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Father Beats 13-Year-Old Daughter In the Street While Mother Films It, Footage Goes Viral


While this jaw-dropping incident may seem highly distasteful and disturbing, unfortunately it actually happened. According to World Star Hip Hop, a father was involved in a physical altercation with his 13-year-old daughter. Although the video clip is only 19 seconds, it definitely speaks volumes.

The urban site reports that a man beat his daughter in the street as a form of discipline for her rebellious behavior. He claims that he was reprimanding his daughter who had been “missing for three days.” The teenage girl’s parents alleged that she’d been intimately involved with a number of teenage boys during her disappearance, and the evidence was posted to her Facebook account. However, her name was not revealed.

**Warning: This video contains graphic nature and obscene language.**

While the footage alone is immensely disheartening, the audio is just as degrading. A woman can be heard verbally degrading the young girl throughout the entire video. If her rejoinders are any indication of her identity, its safe to say the person filming the attack is the girl’s mother.

The video, which was uploaded on Saturday, Mar. 15, has since gone viral. It has received more than three million views and has an estimated 19,000 comments on the site. The infamous footage has also begun circulating on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The footage has stirred controversial responses, due to differences in opinion where parental discipline is concerned. Some people would consider the father’s disciplinary methods appropriate where his rebellious daughter’s behavior is concerned. It’s clear to see that she isn’t dressed appropriately for her age.

However, there are others who feel he took things too far. If she’d been missing for three days, some have raised the question of whether authorities were contacted about her disappearance, or if they simply associated her actions with her rebellious streak.

Though they can be heard in the video telling their daughter, they thought “she was off in the woods dead somewhere”, it doesn’t seem that they made a gratuitous effort to find her. However, those details cannot be confirmed. Their sentiments may have been a sign of woe. Most would be relieved that their child returned unharmed, but to some viewers their actions say otherwise. The footage has raised a lot of questions that are quite debatable.

The video is, indeed, a form of exploitation and may serve as more of an embarrassment than a method of discipline. Although everyone is entitled to their own parenting methods, the extremity of his actions border abuse. Do you agree or disagree with the father’s actions?

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110 Responses to “Father Beats 13-Year-Old Daughter In the Street While Mother Films It, Footage Goes Viral”

  1. Mechelle Snider

    Id be in prison heck yeah he done right…gone 3 days n I see u looking like a hoe…I would lose my mind. I bet she won't do that again.

  2. Colleen Faler

    If it were MY teenaged daughter, out dressing like a streetwalker, screwing everything that moved, I'd probably spank her, too! I wouldn't be stupid enough to do so in public, nor would I see any benefit in having it on video. Seeing as how I was raised by a woman that told us "we were never above an ass-beatin'"——–go for it, Dad.

  3. Penny Jochimsen

    In the article it insinuates the parents did not contact authorities since she was missing for three days…Do they know this for a fact or are they assuming…You know what they say about assuming.

  4. Coleen Lette

    that is not spanking, that is beating……there is a difference…………you don;t grab a person by there hair and swing them around while hitting them with a belt, and there is the mental abuse calling her all the names……..not needed…….hopedully someone has taken this child away

  5. Dee Malone

    The author tries to downplay the parents: "it doesn’t seem that they made a gratuitous effort to find her." Well, if you look at the video, you'll notice that the family is black. Police and media outlets don't care about finding missing black children. Now, if she were a blonde haired, blue eyed white girl named Becky, they'd divert all the attention from the missing airliner to find her ass.

    But, it's not cool that they video'd the beatdown then posted it online. I don't fault them for beating her ass, because I have teenage daughters and I would have done the same thing, but I wouldn't post it online for the whole world to know. At the end of the day though, I bet that little heifer doesn't pull that shit again.

  6. Nina Reid

    Personally, I think the punishment was earned by the teenager… I know I would never do what she did to earn that again if it had been me… and for fact, every single corporal punishment I ever recieved as a kids kept me from offending more often. Perhaps this Daddy will save his daughter rather than posting to a memorial page for her on Facebook because of her "blatant disrespect and disregard for her own well being" that he will have to disguise as "the evil of other people"…….

  7. Rene Tessa Lola

    beating her like that and the degrading public humiliation is a cycle that will repeat itself, He beat her and probely beats his wife, he was angry and it showed this wasn't discipline for her sake, it fulfilled his need to let out his anger! and she will raise children that she beats and so on and so on.

  8. Stefanie Branum Ramirez

    There abusive, there is a reason shes making those choices at 13

  9. Jeff N Lizzy Witherspoon

    If she were missing why didn't you call police to report a missing child?

  10. Jeff N Lizzy Witherspoon

    Totally agree and the mom needs help to. If your child has been missing three days why not call police?

  11. Lisa Cotton

    He spanked her below the waist and and as a recipient of spankings and I'm sure I got one somewhere around 13 I am glad today that my village, parents, grandparents, etc..loved me enough to not spare the rod…There is a clearly a thin line between discipline and abuse but I believe he may have just made her think twice about her future actions…

  12. Juanita Jones Bisig

    More people should spank their kids, especially if they try to go out dressed like that. It's time parents took back their parenting responsibilities. People have allowed the government to tell them they can't lay hands on their own children, it's outrageous.

  13. Christopher Belanger

    Parents should be prosecuted for assault and battery . Child neglect. They raised her this is their fault . Blame the kid are you kidding, if they actually acted like parents their daughter would not have had to figure it out herself

  14. Jeni Robin Benham Keller

    I am all for spanking and disciplining a child, but they are beating her and dragging her by her hair, all while video taping it. Maybe this is the reason she ran away for 3 days. SMFH! DCFS needs to take this child before she ends up beaten to death. Imagine how much worse it would have been had he not known he was being video taped!!

  15. Christopher Belanger

    Are you serious they failed as parents 1 she ran out kids in a good home don't do that. And good parents spank do not beat . I would charge them both with felony assault and remove her and any other children from the home . Hopefully long stint in jail for both of them . And extensive therapy for the girl to undo the damage they caused

  16. Robin Yanko Langan

    Oh my god! I think this is absolutely horrific ! Maybe the daughter acts out inappropriate because of her home life.. In my opinion. ( only a opinion) if they are using the profanity at her on this tape can u imagine what else goes on…just saying… I am a firm believer of spanking.. I have four children…. Never ever in my life would I ever resort to something like this…this is abuse not spanking… Her dress is falling down off her chest..the father is grabbing her hair won't let go the woman lord only knows who she is… Is saying fu etc.. This is not the righr wayTo teach your child right from wrong … Even if the child was disobedience this is totally uncalled for.. I would be scared to death as a child in this home… This is no way ok to do !

  17. Kennedy'z Vs Kennedy'z

    For the love of the kid, a spank is obvious

  18. Nina Reid

    Christopher Belanger I respect your opinion… however, from a grandma prospective, please remind me of your stand on this issue when that beauty on your shoulders ever pulls some crap like this.. You may literally have no idea what kind of beast a teenager can be and their upbringing has ZERO to do with how they turn out sometimes… I have seen the most oppressed children turn out to be the best and the most doted on and spoiled children turn out to live for making you shiver and squirm with her behavior…… They did not kill her or permanently mame her.. they humiliated and abused her but what had she already been doing to herself? …. for fun I might add…

  19. Tina Bougie

    I agree, the way they were cursing at her was disguisting. Her actions may be indicative of how she has been raised. This child needs some serious help.

  20. Tina Bougie

    There is a difference between spanking and beating a child. This was beyond abuse. He had her by her hair spinning her around while he whipped her, all the while the mom filmed it while calling her a bitch?! I think the parents may want to take a long hard look at themselves and figure out why their 13 year old child is missing for 3 days, having sex and dressing that way instead of playing with her friends.

  21. Ashley Kirkman Olden

    I can understand her parents being so scared for their daughter that they would lose their temper on her when she did return. I think the holding of her hair while beating her with a belt in the street is a bit over the top. I guess the filming of it and posting of it on the internet was kind of signal to her in a way because of her apparent publicly made promiscuity. Generally, I think 13 is too old for a spanking, but again, I can see a parent losing it on their kid who had been missing for 3 days only to return home after numerous indiscretions. I think I back the parents here. I just hope this isn't something that happens all the time and for not so serious matters.

  22. Val Seattle

    Someone knows who this child and these parents are. Do the right thing, turn the information over to police and social workers. I know firsthand how these things go and she is living in a very abusive home. Someone please step forward and help this 13 year old girl.

  23. Gordon Knowlton

    I don't know if I would do this but I bet she wouldn't do that again and I bet no ones is gonna want to fuck with her dad or date his daughter anymore.

  24. Marie Lanza

    That is not a spanking that is a beating and those things that call themselves parents shouldbe arrested

  25. Christopher Belanger

    She and her sister were raised right (pic 6 years old) both have an self confidence as their mom raised them right, she put her needs behind her children and they have self respect as they were not beaten and broken

  26. Jennifer Brooks

    I am only 27, but I will tell you now that if one of my daughters runs off or dresses that way I would beat her just the same! I don't know how this father is with her on a daily basis, but if he actions in the video were truly for the reason listed, I commend him! Maybe if more parents out there beat the hell out of their kids for things like this then we wouldn't have so damn many pregnant teens, dead-beat dads and maybe the world my children grow up in wouldn't be as bad. I would shake this mans hand, as I would the man who shot his daughters laptop on video for being a disrespectful little shit.

  27. Nina Reid

    Christopher Belanger For the record, All my kids including the many who were not even mine who grew up in my home were all "raised right" and I do not disagree with you at all… however, occasionally, even kids raised right become whores and dope addicts… this daddy is trying as he knows how to prevent that becoming his daughter's life… perhaps its extreme to you, but little miss sunshine did not lay out boinking for 3 days on her first shot out of the park, so to speak… As I said before, I respect your point of view and most often agree with you… However, I have personal experience with teens who would beat their parents that way if they were not instilled a fear in them… I really dont want to debate or argue.. your point is valid and good and I acknowledge that…. sometimes though, this dads point is as valid because the alternative for some kids is Juvie… where they learn to be worse..

  28. John A Morgan

    Coleen: Maybe she could live with you" or someone else who thinks like you? You are offering her a better place to live' right?

  29. Rob Emmerson

    there is a difference between spanking and beating. If my daughter went out and dressed like a whore I'd beat her ass too! I wouldnt do it in public. but I would beat her ass fucking silly for dressing like a fucking whore!

  30. Dee Jolly Jr

    As for the language well no parents are perfect. As for the hair pulling on a smaller child that would be to much but this girl is nearly as big as he is. As for the belting she needed a little more. As for everyone on here judging…. judge yourself. Yea these parents aren't as perfect as you seem to think you are but atleast they are trying their best to do something with her instead of just letting her go. It's not that easy when you have a nearly grown child acting like that and it just gets harder when you got stuck up judgemental people to contend with who will find fault no matter what you do.

  31. Brenda Carmona

    Yup, I would have done the same thing. She old enough and he was doing it with a belt. Not beating on her like he could have! Kids these days need this. Stop with the buddy buddy bullshit. That's why they out making a fool out of themselves then coming home with a belly. Kudos for the father for being there to straighten up his flock.

  32. Harry Jacobsen

    Nina Reid While I don't agree with how he did it she needed a butt whippin, I bet she doesn't try that again, spare the rod, spoil the child

  33. Casandra Clevenger

    Wow! You call her a hoe but allow her to dress like that????? If my daughter went missing I would have called the police and when she was found id love on her, then punish her in another way!

  34. Nina Reid

    See Belanger… here you are on another innocent commenters post blasting about your opinion… you have no earthly idea what you are talking about… you should seriously drop to your knees right now and thank the Lord you know that you are totally oblivious to the heinous behavior that some parents experience from their teenage daughters especially… You should go and ask the Duke University Porn star we have seen everywhere this week how she was raised and if it led her to be a paid whore who flaunts her lifestyle to the world… I wonder if her daddy or mama thinks they might have slacked on their duty to instill a modicum of dignity and self respect into their Lovely and Intelligent Duke University Student/ porn star..

  35. Rob Emmerson

    nobody knows the real reason she is getting beat other than They see her dressing like a whore. would have her parents just found her in a gangbang with a bunch of Dudes!! I wouldn't give a fuck where I was or when it was I would beat her ass silly and send her home! It's not always the parents fault the child is this. A lot of times it is pure pressureand a bad choice of friends with a lot of times the parents don't have a choice of.

  36. Sonia Bravo

    I agree now days these kids need a good asskicking. Put their lil asses back in line.they need to mind someone d

  37. Pat Melton-Stark

    I don't consider use of violence such as this to be appropriate punishment for a child. It doesn't teach them respect, tolerance or any kind of positive lesson. If anything, she will learn that no matter what the incident, it can be dealt with by using violence. Looks to me as if the whole family could use some help to get them back on track to a better relationship. Just my opinion…

  38. Angela Delacruz

    They could have given up on her and let her continue down a road of self destruction. I bet she'll think twice about doing that again. I've got a daughter, and if she done this I would flash on her ass real quick.

  39. Nina Reid

    I dont agree Harry, and I would never have, but, its clear this is not her first Rodeo… for dad to go apeshit in the parking lot on video….

  40. Nina Reid

    PS: my apologies as it appears this is your own post, not a post on a post.. :)

  41. Dorothy Williams

    We all cannot agree on what is th best action, but what I see is a dad not wanting his daughter out on the streets selling herself short. He hit her on the leg, that tells me he was not trying to injure her but to let her know who is boss. It may not seem correct to a lot of people, but do we know what this child has put the parents through. I don't agree with everything that transpired, but he got the kids attention and maybe she might straighten up and fly right.

  42. Gay Campbell

    (Abusive, pulling hair.) Looks like he was hitting the legs or buttock.( Abusive, Putting on show for everyone, videotaping), a child missing should have been reported. They don't believe in Boot Camp? It has helped alot of children. She would have to pay for her mistakes. My prayers are with the family.

  43. Jessica Campbell

    Yes because ted bundys parents were so horrible to him, that's why he turned out bad…… oh wait….. no, his mom let her parents raise him cuz she wanted better for him then what she could do, DUH. A bad kid is a bad kid.

  44. Ricardo J Alexander

    I remember the days my father would whoop my ass like that all the way home, but he didn't hold me, just ran behind me with the belt..I tell you one thing, it stuck with me for along time, and I hated it being done in front of my friends. I concur with the ass whooping, but this isn't the 70's any more, D.Y.F.S. will definitely step in on this…stay tune!!!!

  45. Nobodi Raj

    The cops wouldn't have been able to do anything unless they knew right where she was. Chances are they did call the cops.

  46. Dan Cline

    Considering the demographic group, I'm not surprised by any part of this.

  47. Lady Author

    Christopher Belanger Good for you Chris for taking an honest stand!

  48. Andrea Herbert

    In my opinion, the parents reacted to a situation that they felt the need to correct in their own way. The father, in my opinion, did not abuse the child… He whooped her with a belt… Yes the hair pulling was a bit much, but he was discipling his child. If you watch closely he stopped and she said something smart so he whooped her again.

  49. Andrea Herbert

    In my opinion, the parents reacted to a situation that they felt the need to correct in their own way. The father, in my opinion, did not abuse the child… He whooped her with a belt… Yes the hair pulling was a bit much, but he was discipling his child. If you watch closely he stopped and she said something smart so he whooped her again.

  50. Andrea Herbert

    In my opinion, the parents reacted to a situation that they felt the need to correct in their own way. The father, in my opinion, did not abuse the child… He whooped her with a belt… Yes the hair pulling was a bit much, but he was discipling his child. If you watch closely he stopped and she said something smart so he whooped her again.

  51. Lady Author

    Obviously these parents are not sophisticated enough to realize the only thing they have accomplished here is to push his daughter towards a male figure in adulthood that treats her like this. How come we have to take a test to drive but not to parent? WOW!

  52. San Martin Depolo Luna

    The people on here that say she was beaten not spanked has obviously never been beaten themselves. My mother literally beat me with what ever her hands could get a hold of thats a paddle shoes even a stick for a whip and guess what was the result of her disciplining me? Will now I respect her and others and grew up to where I didn't do stupid things and ended up in jail. Thanks Mom now I know why you did what you did what you did and I love you for it.

  53. Shabana Haq

    this is called beating, not spanking.
    Beating her with a belt will bruise her skin and make marks.
    He was pulling her hair. This is beating not spanking. the father should be arrested for this.
    The video tells all.
    I don't even know why he was beating her. Why for wearing that dress?
    girls are growing up fast these days.
    It doesn't mean we should beat the shit out of them and yank their hair.
    He is beating her on the legs and anywhere on the body.

    The system should arrest him and not allow him to have his child back ever again.

  54. Tom Wilson

    Shit mine get beat like this ya know what i did and so did my siblings kids need this its that simple. If our government would get out of the way we wouldnt have this problem.

  55. Tom Wilson

    Yall is the reason our country is in such trouble. these kids will survive and be better for it. If she ends up with aids addicted to heroin u will say oh thats because of the abuse but ultimately it will be because u wouldnt let her parents do thier jobs.

  56. Shabana Haq

    your wrong
    because even wearing shorts and a regular tang top, I still got my ass beat.
    I still dress the same.
    Beating your daughter will make things worse for both of you in the long run. It will make her run away from home and never come back. Do you want that? Your just pushing her away from you by beating her ass like this. She is 13 for christ sake, it's called sit down and talk to her like an adult! Not act like a whiney baby "DO WHAT I TELL YOU BECAUSE I SAID SO!" parenting NEVER works that way!
    This is b eating not spanking. Plus she is 13 years old. Too old to get a spanking!
    If anyone thinks that this is even remotely okay to beat your child for ANY reason(it doesn't matter) you should be arrested and not even have any kids to begin with!

  57. Richard Lungi

    My opinion, he didn't ass whip her enough, little tramp I would have beat her more.

  58. Tom Wilson

    she to big to be bent over his knee. mine does that running stuff and i grip him up by his shirt collar and whip him too. you will thank me when he doesnt come rob u one day

  59. Tom Wilson

    Christopher Belanger you have no idea what this child faces around her go to the hood and watch the heroin dealers and street walkers. You are the reason this country is a bunch of drug addicted gun nuts

  60. Kathleen Altobello Bearden

    I would have done nothing less. She probably should have gotten more of that when she was younger and perhaps there would be no need for it now. However, every kid is different and it doesn't matter what form of punishment a parent chooses – the kid is either going to fly right or they are not.

  61. Val Seattle

    Tom Wilson, have you ever been beaten like that? If no, shut your fucking mouth because you do not know what the fuck you are talking about. If yes, I pity your children because you will likely do the same to them with your mentality.

  62. Mechelle Snider

    U go missing for days acting grown. It will get u a grown ass whoopin. I stand by this dad. Fuck being nice she actin grown so she better fight like a grown up

  63. Gina Calogero

    I really think from reading the story, the parents were very upset that she was gone for days with no contact, as a parent I would have been beyond terrified.. I don't know about physical punishment but I know how upsetting a bratty, disrespectful daughter can be. Hasn't any parent ever said after worrying about their child, " I'm so upset I could just kill you?"

  64. Andrea Herbert

    I do not condone the language used but I see in my own community how so many females are not respecting themselves and taking sex as a game and not as a serious matter. I have a teenage son and I overhear him and his friends talk about various females at school and how quickly these young girls are giving themselves away so easily. I do not live in an inner city, it is not the stereotypical neighborhood you see on television, it is becoming an epidemic among young women. I educate my child to respect women even if they don't respect themselves. It may be parenting, or it may not I know first hand in a few instances of these girls, it is not the parents. The post of this incident, I feel like after the parents saw her Facebook page and possibly phone, this is why they posted it, out of hurt and pure irrational frustration. I asked my 16 year old son just yesterday, what is happening to our young ladies? And I also let him know the importance of self respect. This generation is one to be reckoned with… So if you think just talking is going to do it, you may be in for a surprise… You have to STAY on top of EVERYTHING your child does or you may see worst than these parents, you may see another statistic.

  65. Amy Ross

    Go Dad!! I bet she thinks twice before she does it again!! And I didn't hear the girl screaming in pain. It was not a beating. It was a lesson.

  66. Cheryl Brown-Sekeres

    Marie Lanza ….No they shouldn't ….because they love her enough to correct her….what kind of beating do you think the men she is messing with is gonna give her….she wasn't hurt ….she was still running her mouth…..if that was my daughter heads would roll….

  67. Dana Windsor

    I think spanking a child is a healthy parenting tactic. However striking a child uncontrolably with a belt while screaming obscenities at them is not parenting but planting a seed to either be an abuser or be a victim of domestic abuse for the rest of their lives. I hope that man is arrested!!!!!

  68. Dana Windsor

    I think spanking a child is a healthy parenting tactic. However striking a child uncontrolably with a belt while screaming obscenities at them is not parenting but planting a seed to either be an abuser or be a victim of domestic abuse for the rest of their lives. I hope that man is arrested!!!!!

  69. Angie Brasier

    I'll just say..I ran away as a child and got whipped harder than that..the problem is..I knew better and stood there and took it..didn't harm me at these days have no respect! Comment all you want..I have the right to express my thoughts as do you..thanks

  70. Rene Tessa Lola

    Tom Wilson you obviously either do not have Kids or beat children yourself, this is a viscous cycle and never works, Beating do not make a child respect you nor do they teach respect, or good behavior. let's start with the parents first, they taught this child to disobey and go off in the first place, they are teaching foul degrading language solves the problem, or that its expected. So a man beats a child and a women degrades her, humm you really think there inst a reason she left in the first place. and you in your statement amitt abuse, and then say she will survive, really? we just want our children to just survive? what about healthy and positive thriving. ?

  71. Carrie Sue Faccone

    Well, when a child goes missing for 3 day, it tears up a parents soul with worry. I am sorry, but I think I would have beat the hell out of her too. The way she was dressed, what she had been doing. I don't blame the father for being really pissed. This child is just shy of a 12 yr old, she isn't grown, yeah, I would have done the same thing.

  72. Angela D'Esposito

    I disagree with the public display of beating her. I do agree to discipline but within reason. There are other ways to discipline her. That was not necessary unless she killed someone.

  73. Susan Vorbeck

    Marie Lanza He's whipping her with a belt. The only reason it appears to be a bigger deal is because he's holding her purse while she tries to run away. She's not going to be black and blue. But I bet it sting and GOOD! When a child is out of control sometimes desperate measures are required. That's why, even though I want to disagree when I see this, I won't. Because I don't know this family and I don't know how much they've already dealt with.

  74. Patricia Crowley

    Christopher BelangerI cant believe you think because she took off for a couple of days these are bad parents. I pray your teenagers never do this.. However my brother is an excellent parent and one of his kids went out of control. my brother did everything to help and save his son. We buried him a year ago.

  75. Christy Partin Coker

    Well if she deserves a butt whipping then all means my daughter got to at 18 but what she did was really bad and and she knew better but I wldnt do it in public like this and definitely wldnt curse her

  76. Tom Wilson

    Rene Tessa Lola Yes yes i do I have 3 sons italian boys who would make u lose your mind. All iq north of 140 kids is amazing but require a strong hand. U do not understand because your white and have no idea about anything other then what u know you have never stepped outside of your own box u have never had a child at 3 years old look u in the eyes and reach for a knife. Not because of what u have taught him but because he has heart and temper. U white folks need to mind your own business our children down here on the bottom are hard headed and will be lost to the system of degredation if we do not guide them properly. My children were beating suburban kids in day care at 4 years old hell my oldest hospitalized 2 kids before he was in school. HE gets his ass beat belt hands whatever it takes to keep him in line ya know what he doesnt step out of line with me only when he is around people liek u who dont know how to handle him.

  77. Michelle Johnson

    all it takes is for them to get with the wrong crowd at school never say what your child won't do , in todays world it has nothing to do with the way they was raised has a more to with peer pressure, i know kids that was raised very well, and parents had no idea what they where doing because when they left the house they did there dirt when they got home they were angels

  78. Jessica Campbell

    Christopher Belanger , so why didn't his mom turn out to be a monster? parents usually mess up THEIR kids, and then get it right with the grand kids after learning from their first mistakes. Also, look up the documentarys made by the family and all the news reporting back then. he was the only one that came out fucked up. aka NOT parents fault. the rest of that fam was fine. Also, people like ted bundy is a PERFECT reason a 13 yr old should not be acting like that. the dad didnt kill her or drawl blood. so im good with it. have you stopped to think that if that little hoe gets herself pregnant or get a std, WHO would have to take care of the kid AND her baby or the medical bills? the parents! so ya, i would be mad at her too! 13 is old enough to think about that stuff and make her own choices, but still not old enough to care about the future. bet she will from now on tho!

  79. Pamela Simmons

    Check out the end of the video… World's Hip, now go and google it. Iquistet

  80. V Elizabeth Moore

    First, people complain that there is not a Dad to discipline the kids…absentee Dad…then when there is a Dad, and he whips his daughter for a very good reason..there are more complaints. Lord knows what that girl has put them through. What? She needs a "time out"? Sometimes, a belt seems to be the only thing that, unfortunately, some kids will take seriously. What if something had happened to her? Most people would have judged the parents and asked why she had not been disciplined. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  81. Michelle Johnson

    the degrading words are not appropriate i agree with that, you don't call your child bitches and whores, but did she deserved the spanking yes, out in public no, lets not forget she is 13 years old, do you blame the parents for her actions, maybe maybe not, because children today are control by peer pressure, parents have to go to work and hope for the best , hope they are doing what they can to raised them right, my parents spank our ass when we misbehave they raised 8 of us, we have not murdered , stolen, or rob anyone, but my mother was a stay at home mom, my dad went to work, when we left for school she was home when we got home for school she was home , she was home on the weekends with us, but kids today don't have that, so they are out there finding there way, and don't get me wrong i don't mean all children the vast majority yes, if it not being promiscuous , or drugs, being bullies, etc, they are killing themselves, depressed etc, so my question is what do we do its obvious parents can't do it alone. This is just my opinion.

  82. V Elizabeth Moore

    Christopher Belanger I have seen where there are good kids in a home and one rotten apple. I have seen where a kid has good parents and the kid still acts up. Why don't you offer to take that girl in and see where it takes you. I bet she would still act that way and run off. Some kids do not care what they put their parents through.

  83. Tammy Pelc

    Maybe the reason she does what she does is because her daddy is beating her not spanking…There is a difference and that is abuse.

  84. Kathie Wilson

    Beating someone does little to raise their self-esteem. Beating them in the street, and filming it, is not only stupid, but humiliating for all involved. There are better ways to discipline one's kids, than beating them and calling them names….especially in public. This whole family could benefit from some counseling. I, frankly, think both parents could benefit from some jail time – that was criminal behavior, no way around it.

  85. Tatiana Capitan

    hmm…I think if I had a teenager who was missing for three days I'd be very scared and upset, happy to see them return, and maybe if I had tried talking to my child many times but it didn't seem to sink in, I'd be so frustrated with my own parenting abilities that perhaps I'd resort to a spanking. Maybe. But what I saw in the video was a beating. Granted, I realize that a lot of Hispanic and Black families consider hitting a form of discipline (my friends and I used to "reminisce" about the threats we'd get from our parents and shoes thrown at us) that doesn't make it right. The most disturbing thing I saw was the language being directed at the girl, her mother (presumably) calling her a b#tch and a hoe. Makes you wonder what kind of home life she had, how she was raised, that would perhaps influence her choices to dress that way, go out and sleep with several men in one weekend, etc. You have to respect your children if you expect them to respect you.

  86. Russell Grant

    The thing is, this isn't spanking. It's a beating. And the thing about this is she will likely do it again, just not as openly. I have three daughters. You can't force or beat your knowledge into them You need to show them the way you want then to look and act in the streets.

  87. Elvira Capper Powell

    You know that may have just been what she needed now she will think,twice before pulling another one of those stunts again cause I am sure her daddy told her she would get it twice as bad next time. I seen no abuse here the only abuse would have been doing nothing and let her continue I. the way she was going. In today's society it is wrong to reprimand your children and look at our children today a large majority pregnant by 16 living off the state. I think there is more thugs and dealers in the male side of things from 16 to mid-twenties th there isn't enough ass whippins going there is workers because

  88. Andrea Herbert

    Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion, I surly shared mine in detail… All I can say is that I pray this entire situation never happens in my household or the people that I love households and I do not wish this situation on anyone. I do not practice the act of judging, I am not perfect and really can't say what I would have done in that instance, due to we, the public, have no idea what led up to this, or what goes on in their household… All I can say in a blanket statement to young ladies now a days… PLEASE RESPECT YOURSELVES… No matter what the situation you are face with… No matter what circumstance…. YOU ARE WORTH it and WORTHY of RESPECT!!!!

  89. Rachel Corso Poland

    Cheryl Brown-Sekeres She didn't get like that on her own. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times my parents struck me (and never more than two hits as a punishment) — because there were rules and there was respect on both sides. These people don't deserve to be parents….but then, that's true for so many families these days.

  90. Kathie Wilson

    Tom Wilson, anytime a parent has to resort to such violence against a child, they HAVEN'T been doing their job. This girl is barely into her teens, and yet she ran away from home for three days, without the parents notifying ANYONE? Even family? There's a reason for this – and it 's not because they're 'good parents' . When my kids 'went missing' for even ONE day, the rest of my family and I (and I'm not just talking about blood relatives, here, ) found out where they were pretty damn quickly, because we network where the kids are concerned. My daughters didn't dress like this, even when they were in their later teens – they had self-respect, and they knew better. There's a lot more going on here than meets the eye, and it started a long time before this incident. If the parents had been doing their jobs, this would not have happened in the first place. JMO.

  91. Loretta Aguillon

    It's don't have a problem with the spanking but doing it in public and the way they are talking to her isn't right. What part does the public humiliation play as far as disciplinary action goes. If that's the way they always treat her,, it's no wonder she acts and dresses like she does. They all need therapy

  92. Jennifer Bailey

    Shabana Haq Not all parenting techniques work, as you have pointed out, but you're wrong in a number of ways. "Do what I tell you because I said so" parenting has worked in my family for hundreds of years on a number of different people; probably thousands or more. That type of parenting has been done for years in the South (among other places) and turned out some very influential and historical people who grew up to be better because of harsh parenting. Is that strictly because of the parents? Maybe, maybe not. I tend to think it's a combination of multiple influences; schooling, friends, support from other family members, extracurricular activities, role models, musicianship, chores, etc.etc. etc. One can not single out the possibility of the child itself being one who is going to be rebellious, no matter what parenting or teaching methods are put in place. There have been AMAZING parents and their child grew up to be a rapist and/or murderer. There are others who were AWFUL parents whose kids grew up to be straight-A students and then later on, doctors. People can be born with a "flaw", if you will, that causes them to be rebellious and act up. These people need the extra nudge, if you want my opinion, to not go off and become criminals later. In addition, you can NOT sit down and talk to a 13-year-old like an adult because they're not adults yet. They don't understand adult concepts or adult situations, as their minds have not yet fully-developed. They can't understand the concept of what their actions are leading up to or what the long run looks like. Having said all that, I do NOT support what these parents have done, as their is a major difference between spanking and beating a child. If she were mine, I would not have videotaped it, first off, but I can't say whether or not I would have spanked her. Thirteen is a controversial age for something like that, but if that time comes and I do spank my daughter for these same reasons, then I will stand by my decision to do so. I think he was too harsh and shouldn't have videotaped it, as it accomplishes nothing other than utterly humiliating his child, which is probably why it was done in the first place.

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