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Charlie Sheen A Deadbeat Dad? Actor Stops Paying Child Support To Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen Deadbeat Dad

Is Charlie Sheen becoming a deadbeat dad? The actor has reportedly stopped paying Denise Richards child support.

Since the Drop Dead Gorgeous star allegedly doesn’t want her kids to hang out with Sheen, her ex-husband is taking matters into his own hands. According to the New York Daily News, Charlie decided to stop sending child support payments to the actress. However, his wrath isn’t stopping there.

Charlie Sheen is apparently so angry with Richards that he intends to sell the house he bought for her and the children. The former Two and a Half Men star allegedly stopped paying his ex-wife back in January, though she’s not going to take Sheen’s behavior lying down.

An anonymous source recently told TMZ that Charlie Sheen could soon find himself in court over his decision to stop paying child support. Richards intends to make her ex-husband pay the court-ordered $50,000 a month regardless of how he feels about the situation.

The website suggests that Charlie isn’t happy about how often he gets to see his kids. Since Richards doesn’t feel it’s safe to leave Sheen alone with Sam and Lola, she insists on attending the visitations. The actress also refuses to bring the children to Charlie’s home whenever he wants.

The Inquisitr reported late last year that Charlie Sheen wasn’t at all thrilled with the amount of time he spent with his kids during the holidays. As always, his anger spilled over onto social media.

For a while it seemed that Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were finally moving past their differences. Reports even suggested that the actor let his ex-wife borrow his private jet at one point during 2013. During an interview with Celebuzz, Richards said she was trying her best to maintain a healthy relationship with Charlie for the sake of the children.

“We’ve been friends for a long time. I know we went through an obviously challenging divorce, but it’s good now. It’s funny, because a few people on Twitter were commenting, ‘Oh are they back together?’ But he was in New York promoting his show and I was promoting my movie, so we decided to make it a family trip,” she explained.

What do you think about Charlie Sheen becoming a deadbeat dad? Should Denise Richards continue to receive child support payments if she isn’t letting her ex-husband see his kids?

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4 Responses to “Charlie Sheen A Deadbeat Dad? Actor Stops Paying Child Support To Denise Richards”

  1. Abby Cohen Marmorale Butterweck

    plain and simple, Charlie Sheen is a LOSER…I don't blame her for being afraid to leave her children alone with him…god knows what he's into now…and yes she is entitled to child support from him and the fact that he's trying to sell a house he bought for her and the kids out from under them says volumes about his character and sanity..does he really think she's just gonna sit there and do nothing…rake his ass over the coals denise..i'm behind you 100%…

  2. Joa Gallop

    Why would he leak this to the tabloids, this is so tacky , he has children who can read and watch tv, he's a low life and has no class at all…

  3. Bobbie Zahorodnij

    I dont blame her. I wouldnt leave kids around him either.

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