

    I had the same type of experience…the nurses were all fine with me declining the vitamin k shot for my baby, but when the pediatrician came by she started to really pressure me into doing it! She asked me "do you want your baby to die?" I just kept refusing. She came into my room 3 or 4 more times to harass me an even came it to do a check-up right in the middle of breast feeding and had her male assistant remove the child from my breast because she just had to do it right then? I was so angry…good thing the nurses were so wonderful and totally on my side!

  10. Rhonda Phillips Smith

    I have lots of issues with this story. First Dr bierd is a neonatologist at st Vincent's. She was one of 2 doctors who cared for my 26 week micro preemie for 3 months in the hospital. She was incredible! Why would she even be talking to a parent who had a full term healthy baby? She only deals with SICK babies! She would only be introduced to parents who had babies that go to the nicu. We spent lots and lots of time with dr bierd. She has a mother's heart and cares for her babies!!! Please don't believe this story! I am truly upset that this wonderful doctors name has been drug through the mud! She and Dr. Bruce saved my daughters life. I trust her completely. This story just does not add up to me. This is not the Dr. Bierd I know!

  11. Millie Thompson Hogue

    That doctor should have her license taken away, and if it happened to me, I would do everything in my power to see that it was. What she did should be against the law. I hope the sue the devil out of her. She should NEVER again be allowed to practice in any capacity. This makes me furious. Apparently we have no say about our own bodies or our children's bodies anymore. This should NEVER happen to any human being again.

  12. Joy Rae

    The doctor probably would have sent CPS after them if they left AMA.

  13. Eva Davis Brown

    I personally know the author and know of these individuals. This most assuredly did happen. Also, it states she was the doctor on call which means she would see more than her regular patients.

  14. Eva Davis Brown

    Did you read the article? It is not about vaccine safety but rather medical terrorism and whether a doctor has the right to take your child away of you disagree with them. And btw, the parents were breaking NO laws.

  15. Erinn Wilson Albrets

    The neonatologist sees not just preemies in the NICU, but also well babies admitted to the nursery when that baby's chosen pediatrician is not one if the few who still round on newborns in the hospital.

  16. Eva Davis Brown

    They would not have made it out of the hospital, I assure you. I speak as a hospital RN of 20 years.

  17. Rhonda Phillips Smith

    I'm just saying that I know Dr. Bierd and I highly doubt that she would
    risk any malpractice suit by doing the things this article states. She is a wonderful doctor with years and years of experience and you are telling me that she is going to risk her whole career on a hep b shot?? I'm just not buying it. Sorry.

  18. Dawn Oney

    The point is you shouldn't HAVE to call a lawyer for something like this while you're in the hospital!

  19. Kelly Kc

    This is terrible! Who gives them the right to take away your child just because you decide not to vaccinate your child? Governmental laws do not override human rights.

  20. Charity Wood Horton

    I personally had an altercation with dr beird when I had my baby oct of last year! She is an awful pediatrician and I think they need to fire her!!!

  21. Tammy Hall Parker

    We have used St. Vincent's and had a problem with the OB/Gyn that delivered my first child concerning her due date and I had to carry her 4 weeks past my due date. Tried to tell the doctor when I got pregnant but obviously he was in the bedroom at the time and knew more than I did. Stopped my labor twice to prove his point after another doctor told him the baby was full term. This couple should have called in Dr. William H. Johnston Jr. he has been on staff there for many years and has never forced a vaccine on any child that I know of and he is held in high esteem at this hospital as a pediatrician.

  22. Samuel Fondren

    It's social fascism. I'd sue them into within an inch of their physical existence…yet, I would not have agreed. I hate bullies, no matter what form of scrubs they may wear.

  23. Jennifer Ryan Drabik

    It is not against the law to refuse vaccination of your newborn. It is also not against the law to leave whenever you wish after they birth of your baby.

  24. Michele Story

    They should have asked for the hospital social worker ASAP when the first threat was made. Call a lawyer, call the police, threaten legal action… They had a lot of options before folding to the bullying.

  25. Michele Story

    They should have asked for the hospital social worker ASAP when the first threat was made. Call a lawyer, call the police, threaten legal action… They had a lot of options before folding to the bullying. And when they did fold they could have blacked out all of the informed consent that they disagreed with before signing. They had options…

  26. Charles Dixon

    The family should file a complaint with the medical board. Threats, blackmail and conspiracy to kidnap a baby have no place in medicine.

  27. Catey Watson Hall

    I'm also having a hard time with the "facts" on this story. Dr Bierd took wonderful care of my preemie twins and I never felt pressured to consent to anything. There are two sides to each story, folks.

  28. Beani Cecile

    Perhaps you should get with this family AND HAVE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against the Hospital and the Dr. More will join when they hear about it.

  29. Justina McCann Sponder

    No comments from the hospital or the doctor? How is this fair reporting?

  30. Christine Garcia

    i would have all my family members form a united front against this evil doctor or, better yet, I would have gotten out of there ASAP!!!

  31. Christine Garcia

    I'd just LOVE to see her beaten to a pulp! I'd do it myself!! Let me at her!!!!

  32. Christine Garcia

    Charity, what happened? Was it about vaccines? I think this "doctor" needs to be fired, arrested, and jailed for all eternity! Then thrown into the outer darkness for all the rest of eternity!

  33. Eva Davis Brown

    Christine, that doesn't work. Security and even the police would be called if "needed".

  34. Rachel Spiller

    St Vincent's is a shithole and most of the doctors who practice there do not deserve their license. I made the mistake of delivering my second child there.

  35. Rachel Spiller

    There were so many unethical things going on there that it was insane- the least of which were nurses loudly making fun of patients and their medical issues loudly at the nurses station so that all who passed could hear. Also, if you have a baby in NICU here, bring your own pediatrician and stay in as much as you can so that your baby isn't lying in a pile of their spit up for an hour…or worse.

  36. Kristi Rowe

    Hi Michele, I live in Alabama also, only an hour from where this took place. Unfortunately I haven't found that there is a lot of understanding as to vaccine rights here. The vaccination rate here is off the scale HIGH. My daughter had all her vaccines until it was time for her boosters and I opted out. When I enrolled her in at the largest and best elementary school in our area, she was the ONLY one who had waved any shots, AND the administrative office of the school had never heard or seen a vaccination waiver. These are young, inexperienced parents going against the grain. They were ill prepared for what they faced.

  37. Nikki Thelin

    Why didn't they call a lawyer? This entire situation seems false and suspicious to me. There's obviously no legal ground for the doctor to stand on. While the doctor should certainly be barred from practicing medicine after this, there's no way that the doctor had the ability to force this situation. The family shouldn't have consented – they should've sought legal counsel as soon as the ultimatum was issued.

  38. Kristi Rowe

    I think it is wonderful Rhonda that she helped you but this couple did not have the same experience. It is shocking to see how some dr.'s act when it comes to vaccinations.

  39. Kristi Rowe

    Hi Rhonda, My daughter is vaccine damaged. I, too had horrible reactions to a vaccine. It is shocking how blind and uneducated most dr.'s are when it comes to vaccines. You would be surprised at how you might be treated were you to recurse. I hope you are studying about vaccines for your child instead of blindly trusting the dr.'s. It is truly up to the parents to get educated. Dr's will be on the golf course while the parent is caring for the damaged child.

  40. Kristi Rowe

    I hope it stays that way. We are seeing a disturbing trend. Best to nip it in the bud and pre sever freedoms.

  41. Rhonda Phillips Smith

    Thank you for your concern ms. Rowe. We choose to vaccinate and trust our pediatrician explicitly. Our doctor has over 30 years of experience and we value his knowledge and expertise. Our office is vaccine friendly and if a parent chooses to not vaccinate, there is a sign posted that they are advised to choose a different pediatrician. I have no problem with parents choosing not to vaccinate…I have several friends who made that choice. My way of parenting is no better or worse than others. I just choose to trust my doctor! :)

  42. Sherry Mills Hall

    As a mother of 2 boys who SUPPORTS vaccines and a RN of 17 years, I say "This IS WRONG!!!"
    I am also NOT suing person and truly believe their MANY frivolous/ridiculous lawsuits out there in today's society. I would be looking to sue this chic… Even if it was for mental torment. She ruined what should be the happiest day/event of a woman's life.
    I cannot believe some of the nurses have not written this doctor up for such behavior…. I would definitely have a lawyer looking in her personal record for previous disciplinary action.

  43. Dana Nation

    Kelly Kc That's not the problem. It was the doctor's "laws" that overrode their human and parental rights. The law doesn't require the vaccine!

  44. Corissa Mullins

    Any doctor can be a jekyll and hyde when it comes to their practice. I've witnessed and so have many others.

  45. Deric Reaves

    This Dr needs to be fired and License terminated! Also, the hospital and staff that were aware of this happening, need to be held responsible.

  46. Roe Fowler

    People should flood her reviews and give her as many negative comments as possible on EVERY single Yelp, health grade, doctors reviews, anything that has to do with ratings. The public needs to be warned of her criminal activity! Her actions WERE illegal!

  47. Chrissy Sanders

    One of many reasons homebirthing is making a comeback! I refuse to have anymore children inside a hospital. They care zero about what is good for you or baby and only about what is good for their own bottom line.

  48. Brittany Mcconnell

    I would have left also. Theres almost no need to stay for 2 days if you and baby are healthy. I stayed with my first child but after that i asked to leave as soon as possible. So Eva you are not legally bound to stay in a hospital you have the right to leave. I left 10 hrs after my 3rd was born.

  49. Prof'Karl West

    Beani Cecile , I am not sure but I suspect that "Class Action Suits" favor the perps instead of the victims and that is why we see so many…

  50. Shannon Elkins

    It's stupid of these parents to deny vaccines! That's what we are now having outbreaks and endangering other children! What idiots!!!!!

  51. Susan Shepherd

    They still could have refused. That Dr. was full of bull. The state is not going to take your baby just because you refuse to get them vaccinated. I would have called his bluff and told him to f$#k off. That doctor should be fired.

  52. Teresa McCombs Keith

    I have worked there for years also… a parent/patient, I would have gotten hospital administration involved…..always ask for administrator or house supervisor if there is an issue….they in turn would have gotten "Risk Management" involved. Administration also will deal with physicians ……I have worked in a facilities revoke the physicians privileges.

  53. Joy Reaves Dollar

    This is what our country is coming to!!!!! This doctor is way out of bounds! As much as I love St. Vincent's, the hospital is going to be liable, too. Administration should have stepped in and stopped this doctor. Our rights as citizens are being systematically taken away, bit by bit! I hope these parents sue this doctor for violation of civil rights, and unfortunately, they need to sue the hospital, also..

  54. Angie Robbins Roberts

    Michele- I bet that looking back, they wish they would have. When you are on the spot and in the middle of it, you just don't think clearly, ya know. So sad they were pushed like that. :(

  55. Diana Pham

    If someone were raped, it's not appropriate to ask "why didn't you fight back?" "Why didn't you get a knife and stab him?" "Why not call the police?" Coercion is coercion, and it can be scary, and when your sympathetic nervous system is activated, people don't think as clearly as all the armchair quarterbacks do.

  56. Diana Pham

    I definitely agree that there are some vaccines that parents would be wise to have administered to their kids, but if you read the article, you would know that these parents were trying to refuse the Hepatitis B vaccine. Hep B is spread mainly with IV drug users and prostitutes. Newborns (vaccinated or not) have never been responsible for any of the Hep B outbreaks in children that I've heard of. Most newborns don't engage in the kind of risky behavior that would propagate the disease. Whenever you point a finger and call someone a name, you're pointing 3 back at yourself.

  57. Charity Wood Horton

    Mine was over breastfeeding. She told me I was killing my baby because she was losing too much weight. I lost my previous child at 35 weeks and her saying that to me threw me for a loop. I was hysterical and the whole staff understood completely and she wasn't allowed back in my room

  58. Karen Winter Santorella

    She should be put in jail and throw away the key. She had no right to vaccinate that baby because she is a Dr. If she felt that strong about it she should went through the proper channels and gone to court. She should at the least have her license taken away.

  59. Helen Poulakos Loschiavo

    This is very disturbing. I usually don't comment but I this story moved me. There are homeopathic remedies to help reduce/reverse vaccine toxins. This is absolutely unacceptable and shame on this dr and the hospital that gives him a job if they support his conduct

  60. Jarrod Schrunk

    This is a threat to kidnap. This doctor broke the law. I'd try to resolve it peacefully but if she or security attempted to physically take my child with no legal jurisdiction, I would do whatever I had to do to protect my child. Even if I had to get physical. Not only should this doctor be fired but her medical lisence should be revoked for life.

  61. Tammie Calhoun Marshall

    No one will ever convince me vaccines are safe. My son never left my room except to be weighed (and his father was present). I didn't give a hoot whether hospital staff, doctors or anyone else agreed or disagreed with my decision not to vaccinate. He is 9 years old now and healthy and happy. Chicken pox didn't kill me. It won't kill him either! But the vaccine could have caused more damage than a few scars. Goodness! What an idiot doctor. That one better be glad she didn't cross my path. One of us would've been wearing "prison" orange.

  62. Gary Harbison

    My grandson was born there a month ago and this crazy bitch gave my daughter problems. She ordered the baby to stay in the hospital extra days when he was completely healthy.

  63. Gary Harbison

    My grandson was born there a month ago and this crazy bitch gave my daughter problems. She ordered the baby to stay in the hospital extra days when he was completely healthy.

  64. Shawna McLaggan

    I would have called the cops on the doctor right there in the hospital

  65. Russ Sahagian

    fired? what are you talking about? there would be NO WAY they would have done that to me.
    or I take out as many as I can, before they turn my life off. I would not have lived though that.
    and if they want to take to the next level, so be it. face off, bang bang.

  66. Jennifer Redwine

    It's totally social fascism, and it's clear they don't give a flying F*ck about the baby, since separating a baby from its mother causes distress — not to mention the fact that they would feed the baby formula, which would no doubt end the baby's breastfeeding relationship.

  67. Heather Kirkwood

    I would have created my own waiver asking the doctor to sign stating any side effect that would be inflicted onto my child she would be held responsible for. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't sign mine or I sign hers. Wrong person to threaten here.

  68. Laura Smith

    That's ridiculous. That Dr would have been banned from my hospital room! She should be fired especially if this isn't the first time it has happened.

  69. Keith Kelley

    There are many facets of our personality, so you were seeing a side that was caring and professional. Maybe if you had questioned or refused something she asked of you you would have seen another side. As these folk did.
    You would have complied totally in the situation you were in. That is very understandable. Most would.
    At some stage some Dr's assume a 'godlike' position. Possibly because of success in their field.
    Ultimately not a good thing, especially for the patients.
    This may be the case here.
    If so,she needs to be stripped of her self imposed stature.

  70. Jennifer McMas

    File a lawsuit against the hospital and doctor. Find the others that the doctor has done this too and make it a class action suit.

  71. Ed Robs

    I think we should all call the hospital relentlessly…. Until they have no choice but to fire this doctor…. An make a public example! We should do this to ALL of the listed cases…. Call and call an call anyone who will listen

  72. Kate Scribner

    Wow, this makes me not even want ot go to hospitals!! Terrifying!!!!!

  73. Mathew David

    I appreciate and even respect the fact that she went to school to learn how to help and "heal" people. But what good are medical doctors; no matter how smart they are, with the "right ethics/best intentions" who are administering poisons to children and then standing by his/her "Pharmaceutically influenced educational background?" Especially, even when presented with non -Pharmaceutically influenced credible sources showing that Vaccines have caused, are causing, and will continue to cause multiple life altering health problems in people of all ages and races.

    In other words, she is brainwashed. It is because she is brainwashed that I pity her, because ultimately; she does not know exactly what she is doing despite her confidence behind her reasoning to vaccinate the child. At least she had better not know what she is doing! However, in the same regard if she is forcing parents to vaccinate (poison) their new born children after seeing anti-vaccine sources of which are credible, disregarding their beliefs, violating their rights as Americans, and then threatening them that if they don't; their child will be taken away from them?? Then she is in a whole different category of just the Ignorant/brainwashed…

    Some medical "doctors" THINK they are the smartest people in this country, and frankly maybe some of them are as far as intelligence goes ("education," ignorance, and common sense are totally different stories). She went to college for many years, MOST of which she has forgotten/will not ever use in real life situations. Not to mention she probably graduated many years ago, so she probably bases all of her diagnosing on previous experience (whether it was the healthier/better/more effective choice or not), other brainwashed doctors opinions, and WebMD now.

    You, my poor heartless, Ignorant, mis-educated, wrongly-educated friend; are what is described as a cancer to society and the human race. Anyone who agrees with this Dr. Bierd in regards to her actions towards this new born baby and its family are all in the same category.


  74. Rose Voltaire

    Brittany Mcconnell YOU, the mother can leave, but the baby would not be released to you. I have seen plenty of these cases over the years. ONE hospital released the child only after she signed a "disposal of dead infant" form.

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