Teen Sneaks Past Security, Climbs Atop The World Trade Center In New York

A 16-year-old teenager from New Jersey captivated by the 1 World Trade Center, the tallest building in the US, was arrested after he managed to sneak past security and climb to the top of the building. Justin Alexander Casquejo was so mesmerized by the structure, he decided to sneak out of his home and reached the World Trade Center site in the dead of the night. There, he was able to somehow go past four layers of security – which included a sleeping guard, and eventually reach the top of the building, near the spire.

Justin allegedly crawled through a hole in a fence near the World Trade Center site at around 4 am and got into an elevator with an operator who took him to the 88th floor, no questions asked – even though Justin was not carrying any identification with him. Then he took the stairs up to the 104th floor where he encountered a sleeping guard – who has since been fired.

He went further up the building to reach the antenna of the WTC, which also happens to be amongst the top terror targets in the US. Casquejo managed to spend over two hours atop his favorite building, snapped photos from the top and decided to make his way down. That was when his free run ended and was caught by a construction worker who handed him over to the police.

Justin.Casquejo headshot