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‘Walking Dead’ Star Melissa McBride Discusses Her Character’s Shocking Decision

The Walking Dead star Melissa Bride recently took a moment to discuss her character’s extremely shocking decision.

A word of warning: If you haven’t watched the latest installment of AMC’s hit series, then shamble like a zombie toward something else. There’s a huge spoiler lurking in the passages below, one that is better experienced on the screen than in virtual print. This is your final warning — bookmark this piece and come back later. Trust us on this one.

During her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Melissa McBride opened up about Carol’s shocking decision to plant a bullet in Lizzie’s skull. According to McBride, the character had no choice but to end the girl’s life since she was essentially a ticking time bomb.

Melissa told EW that it’s difficult to say whether Carol did the right thing by ending the girl’s life. McBride explained, “I think there is no way to say it’s right or wrong. It’s unfortunate, but what she did had to be done in her mind. And Tyreese agreed. He understood these difficult decisions need to be made and there was no choice to do this if we were to keep going with Judith.”

The actress continued, “It’s so tragic, and it’s by no fault of her own. That’s what is so horrible. But this world, she just wouldn’t do well in this world, and it would make it so difficult to survive with her for long. That’s no life for her, and it’s dangerous for other people. I think she just did what needed to be done.”

While Melissa McBride thinks it’s hard to say if Carol did the right thing by ending Lizzie’s life, the character apparently saw the situation in a different light.

“She can’t be around other people,” she explained after shooting Lizzie.

The Inquisitr previously reported that creator Robert Kirkman previously teased that fans should seriously consider catching last Sunday’s The Walking Dead. Although he didn’t say anything about Melissa McBride and her character’s situation, he revealed that the episode would definitely give folks something to talk about.

“[It’s] definitely one that people are going to remember and it’s definitely one people are going to talk about. If there is one episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ that you absolutely had to watch this season, it would be this one,” Kirkman explained.

Did you catch the recent episode of The Walking Dead? Do you agree with Melissa McBride that it’s difficult to tell if Carol did the right thing by killing Lizzie?

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