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Newsweek Study: Americans Will Work For 25 Cents an Hour

In America the minimum wage is currently $7.25/hour however some Americans are willing to work for far less money, accepting jobs on Amazon’s freelance market Mechanical Turk for positions that pay as little as 25 cents per hour.

Newsweek recently posted routine jobs on the site, such as counting the number of times a certain word appears in a story and were surprised to learn that some people in America were accepting their jobs at less than the average wage in Germany ($3), India ($10) and the Philippines ($2.25).

The news magazine does realize that their stats are not exactly scientific, for example they didn’t take into account how many people in any given country are on the website, however it did show a shocking trend in terms of prices many people are willing to accept in order to find work.

The study also didn’t take into account the quality of work completed for such low amounts of pay or the fact that some online works are willing to perform taks for almost nothing in order to build a resume of online work for future higher paying positions.