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James Schlesinger Dies: Former CIA Chief Ruled With An Iron Fist

James Schlesinger died on March 27, 2014 in a Baltimore Hospital at the age of 85. Schlesinger was an economist who made powerful allies and enemies throughout the U.S. government during his time in politics. James Schlesinger’s death is sure to bring about stories of government power struggles and political maneuvering that have long been forgotten.

James Schlesinger grew up in a Jewish home in New York City where his Lithuanian mother taught him the value of hard work. James would go on to graduate from Harvard University and earn a Ph.D. in Economics. His intelligence, bold style, and passionate stubbornness caught the eye of Richard Nixon in the late 1960s.

Those who knew James Schlesinger often referred to him as “self-righteous, a quibbler, and stubborn.” But it was these very qualities that led President Richard Nixon to take an economics professor and strategist and put him on the White House staff. Schlesinger’s first official role under Nixon was deputy director of the Bureau of the Budget. His primary job? Find out how to cut the Pentagon’s budget in the midst of the Vietnam War. Needless to say, Schlesinger made very few friends during those days.

James Schlesinger