Flappy Bird Game

Is Flappy Bird Really Coming Back?

The famous mobile game Flappy Bird just might be coming back to Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Flappy Bird was taken down in February by its Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen. But Nguyen has said that he is now considering bringing it back.

The reason he had for taking Flappy Bird down in the first place was that the response from the game’s players gave him too much stress, and his decision to take it down was a very necessary one.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, there were rumors circulating that Flappy Bird‘s creator had killed himself after he took it down and was also being sued by Nintendo for how much his game resembled Mario Bros.

Surprisingly, Nguyen received thousands of death threats from angry gamers wanting to download the game.

Since Flappy Bird has been pulled, there’s been hundreds of clones of the game, many coming out of Western European countries like the Netherlands, such as Flappy Chicken or Breaky Egg which is surprisingly difficult, but none of the clones are quite like the original Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird was estimated to be making $50,000 per day in advertising revenue, so when you really think about it, the stress brought about by the mobile game must have really been a serious issue for Nguyen to take it down and lose an estimated $1 million plus in revenue over the time period the game has been gone.

Considering the fact that he’s had thousands of death threats over the game, it comes as a surprise that he’s even thinking about bringing the game back to the app store.

If he does decide to bring the mobile game back, it most likely won’t be called Flappy Bird. Only a couple hours after the game was removed from the app store, Mobile Media Partners bought the name.

Although selling the name back is possible, it would likely cost quite a bit considering how much the name is worth.

There may be a problem with bringing the game back to the app store though. Apple’s developer documentation states that “if you delete your app, you can’t restore it.”

Although it’s pure speculation at this point, making minor tweaks to Flappy Bird so it’s not the “same game” and adding it to the app store under a different name may be one of the only possibilities of the game coming back to the market.