WWE: Sting Claims He Wants To Face The Undertaker In His Last Match

WWE has been the destination for the best pro-wrestlers of all time, so it should come as no surprise that any and all who want to make it big in the business end up here. Vince McMahon has made an empire out of the company, but one man has always alluded him and his business, that man’s name is Sting.

Steve Borden, known by his wrestling name Sting is considered one of the greatest pro-wrestlers of all time. The problem is that he has never set foot in a WWE ring despite WWE and Vince McMahon personally calling and meeting with him about coming to the company.

Since WCW was bought by McMahon, WWE became the main wrestling company in the world. Sting took time off after this before ending up in TNA Wrestling, where he spent the better part of a decade before leaving them this past January. Most suspected he did not re-sign with them because he was in talks to join the WWE.

Sting has been talking with WWE for years now around his contract period. He always ended up staying in TNA sadly. Now it seems he is closer to signing with WWE than ever before and he is not disclaiming any rumors to the contrary.

Now, new video has come to light where Sting says he wants to face The Undertaker once more. He has stated in the past that he’d love to make that match happen for the fans. Undertaker has never come out personally to say the same, but most feel that he would be overjoyed to make it happen.

The dynamic of the two personalities would be amazing. Both are dark and mysterious characters. They are alike in so many ways The darkness of both make them interesting and while all of their cool factors worked well against all other opponents, against each other it would be different.

Fans have wanted this for so long because literally, the two are even in every way minus size.

Both men seem to want it, but only one thing stands in the way….Sting signing a WWE contract. According to sources, Sting is on board to come to the company but it’s not a major priority for WWE. Right now, they are focused on Wrestlemania 30. Who can blame them? While Sting is a big star, he is by no means bigger than Wrestlemania.

Many want him to appear at Wrestlemania in some fashion, but Sting could always appear on the repeatedly hot Monday Night RAW after Wrestlemania. This is when a lot of huge things happen and the crowd is hotter than any other RAW crowd of the year.

Sting coming to WWE would be huge for the WWE and it’s fans. He wouldn’t have to wrestle often for it to be a big deal, as with the WWE Network being present, he could easily be part of several shows the company has open. He also offers insight from the Monday Night Wars from the WCW stand point, and he could easily serve a management role on TV. So Sting coming in does not mean he will wrestle weekly on RAW or SmackDown.

Of course, he will do so. Let’s be honest though, WWE will by no means overuse him like TNA did. Plus in his older age, he obviously wants something lighter on his body similar to a Shawn Michaels or Brock Lesnar schedule.

Whether or not WWE brings in Sting is up in the air, but we do know there is interest in both sides. We also know from the video below that Sting certainly wants to give us the match we all want to see. Could Wrestlemania 31 or Summerslam be the time we finally see the match of a lifetime…Sting vs The Undertaker? You decide.