Jay-Z Decoded Biography

Jay-Z Memoir ‘Decoded’ Helps Droga5 Win Grand Prix Award

A promotional campaign created by Droga5 in collaboration with rapper Jay-Z and his memoir Decoded has won a Grand Prix award in the integrated category at this years Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Droga5 placed replicated pages from the rapper’s autobiography in various places relevant to Jay-Z’s life such as a plaque at the housing project where he grew up, they then left clues for fans of the rapper to find the hidden pieces of the puzzle, while encouraging participants to share their findings with friends and other participants.

The pages from the campaign were placed in 13 major cities int he U.S. and abroad and Bing users were asked to find clues using features found within the Bing system.

Jury President Bob Scarpelli of the titanium jury said the campaign was “Bold,” “innovative,” “immersive” and “interactive” so much so that it also won the Grand Prix for the outdoor category.